List of municipalities in Florida

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High resolution map of the state of Florida with all incorporated municipalities
Map of Florida's incorporated municipalities

Florida is a state located in the Southern United States. There are 267 cities, 123 towns, and 21 villages in the U.S. state of Florida, a total of 411 incorporated municipalities.[1] They are distributed across 67 counties, in addition to 66 county governments.[2] Jacksonville has the only consolidated city–county government in the state,[3] so there is no Duval County government. However, smaller municipal governments exist within the consolidated municipality, i.e., Baldwin and the Jacksonville Beaches.[4] All but two of Florida's county seats are incorporated municipalities (the exceptions are Crawfordville, county seat of rural Wakulla County;[5] and East Naples, county seat of Collier County[6]).

Incorporated municipalities in Florida may be called cities, towns, or villages, but there is no legal distinction between the different terms.[7][8] As of the 2010 U.S. Census, more than 10 million Floridians, 55% of the state's total population of 18,801,310, lived in incorporated municipalities. The remainder lived in unincorporated areas. However, 94% of the population lives in metropolitan areas. Of the remaining 6%, many live in smaller cities and towns, thus the actual number of residents living in truly rural areas is small.[9] There are ten counties in the state with just one incorporated municipality and ten counties with only two.[9]

In 1822, St. Augustine and Pensacola became the first municipalities to incorporate. The most recent incorporation was in 2016: Westlake. The largest municipality by population and land area is Jacksonville with 842,583 residents and 874.6 square miles (2,265 km2). The smallest by population is Marineland with 15 people, while the smallest by land area is Lazy Lake at 0.022 square miles (0.057 km2).[10]

The formation and dissolution of municipalities is governed by Chapter 165 of the Florida Statutes. All Florida municipalities must be operated under a municipal charter approved by a majority of the registered voters in the geographic area of the municipality, which must be confirmed by the state legislature through special legislation.[11]

The largest cities in Florida (population over 200,000) utilize the strong mayor–council form of government. The mayor typically appoints a chief administrative officer who performs the same function as a city manager[12] which is utilized by 70% of Florida's municipalities, whose mayors are primarily symbolic and ceremonial.[13][14][15][16]

Incorporated cities, towns, and villages

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daggerCounty seat#State capital
RankPlace nameCountyPopulation
165AlachuaAlachua10,57429.0 sq mi (75 km2)Commission–managerCity1905
370AlfordJackson4841.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1911
65Altamonte SpringsSeminole46,2319.5 sq mi (25 km2)Commission–managerCity1920
369AlthaCalhoun4961.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1946
329Anna MariaManatee9681.0 sq mi (2.6 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1923
278ApalachicolaCounty seatFranklin2,3412.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1831
54ApopkaOrange54,87324.9 sq mi (64.6 km2)Mayor–councilCity1882
187ArcadiaCounty seatDeSoto7,4204.0 sq mi (10.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1886
325-TArcherAlachua1,1402.4 sq mi (6.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1850
296AstatulaLake1,8892.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown1927
147Atlantic BeachDuval13,51313.0 sq mi (33.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1926
285-TAtlantisPalm Beach2,1421.4 sq mi (3.7 km2)Council–managerCity1959
138AuburndalePolk15,6169.3 sq mi (24.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1911
