William Hammon

William McDowall Hammon
DiedSeptember 19, 1989
Seminole, Florida
NationalityUnited States American
Alma materAllegheny College
Harvard Medical School
Known forPolio vaccine pioneer,[1] Tropical diseases
Scientific career
FieldsPhysician, virologist, and epidemiologist
InstitutionsUniversity of California, Berkeley
University of Pittsburgh
Doctoral advisorHans Zinsser

William McDowall Hammon (1904 – September 19, 1989) was an American physician and researcher, best known for his work on poliomyelitis.[2][3] In his early twenties and prior to becoming a research physician, Hammon worked for four years as a medical missionary in the former Belgian Congo. After returning, he received his undergraduate degree from Allegheny College in 1932.[1] Completing his medical training at Harvard Medical School in 1936,[1] Hammon then studied with the bacteriologist Hans Zinsser, receiving a Master of Public Health degree in 1938, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1939.[3] During this period Hammon co-discovered the first vaccine for feline panleucopenia.[4]

Hammon was presented with the Medal of Freedom in 1946 by President Harry Truman.[5]


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