Philippe de Carteret II

Philippe de Carteret II, 3rd Seigneur of Sark (18 February 1584 – 22 August 1643) was the son of Philippe de Carteret I (1552–1594) and Rachel Paulett (1564–1650), daughter of George Paulett (1534–1621) who was Bailiff of Jersey from 1583 to 1611, and his wife Elizabeth Perrin (1538–1615).


He matriculated at the University of Oxford at an early age in 1594, the same year he succeeded his father as Seigneur of Sark. He was knighted in 1617, and became Bailiff of Jersey in 1627. He died in 1643, being succeeded in the Seigneurie by his son, Philippe 4th Seigneur of Sark.


Carteret married Anne Dowse (1587-1664), daughter of Sir Francis Dowse (died 1649) of Nether Wallop, Hampshire and his wife Elizabeth Paulet (died before 1649)[a] They had seven sons and three daughters:[1]

  • Sir Philip Carteret, 1st Baronet (c. 1620-1662), who succeeded him, and was father of Philippe de Carteret IV.
  • Peyton (died September 1652), drowned with Prince Maurice.
  • Zouch.
  • Gideon (died 1643).
  • Francis (died 1693), Attorney-General of Jersey, married Anne Seale (died c. 1704). Among their descendants were Elias Dumaresq V, Seigneur of Augres , General Sir Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner and Bodleian Librarian Bulkeley Bandinel.
  • Thomas de Carteret.
  • Sir Edward (died 1699).
  • Elizabeth (died 1697), married her cousin, Sir George Carteret.
  • Margaret.
  • Anne de Carteret (died 1708), married Rev. Daniel Brevint, Dean of Lincoln (1616-1695).


Ancestors of Philippe de Carteret II, 3rd Seigneur of Sark
16. Sir Philip Carteret, 8th Seigneur of St Ouen
8. Edouard de Carteret, 9th Seigneur of Saint Ouen
17. Margaret Harleston
4. Helier de Carteret, 1st Seigneur of Sark
18. Simon Sarre of St. John
9. Marie Sarre
2. Philippe de Carteret I, 2nd Seigneur of Sark
20. Sir Philip Carteret, 8th Seigneur of St Ouen
10. Bailiff Helier de Carteret
21. Margaret Harleston
5. Margaret Dumaresq
11. Margaret Dumaresq
1. Philippe de Carteret II
24. Sir Amias Paulet, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset.
12. Sir Hugh Paulet, Governor of Jersey
25. Lora Kellaway
6. George Paulett
26. Sir Lewis Pollard, Justice of the Common Pleas
13. Philippa Pollard
27. Agnes Hext
3. Rachel Paulett
28. Dominique Perrin
14. Edmund Perrin
29. Catherine Lempriere
7. Elizabeth Perrin
30. Sir John Carew
15. Jane Holland-Carew
31. Thomasine Holland


  1. ^ Elizabeth Paulet was a great niece of William Paulet, 1st Marquess of Winchester and a third cousin of Philippe's mother, Rachel Poulet


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  • Balleine, George Reginald (1948), Biographical dictionary of Jersey, London & New York: Staples Press, OCLC 4469057 — contains an biographical entry for this man

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