75AventuraMiami-Dade40,2423.5 sq mi (9.1 km2)Council–managerCity1995
172Avon ParkHighlands9,6585.7 sq mi (14.6 km2)Council–managerCity1891
254Bal HarbourMiami-Dade3,0930.6 sq mi (1.6 km2)Council–managerVillage1946
317BaldwinDuval1,3962.1 sq mi (5.5 km2)Mayor–councilTown1876
116BartowCounty seatPolk19,30952.3 sq mi (135.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1882
405BascomJackson870.2 sq mi (0.5 km2)Mayor–councilTown1961
210Bay Harbor IslandsMiami-Dade5,9220.6 sq mi (1.6 km2)Council–managerTown1947
409Bay LakeOrange2921.1 sq mi (54.7 km2)Council–managerCity1967
365BellGilchrist5181.6 sq mi (4.2 km2)Council–managerTown1903
129Belle GladePalm Beach16,6984.7 sq mi (12.1 km2)Council–managerCity1928
195Belle IsleOrange7,0324.6 sq mi (12.0 km2)Council–managerCity1924
233BelleairPinellas4,2732.8 sq mi (7.3 km2)Council–managerTown1924
306Belleair BeachPinellas1,6331.8 sq mi (4.5 km2)Council–managerCity1950
280Belleair BluffsPinellas2,3110.7 sq mi (1.6 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1963
407Belleair ShorePinellas730.5 sq mi (1.1 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1955
217BelleviewMarion5,4131.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1885
371Beverly BeachFlagler4740.4 sq mi (1.0 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1955
253Biscayne ParkMiami-Dade3,1170.6 sq mi (1.7 km2)Commission–managerVillage1933
281BlountstownCounty seatCalhoun2,2663.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)Council–managerCity1903
23Boca RatonPalm Beach97,42229.1 sq mi (75.4 km2)Council–managerCity1925
267BonifayCounty seatHolmes2,7593.6 sq mi (9.4 km2)Mayor–councilCity1886
57Bonita SpringsLee53,64441.0 sq mi (106.2 km2)Council–managerCity1999
273Bowling GreenHardee2,4051.4 sq mi (3.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1927
34Boynton BeachPalm Beach80,38016.3 sq mi (42.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1907
53BradentonCounty seatManatee55,69814.4 sq mi (37.4 km2)Mayor–councilCity1903
333Bradenton BeachManatee9081.0 sq mi (2.8 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1952
351BranfordSuwannee7110.8 sq mi (2.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1915
368Briny BreezesPalm Beach5020.1 sq mi (0.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1963
331BristolCounty seatLiberty9181.6 sq mi (4.2 km2)Mayor–councilCity1958
325-TBronsonCounty seatLevy1,1404.0 sq mi (10.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1951
386BrookerBradford3220.5 sq mi (1.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1952
178BrooksvilleCounty seatHernando8,8905.0 sq mi (12.9 km2)Council–managerCity1856
250BunnellCounty seatFlagler3,2764.7 sq mi (12.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1913
256BushnellCounty seatSumter3,0472.4 sq mi (6.1 km2)Council–managerCity1911
310CallahanNassau1,5261.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Council–managerTown1911
152CallawayBay13,0456.1 sq mi (15.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1996
401CampbelltonJackson1910.9 sq mi (2.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
169Cape CanaveralBrevard9,9722.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)Council–managerCity1963
9Cape CoralLee194,016119.5 sq mi (310.8 km2)Council–managerCity1970
271CarrabelleFranklin2,6064.8 sq mi (12.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1893
388-TCaryvilleWashington3013.1 sq mi (8.1 km2)CouncilTown1965
92CasselberrySeminole28,7947.1 sq mi (18.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1940
352Cedar KeyLevy6872.0 sq mi (5.3 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1923
338Center HillSumter8461.8 sq mi (4.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1925
299CenturyEscambia1,7133.4 sq mi (8.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown1945
263ChattahoocheeGadsden2,9555.7 sq mi (14.6 km2)Council–managerCity1921
279ChieflandLevy2,3163.9 sq mi (10.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1913
