List of radio stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radio in Bosnia and Herzegovina was first officially introduced in 1945 by Radio Sarajevo. Out of total 193 radio stations,[1] 171 of radiostations are broadcasting their radio programmes via FM & AM frequencies. The frequencies planned for the DAB and DAB + band are still not used.[2] Broadcast licenses for all frequencies are assigned by state-level Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three public network[3] radio services are funded through subscription (BH Radio 1, Federalni Radio, Radio RS) together with internet radio network operated by BHRT with 6 thematic radio channels.[4] In terms of ownership, 3 radio stations are non-profit organizations, 9 radio stations in total are funded through subscription (Television licence) while 70 stations are local, municipal or regional public broadcasters which competes with 111 commercial broadcasters in BiH.

The following is a list of radio stations[5] in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

National and near-national coverage

Broadcasters funded by Television Tax

  • BH Radio 1 - national public mainstream radio channel operated by BHRT from Sarajevo.
    • ART Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
    • DANCE Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
    • EVERGREEN Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
    • JAZZ.BA Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
    • NAŠ Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
    • SEVDAH Radio - Internet radio operated by MP BHRT
  • Federalni Radio - entity level public radio channel operated by RTVFBiH from Sarajevo.
  • Radio Republike Srpske - entity level public radio channel operated by RTRS from Banja Luka.

Commercial broadcasters

  • Bobar Radio - Bijeljina
  • Radiopostaja "Mir" Međugorje - Međugorje[6] (Religious broadcasting, Christian radio)
  • Radio BN - Bijeljina operated by RTV BN
  • RSG Radio - Sarajevo operated by RSG Media Group
  • Radio Kalman - Sarajevo
  • Nes radio - Banja Luka[7] operated by Nezavisne novine
  • Radio BIR - Sarajevo (Religious broadcasting, Islamic radio)
  • Radio M - Sarajevo/Vogošća
  • Big Radio 2 - Banja Luka[8] operated by Big Radio
  • Radio Mix - Sarajevo operated by RSG Media Group
  • ORV Radio - Bijela, Brčko operated by OTV Valentino

Public broadcasters

  • Radio Herceg-Bosne - Mostar[9] operated by RTVHB

Nonprofit broadcasters

Local and regional coverage

Public broadcasters

Commercial broadcasters


  • Radio Active - Zenica[19]

Internet radio

  • Moj radio - Sarajevo[20] operated by BH Telecom
  • Radio USK 2 - Bihać operated by RTV USK
  • Radio M Plus - Sarajevo operated by Radio M
  • Imperia Radio - Sarajevo[21] operated by Imperia TV
  • Big Folk Radio - Banja Luka (Big Radio)
  • Big Balade Radio - Banja Luka operated by Big Radio
  • Big Rock Radio - Banja Luka operated by Big Radio
  • Studentski eFM Radio - Sarajevo
  • HP Radio - Sarajevo operated by Hayat TV
  • Radio Nars] - Srebrenik
  • Radio Džungla 2 - Doboj operated by Radio Džungla
  • Radio Džungla 3 - Doboj operated by Radio Džungla
  • BBI Radio - Sarajevo operated by BBI Shopping center
  • SCC Radio - Sarajevo operated by SCC Shopping center
  • dress.FM - Sarajevo operated by New Yorker
  • Šparkastični jukebox - Sarajevo operated by Sparkasse Bank BiH
  • UniRadio - Sarajevo operated by UniCredit Bank

Defunct radio

  • HR Radiopostaja Mostar
  • Radio Ritam Sarajevo
  • Radio Ritam Banja Luka
  • Radio Ritam Mostar
  • Radio Ritam Zenica
  • Radio Ritam Visoko
  • Radio Vrhbosna
  • Radio BM[22]
  • Radio Istočno Sarajevo
  • Radio Hayat
  • Radio Zid
  • Radio Aktivan
  • Radio Agape
  • Radio Studio N
  • Radio Bulevar
  • Plavi radio Banja Luka
  • Oksigen FM
  • Vikom Radio
  • Radio Soli[22]
  • Radio Vesta
  • Radio 88 Mostar
  • Bordo radio-Glas Bosne Sarajevo
  • Radio 202 Sarajevo
  • Radiopostaja Novi Travnik
  • Zavičajni radio Breške
  • Radio FERN[23]

Foreign radio services

List of foreign services/broadcaster that broadcast programs from or to Bosnia and Herzegovina audience:

  • Radio Slobodna Evropa – daily news bulletins, morning and talk shows[24] from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcasts from Sarajevo via network of local Bosnian radio stations
  • BFBS Radio 1 available in Sarajevo[25] via FM, from Butmir Camp
  • BFBS Radio 2 available in Sarajevo via FM, broadcasts from Butmir Camp
  • BBC Minute – news bulletins from BBC World Service, available in English language on Antena Sarajevo[26]
  • Deutsche Welle/DW Radio – news and talk shows from DW-RADIO's Bosnian Service,[27] also available on satellite or online as podcast in Bosnian language
  • Vijesti Radija Vatikan – news and radio talk shows from Croatian services of Radio Vatican/Radio Vatikan broadcast from Vatican to listeners primarily in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina via Radio Marija BiH[28]
  • IRIB - Bosanski radio program/IRIB World Service Bosnian[29] – news and talk shows from IRIB World Service from Iran
  • TRT Bosanski – news shows and talk programs from Voice of Turkey available online[30] as podcasts or via satellite reception in Bosnian language
  • Radio Television of Kosovo via Radio Kosovo 2 broadcasts daily and weekly news editions outputs in Bosnian language from Pristina
  • Macedonian Radio Television broadcasts daily news programs in the Bosnian language via Radio Skopje 3
  • Radio Forum - Das Südosteuropa-Magazin – daily radio news and talk show programs produced by Radio COSMO, German radio station intended for listeners in or from Southern Europe
  • SBS Bosanski on SBS Radio 1 - Programs in Bosnian language[31] produced by SBS Radio from Australia
  • CHIN Radio/TV International – Radio show programs in Bosnian[32] language from Toronto, Canada
  • TWR-Bosnian – radio shows podcasts produced online by Trans World Radio in Bosnian[33] language
  • Red Bull Radio Show - Weekly music radio show from Red Bull Radio on local Radio Sarajevo 90,2

