NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham

NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
National Exhibition Centre main entrance.jpg
View of the National Exhibition Centre, the site of the hospital, in 2015
LocationNational Exhibition Centre
B40 1NT, West Midlands
Coordinates52°27′12″N 1°43′10″W / 52.45333°N 1.71944°W / 52.45333; -1.71944Coordinates:52°27′12″N 1°43′10″W / 52.45333°N 1.71944°W / 52.45333; -1.71944
Care systemNHS England
TypeCOVID-19 critical care
  • 496 (phase 1 on day 1)
  • 800 (phase 1 if needed)
  • 2,000 (phase 2 if needed)
  • 4,000 beds (potential)
HelipadBirmingham Airport
Opened16 April 2020
Websitenightingale-birmingham.nhs.uk Edit this at Wikidata

The NHS Nightingale Hospital Birmingham was the second of the temporary NHS Nightingale Hospitals set up by NHS England to help to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was constructed inside the National Exhibition Centre, Solihull, and opened on 16 April 2020.[1]

As of 30 August it had not treated any patients.[2] On 1 April 2021 the hospital was closed without ever treating a patient.[3]


To add extra critical care capacity during the COVID-19 epidemic in the UK, and to treat those with COVID-19, plans were made to create further temporary hospital spaces for those in need of treatment and care.[4][5] They have been named "Nightingale Hospitals", after Florence Nightingale who came to prominence for nursing soldiers during the Crimean War and is regarded as the founder of modern nursing.[6]


The hospital was announced as operational on 10 April 2020,[7] and was scheduled to receive its first patients on 12 April, to help Midlands hospitals cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.[8][9] It will support 23 Midlands hospitals by taking patients who are convalescing from having COVID-19, patients who are require less intensive treatment, and patients who need palliative care.[8] It is intended to relieve pressure on conventional hospitals where the most seriously ill patients are treated.[8] It is the second temporary 'Nightingale Hospital' to be built in England,[8] following NHS Nightingale London, that opened on 3 April 2020 in the ExCeL London exhibition and convention centre.[10]

It falls under the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.[8]

The hospital occupies halls 8-12 and 16 of the NEC, connected via the Atrium.[11]

It had 496 beds divided into four wards from day one, with the option to expand to 800 immediately if needed.[12] Should things worsen a phase two is envisaged that would bring the number of beds in use up to 2,000.[12] In the worst-case scenario 4,000 beds would be available.[12]

The hospital was formally opened by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, via remote video link, on 16 April.[13]

It will include a new Tesco store exclusively for the use of its staff.[14]


The following have been involved in the creation of the hospital:

  • Paul Thandi (CEO of the NEC Group).[15]
  • Anthony Marsh (West Midlands Ambulance Service Chief Executive).[15]
  • Major Angela Laycock (66 Works Group, 170 Infrastructure Support Engineer Group, Royal Engineers).[15][12]
  • Dr David Rosser (Chief Executive, University Hospitals Birmingham).[15][12]
  • Lisa Stalley-Green (Executive Chief Nurse, University Hospitals Birmingham and Chief Nurse of NHS Nightingale Birmingham).[12]
  • Morag Gates (Project Director, NHS Nightingale Birmingham).[12]


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