Rolling River First Nation

Rolling River First Nation
Band No. 291
TreatyTreaty 4
HeadquartersErickson, Manitoba
Main reserveRolling River 67
Other reserve(s)
  • Rolling River 67A, 67B, and 67C
  • Treaty Four Reserve Grounds 77 (shared)
Population (2021)[1]
On reserve348
On other land5
Off reserve765
Total population1118
Tribal Council[1]
West Region Tribal Council

The Rolling River First Nation is a First Nations community in Manitoba, located south of Riding Mountain National Park.[2]

About half of the members are resident on its reserves, which are located south and east of Erickson, Manitoba.

Reserve lands

Rolling River First Nation is in possession of three reserves:[3]

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Coordinates:50°27′41″N 99°59′56″W / 50.46139°N 99.99889°W / 50.46139; -99.99889

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