241ChipleyCounty seatWashington3,6604.1 sq mi (10.7 km2)Mayor–councilCity1901
375Cinco BayouOkaloosa4570.2 sq mi (0.5 km2)Council–managerTown1950
18ClearwaterCounty seatPinellas117,29237.7 sq mi (97.7 km2)Council–managerCity1891
72ClermontLake43,02111.5 sq mi (29.7 km2)Council–managerCity1916
189ClewistonHendry7,3274.7 sq mi (12.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
403Cloud LakePalm Beach1340.1 sq mi (0.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1948
118CocoaBrevard19,0419.6 sq mi (24.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1895
162Cocoa BeachBrevard11,35415.0 sq mi (39.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
52Coconut CreekBroward57,83311.8 sq mi (30.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1967
355ColemanSumter6421.5 sq mi (3.8 km2)Mayor–councilCity1908
86Cooper CityBroward34,4016.7 sq mi (17.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
59Coral GablesMiami-Dade49,24837.2 sq mi (96.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
15Coral SpringsBroward134,39423.9 sq mi (62.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1963
337CottondaleJackson8481.7 sq mi (4.4 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1905
304Crescent CityPutnam1,6542.1 sq mi (5.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1883
94CrestviewCounty seatOkaloosa27,13412.8 sq mi (33.2 km2)Mayor–councilCity1916
302Cross CityCounty seatDixie1,6891.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)Council–managerTown1924
246Crystal RiverCitrus3,3966.3 sq mi (16.3 km2)Council–managerCity1903
66Cutler BayMiami-Dade45,4254.9 sq mi (12.6 km2)Commission–managerTown2005
191Dade CityCounty seatPasco7,2753.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1889
88Dania BeachBroward31,7236.3 sq mi (16.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1904
176DavenportPolk9,0431.7 sq mi (4.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1915
22DavieBroward105,69134.2 sq mi (88.5 km2)Commission–managerTown1925
39Daytona BeachVolusia72,64764.9 sq mi (168.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1876
221Daytona Beach ShoresVolusia5,1790.9 sq mi (2.4 km2)Council–managerCity1960
110DeBaryVolusia22,26021.4 sq mi (55.5 km2)Council–managerCity1993
28Deerfield BeachBroward86,85914.9 sq mi (38.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
211DeFuniak SpringsCounty seatWalton5,91911.3 sq mi (29.1 km2)Council–managerCity1901
81DeLandCounty seatVolusia37,35116.1 sq mi (41.6 km2)Council–managerCity1882
42Delray BeachPalm Beach66,84615.9 sq mi (41.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1911
25DeltonaVolusia93,69241.1 sq mi (106.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1995
144DestinOkaloosa13,9318.2 sq mi (21.2 km2)Council–managerCity1984
36DoralMiami-Dade75,87413.6 sq mi (35.3 km2)Council–managerCity2003
220DundeePolk5,2354.3 sq mi (11.2 km2)Council–managerTown1925
83DunedinPinellas36,06828.2 sq mi (73.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1899
295DunnellonMarion1,9287.4 sq mi (19.3 km2)Council–managerCity1891
260Eagle LakePolk3,0081.4 sq mi (3.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1921
277EatonvilleOrange2,3491.1 sq mi (2.9 km2)Mayor–councilTown1887
395EbroWashington2373.1 sq mi (8.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1967
107EdgewaterVolusia23,09710.4 sq mi (26.8 km2)Council–managerCity1924
270EdgewoodOrange2,6851.5 sq mi (3.8 km2)Mayor–councilCity1924
291-TEl PortalMiami-Dade1,9860.4 sq mi (1.1 km2)Council–managerVillage1937
82EsteroLee36,93925.37 sq mi (65.72 km2)Council-managerVillage2015
385EstoHolmes3412.4 sq mi (6.1 km2)CouncilTown1883
106EustisLake23,1899.7 sq mi (24.9 km2)Council–managerCity1883
384Everglades CityCollier3521.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)Mayor–councilCity1953
324Fanning SpringsGilchrist
1,1823.7 sq mi (9.6 km2)Mayor–councilCity1965