Radio stations in Sarajevo

Analog radio stations in Sarajevo[34] area
FM MHzNameRDSTypeHeadquartersOwnerTransmitter[35]
87.7Nes radioNESPrivateBanja LukaNezavisne novineSarajevo/Hum Tower (sar)
88.2Radio VogošćaVOGOSCAPublicVogošćaRTV VogošćaSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
88.7Radio Republike SrpskeRTRS-RRSPublicBanja LukaRTRSSarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
89.3Federalni RadioRADIO-F.PublicSarajevoRTVFBiHVlašić (sbs)
89.7Radio IlijašILIJASPublicIlijaš-Ilijaš/Karašnica (sar)
89.9Radio AskA S KPrivateIlidža-Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
90.2Radio SarajevoSARAJEVOPrivateSarajevoRadiosarajevo.baSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
90.5Radio MixMIXPrivateSarajevoRSG GroupSarajevo/Zmajevac-Sedrenik (sar)
90.9Antena SarajevoANTENAPrivateSarajevoRSG GroupSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
91.2Radio KalmanKALMANPrivateSarajevo-Konjic/Lisin (hgn)
91.5Radio KalmanKALMANPrivateSarajevo-Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
92.0BN RadioRTV BNPrivateBijeljinaRTV BNSarajevo/Trebević 1 (srp)
92.7Radio Kiss FMKISS FMPublicMostar-Fojnica/Čubren (sbs)
93.2BIG Radio 2BIGPrivateBanja LukaRadio BIGSarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
93.6Radio OSMO.S.M. RPrivateIstočno Sarajevo-Sarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
94.5Federalni RadioRADIO-F.PublicSarajevoRTVFBiHKonjic/Lisin (hgn)
95.0Radio KonjicR KONJICPublicKonjic-Konjic/Lisin (hgn)
95.2Radio MiljackaMiljackaPrivateSarajevoRadio 8Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
95.7Federalni RadioRADIO-F.PublicSarajevoRTVFBiHSarajevo/Hum (sar)
96.1Radio Mir MeđugorjeR MIR MNonprofitMeđugorje-Fojnica/Čubren (sbs)
96.1Radio Crne Gore 1[36]RCG1PublicPodgoricaRTCGŽabljak/Durmitor-Štuoc (ZB)
96.5Radio BIRRADIOBIRPrivateSarajevoIZ BiHSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
97.0BH Radio 1BHRADIO1PublicSarajevoBHRTVlašić (sbs)
97.5RSG RadioRSGPrivateSarajevoRSG GroupSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
98.1Radio Herceg-BosneRADIO-HBPublicMostarRTVHBFojnica/Čubren (sbs)
98.4Radio Otvorena mrežaOMREZANonprofitSarajevo-Konjic/Lisin (hgn)
98.7Radio MRADIO MPrivateSarajevo-Sarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
99.5Federalni RadioRADIO-F.PublicSarajevoRTVFBiHGoražde/Hadžića brdo (bpd)
99.8Radio Studio 9999PrivateSarajevoAl Jazeera BalkansSarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
100.3BH Radio 1BHRADIO1PublicSarajevoBHRTKonjic/Lisin (hgn)
101.3Radio Kiss FMKISS FMPublicKiseljak-Kiseljak (sbs)
101.7BH Radio 1BHRADIO1PublicSarajevoBHRTSarajevo/Hum (sar)
102.0BFBS Radio 1noRDS-Sarajevo[37]-Sarajevo/Butmir Camp (sar)
102.4BN RadioRTV BNPrivateBijeljinaRTV BNVlašić 2 (sbs)
102.8Bobar Radio*BOBAR*PrivateBijeljina-Sarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
103.3Radio MarijaR.MARIJANonprofitSarajevoRadio MariaFojnica/Čubren (sbs)
103.7BH Radio 1BHRADIO1PublicSarajevoBHRTSarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
104.3RSG RadioRSGPrivateSarajevoRSG GroupKonjic/Lisin (hgn)
104.7Bobar Radio*BOBAR*PrivateBijeljina-Vlašić 2 (sbs)
104.9Radio BARADIO BAPrivateSarajevo-Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
105.2Narodni Radio SarajevoNARODNIPrivateSarajevo-Sarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
105.6Radio ISIS RADIOPublicSarajevo-Sarajevo/Trebević 2 (srp)
106.2Radio Otvorena mrežaOMrezaNonprofitSarajevo-Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
106.8Radio 8RADIO 8NonprofitSarajevoRadio 8Sarajevo/Grdonj (sar)
107.2BFBS Radio 2noRDS-Sarajevo-Sarajevo/Butmir Camp (sar)
107.2RSG RadioRSGPrivateSarajevoRSG GroupFojnica/Čubren (sbs)
107.3BH Radio 1BHRADIO1PublicSarajevoBHRTGoražde/Hadžića brdo (bpd)

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