Naotkamegwanning First Nation

Naotkamegwanning First Nation, formerly known as Whitefish Bay First Nation and known in the Ojibwe language as Ne-adikamegwaning (Of the Whitefish Point), is an Ojibwa or Ontario Saulteaux First Nation located in Kenora District, Ontario near Sioux Narrows of Lake of the Woods.

Total registered population in September, 2010, was 1177, of which the on-reserve population was 713. The First Nation is a member of the Bimose Tribal Council, a regional tribal council that is a member of the Grand Council of Treaty 3.


Naotkamegwanning First Nation is currently governed by Chief Howard Kabestra and 4 Councillors: kirby paul, curtis medicine, conrad tom and linda namaypoke.


Whitefish Bay 32A reserve along Ontario Highway 71

The First Nation have reserved for themselves four reserves:

  • 1954.3 ha Whitefish Bay 32A Indian Reserve, which serves as their main Reserve
  • 1802.5 ha Yellow Girl Bay 32B Indian Reserve
  • 518 ha Sabaskong Bay 32C Indian Reserve
  • 379 ha Agency 30 Indian Reserve, which is shared with 12 other First Nations.

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