228FellsmereIndian River4,8345.4 sq mi (14.0 km2)Council–managerCity1911
151Fernandina BeachCounty seatNassau13,05210.7 sq mi (27.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1825
222Flagler BeachFlagler5,1604.1 sq mi (10.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
150Florida CityMiami-Dade13,0853.2 sq mi (18.3 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1914
10Fort LauderdaleCounty seatBroward182,76036.0 sq mi (93.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1911
223Fort MeadePolk5,1005.0 sq mi (13.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1885
29Fort MyersCounty seatLee86,39540.4 sq mi (104.7 km2)Council–managerCity1886
215Fort Myers BeachLee5,5826.2 sq mi (15.9 km2)Council–managerTown1995
62Fort PierceCounty seatSt. Lucie47,29720.7 sq mi (53.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1901
111Fort Walton BeachOkaloosa20,9228.2 sq mi (21.3 km2)Council–managerCity1941
357Fort WhiteColumbia6182.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)Mayor–councilTown1884
212FreeportWalton5,86110.8 sq mi (28.0 km2)Mayor–councilCity1963
251FrostproofPolk3,2732.5 sq mi (6.4 km2)Council–managerCity1921
180Fruitland ParkLake8,3253.7 sq mi (9.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1927
13GainesvilleCounty seatAlachua141,08549.1 sq mi (127.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1869
397-TGlen RidgePalm Beach2170.2 sq mi (0.7 km2)Council–managerTown1947
372-TGlen St. MaryBaker4630.4 sq mi (1.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1957
330Golden BeachMiami-Dade9610.3 sq mi (1.0 km2)Council–managerTown1929
393GolfPalm Beach2550.8 sq mi (2.2 km2)Council–managerVillage1957
284GracevilleJackson2,1534.4 sq mi (11.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1902
335Grand RidgeJackson8822.3 sq mi (5.8 km2)Council–managerTown1951
230Grant-ValkariaBrevard4,5091.0 sq mi (2.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown2006
170Green Cove SpringsCounty seatClay9,7869.4 sq mi (24.5 km2)Council–managerCity1874
69GreenacresPalm Beach43,9904.7 sq mi (12.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1926
374GreensboroGadsden4611.0 sq mi (2.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1911
346GreenvilleMadison7461.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1907
363GreenwoodJackson5394.8 sq mi (12.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1927
319GretnaGadsden1,3571.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1908
121GrovelandLake18,5053.0 sq mi (7.8 km2)Council–managerCity1922
204Gulf BreezeSanta Rosa6,30223.5 sq mi (61.0 km2)Council–managerCity1961
336Gulf StreamPalm Beach8800.8 sq mi (2.2 km2)Commission–managerTown1925
158GulfportPinellas11,7833.8 sq mi (9.9 km2)Council–managerCity1910
98Haines CityPolk26,6698.9 sq mi (23.2 km2)Council–managerCity1914
74Hallandale BeachBroward41,2174.6 sq mi (11.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1927
377HamptonBradford4321.0 sq mi (2.7 km2)Mayor–councilCity1870
300HavanaGadsden1,7071.9 sq mi (4.8 km2)Council–managerTown1907
282HaverhillPalm Beach2,1870.6 sq mi (1.5 km2)Council–managerTown1950
312HawthorneAlachua1,4784.8 sq mi (12.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1881
6HialeahMiami-Dade223,10919.7 sq mi (51.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1925
108Hialeah GardensMiami-Dade23,0682.5 sq mi (6.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1948
207High SpringsAlachua6,21518.5 sq mi (47.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1892
231Highland BeachPalm Beach4,2951.1 sq mi (2.9 km2)Commission–managerTown1949
391Highland ParkPolk2640.7 sq mi (1.9 km2)Mayor–commissionVillage1927
394Hillcrest HeightsPolk2430.2 sq mi (0.5 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1923
262HilliardNassau2,9675.5 sq mi (14.2 km2)Mayor–councilTown1947
290Hillsboro BeachBroward1,9871.6 sq mi (4.2 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1939
