Razi Cov Pars

Razi Cov Pars
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Vaccine typeProtein subunit
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Intramuscular, Intranasal
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Legal status

Razi Cov Pars (Persian: رازی کوو پارس) is a COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Iranian Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute.[1][2][3]

It's the second Iranian COVID-19 vaccine reaching human trials[1] and is currently in phase III of clinical research during which it's compared to the Sinopharm BIBP vaccine.[4][5] It received emergency use authorization in Iran on 31 October 2021.[6][7]

Medical uses

It requires three doses given day 0 (intramuscular), day 21 (intramuscular) and day 51 (intranasal spray).[3]


Razi Cov Pars is a recombinant protein subunit vaccine containing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.[2]


It's planned to produce one million doses of the vaccine each month as of September 2021.[4]

As of 25 November 2021, 5 millions doses have been delivered to the Iranian Ministry of Health.[8]


Clinical trials

Clinical trials of Razi Cov Pars
PhaseRegistration numberStartNumber of participantsAge of participantsRef
IIRCT20201214049709N121 January 202113330 (5 µg/200µL)

30 (10 µg/200µL)

30 (20 µg/200µL)

30 (placebo)

13 (sentinel)

18-50 years[2]
IIIRCT20201214049709N213 April 202150018-70 years[3]
IIIIRCT20201214049709N329 August 202141,12820,5640 (placebo)

20,564 (Sinopharm BIBP vaccine)

18+ years[5]


Raz Cov Pars received emergency use authorization in Iran on 31 October 2021.[6][7]

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