153Holly HillVolusia12,9584.5 sq mi (11.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1901
12HollywoodBroward153,06730.8 sq mi (79.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1925
258-THolmes BeachManatee3,0101.7 sq mi (4.5 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1950
33HomesteadMiami-Dade80,73714.4 sq mi (37.2 km2)Council–managerCity1913
402Horseshoe BeachDixie1650.2 sq mi (0.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1963
305Howey-in-the-HillsLake1,6431.9 sq mi (4.8 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
269HypoluxoPalm Beach2,6870.8 sq mi (2.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1955
258-TIndialanticBrevard3,0101.2 sq mi (3.2 km2)Council–managerTown1952
406Indian CreekMiami-Dade840.4 sq mi (1.2 km2)Council–managerVillage1939
177Indian Harbour BeachBrevard9,0192.6 sq mi (6.8 km2)Council–managerCity1955
234Indian River ShoresIndian River4,2417.2 sq mi (18.5 km2)Council–managerTown1953
232Indian Rocks BeachPinellas4,2861.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1956
323Indian ShoresPinellas1,1900.9 sq mi (2.5 km2)Mayor–councilTown1949
201IndiantownMartin6,56014.18 sq mi (36.7 km2)Mayor–councilVillage2017
313InglisLevy1,4763.7 sq mi (9.5 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1956
316InterlachenPutnam1,4416.4 sq mi (16.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown1888
185InvernessCounty seatCitrus7,5438.1 sq mi (21.0 km2)Council–managerCity1919
194IslamoradaMonroe7,1077.3 sq mi (18.8 km2)Council–managerVillage1997
1JacksonvilleCounty seatDuval949,611883.6 sq mi (2,292.2 km2)Mayor–councilCity1832
105Jacksonville BeachDuval23,83022.0 sq mi (56.9 km2)Council–managerCity1907
397-TJacob CityJackson2173.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)Council–managerCity1983
242JasperCounty seatHamilton3,6212.0 sq mi (5.1 km2)Council–managerCity1858
364JaySanta Rosa5241.6 sq mi (4.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1939
345JenningsHamilton7491.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)Council–managerTown1900
239Juno BeachPalm Beach3,8581.9 sq mi (4.8 km2)Council–managerTown1953
47JupiterPalm Beach61,04721.1 sq mi (54.7 km2)Council–managerTown1925
380Jupiter Inlet ColonyPalm Beach4050.2 sq mi (0.6 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1959
341Jupiter IslandMartin8043.6 sq mi (9.3 km2)Commission–managerTown1953
224Kenneth CityPinellas5,0470.7 sq mi (1.9 km2)Mayor–councilTown1957
142Key BiscayneMiami-Dade14,8091.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Council–managerVillage1991
342Key Colony BeachMonroe7900.7 sq mi (1.7 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1957
99Key WestCounty seatMonroe26,4447.4 sq mi (19.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1828
315Keystone HeightsBradford
1,4464.6 sq mi (12.0 km2)Council–managerCity1925
35KissimmeeCounty seatOsceola79,22617.3 sq mi (44.8 km2)Council–managerCity1883
225LaBelleCounty seatHendry4,9663.6 sq mi (9.2 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1925
387LaCrosseAlachua3161.3 sq mi (3.5 km2)Mayor–councilTown1957
134Lady LakeLake15,9706.7 sq mi (17.4 km2)Commission–managerTown1883
203Lake AlfredPolk6,3748.6 sq mi (22.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1918
410Lake Buena VistaOrange244.9 sq mi (12.7 km2)Council–managerCity1967
291-TLake ButlerCounty seatUnion1,9861.8 sq mi (4.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1893
156Lake CityCounty seatColumbia12,32911.1 sq mi (28.7 km2)Council–managerCity1859
243Lake Clarke ShoresPalm Beach3,5641.1 sq mi (2.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown1957
309Lake HamiltonPolk1,5373.9 sq mi (10.2 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
266Lake HelenVolusia2,8424.3 sq mi (11.2 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1888
127Lake MarySeminole16,7989.7 sq mi (25.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1973
175Lake ParkPalm Beach9,0472.3 sq mi (6.1 km2)Commission–managerTown1921
276Lake PlacidHighlands2,3602.8 sq mi (7.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1927
131Lake WalesPolk16,36114.0 sq mi (36.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1917
73Lake Worth BeachPalm Beach42,2196.5 sq mi (16.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1912
19LakelandPolk112,64174.4 sq mi (192.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1885
160LantanaPalm Beach11,5042.9 sq mi (7.5 km2)Council–managerTown1921
32LargoPinellas82,48516.1 sq mi (41.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1905
84Lauderdale LakesBroward35,9543.6 sq mi (9.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1961
208Lauderdale-by-the-SeaBroward6,1981.5 sq mi (3.2 km2)Commission–managerTown1924
38LauderhillBroward74,4827.3 sq mi (19.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
360Laurel HillOkaloosa5843.1 sq mi (8.1 km2)Mayor–councilCity1905
356LawteyBradford6361.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Mayor–councilCity1905
399LaytonMonroe2100.2 sq mi (0.7 km2)Mayor–councilCity1963
408Lazy LakeBroward330.1 sq mi (0.1 km2)Mayor–councilVillage1953
382LeeMadison3751.2 sq mi (3.2 km2)Council–managerTown1909
95LeesburgLake27,00024.5 sq mi (63.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1875
166Lighthouse PointBroward10,4862.4 sq mi (6.2 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1956
198Live OakCounty seatSuwannee6,73511.4 sq mi (29.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1878
186Longboat KeyManatee
7,50517.0 sq mi (44.2 km2)Commission–managerTown1955
140LongwoodSeminole15,0875.6 sq mi (14.5 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1875
249Loxahatchee GrovesPalm Beach3,35512.5 sq mi (32.4 km2)Council–managerTown2006
120Lynn HavenBay18,6959.6 sq mi (24.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1913
190MacclennyCounty seatBaker7,3043.3 sq mi (8.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1939
237Madeira BeachPinellas3,8953.2 sq mi (8.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1947
265MadisonCounty seatMadison2,9122.5 sq mi (6.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1945
112MaitlandOrange19,5435.6 sq mi (14.7 km2)Council–managerCity1885
264MalabarBrevard2,94913.2 sq mi (34.2 km2)Mayor–councilTown1962
294MaloneJackson1,9593.1 sq mi (8.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1911
379ManalapanPalm Beach4192.4 sq mi (6.3 km2)Commission–managerTown1931
285-TMangonia ParkPalm Beach2,1420.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)Council–managerTown1947
171MarathonMonroe9,6899.6 sq mi (25.0 km2)Council–managerCity1999
136Marco IslandCollier15,76017.1 sq mi (44.3 km2)Council–managerCity1997
51MargateBroward58,7129.0 sq mi (23.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1955
206MariannaCounty seatJackson6,2458.0 sq mi (20.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1825
St. Johns
150.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)Commission–managerTown1940
236Mary EstherOkaloosa3,9821.5 sq mi (4.0 km2)Council–managerCity1946
199MascotteLake6,6092.8 sq mi (7.3 km2)Council–managerCity1925
328MayoCounty seatLafayette1,0550.8 sq mi (2.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1903
372-TMcIntoshMarion4630.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)Council–managerTown1913
327MedleyMiami-Dade1,0564.3 sq mi (11.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1949
30MelbourneBrevard84,67835.5 sq mi (91.9 km2)Council–managerCity1888
252Melbourne BeachBrevard3,2311.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Commission–managerTown1923
353Melbourne VillageBrevard6810.6 sq mi (1.5 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1957
332Mexico BeachBay9161.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Council–managerCity1967
2MiamiCounty seatMiami-Dade442,24155.3 sq mi (143.3 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1896
31Miami BeachMiami-Dade82,89018.7 sq mi (48.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1915
21Miami GardensMiami-Dade111,64020.0 sq mi (51.8 km2)Council–managerCity2003
89Miami LakesMiami-Dade30,4676.4 sq mi (16.5 km2)Council–managerTown2000
159Miami ShoresMiami-Dade11,5673.7 sq mi (9.7 km2)Council–managerVillage1932
145Miami SpringsMiami-Dade13,8593.0 sq mi (7.7 km2)Council–managerCity1926
354MicanopyAlachua6481.0 sq mi (2.8 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1837
244MidwayGadsden3,5373.8 sq mi (9.9 km2)Council–managerCity1986
168MiltonCounty seatSanta Rosa10,1974.6 sq mi (11.8 km2)Council–managerCity1844
146MinneolaLake13,8433.3 sq mi (8.3 km2)Council–managerCity1926
14MiramarBroward134,72131.0 sq mi (80.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1955
272MonticelloCounty seatJefferson2,5893.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)Council–managerCity1859
303MontverdeLake1,6551.8 sq mi (4.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
307Moore HavenCounty seatGlades1,5661.2 sq mi (3.0 km2)Council–managerCity1917
133Mount DoraLake16,3415.7 sq mi (14.9 km2)Council–managerCity1910
237MulberryPolk3,9523.2 sq mi (8.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1901
117NaplesCollier19,11514.4 sq mi (37.3 km2)Council–managerCity1925
193Neptune BeachDuval7,2176.8 sq mi (17.7 km2)Council–managerCity1931
128New Port RicheyPasco16,7284.6 sq mi (11.9 km2)Council–managerCity1924
90New Smyrna BeachVolusia30,14230.8 sq mi (79.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1887
188NewberryAlachua7,34246.0 sq mi (119.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1908
135NicevilleOkaloosa15,77211.3 sq mi (29.4 km2)Council–managerCity1938
400NomaHolmes2081.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)Mayor–councilTown1977
181North Bay VillageMiami-Dade8,1590.8 sq mi (2.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1945
67North LauderdaleBroward44,7943.9 sq mi (10.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1963
48North MiamiMiami-Dade60,19110.0 sq mi (25.9 km2)Council–managerCity1926
70North Miami BeachMiami-Dade43,6765.0 sq mi (13.7 km2)Council–managerCity1926
149North Palm BeachPalm Beach13,1625.8 sq mi (15.0 km2)Council–managerVillage1956
37North PortSarasota74,79375.6 sq mi (195.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
311North Redington BeachPinellas1,4951.0 sq mi (2.7 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1953
291-TOak HillVolusia1,98611.3 sq mi (29.1 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1927
245OaklandOrange3,5161.6 sq mi (4.2 km2)Commission–managerTown1887
68Oakland ParkBroward44,2296.9 sq mi (17.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1929
43OcalaCounty seatMarion63,59138.6 sq mi (100.1 km2)Council–managerCity1869
388-TOcean BreezeMartin3010.2 sq mi (0.5 km2)Council–managerTown1960
297Ocean RidgePalm Beach1,8302.0 sq mi (5.2 km2)Commission–managerTown1931
63OcoeeOrange47,29514.0 sq mi (36.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1923
219OkeechobeeCounty seatOkeechobee5,2544.2 sq mi (10.8 km2)Mayor–councilCity1915
141OldsmarPinellas14,8989.7 sq mi (25.0 km2)Council–managerCity1936
130Opa-lockaMiami-Dade16,4634.5 sq mi (11.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1926
155Orange CityVolusia12,6326.2 sq mi (15.9 km2)Council–managerCity1882
174Orange ParkClay9,0895.6 sq mi (14.4 km2)Council–managerTown1879
366OrchidIndian River5161.8 sq mi (4.8 km2)Council–managerTown1965
4OrlandoCounty seatOrange307,573100.6 sq mi (261.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1875
71Ormond BeachVolusia43,47529.0 sq mi (75.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1880
404Otter CreekLevy1081.5 sq mi (3.8 km2)Mayor–councilTown1969
76OviedoSeminole40,05915.4 sq mi (40.0 km2)Council–managerCity1925
216PahokeePalm Beach5,5245.4 sq mi (14.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1922
167PalatkaCounty seatPutnam10,4467.5 sq mi (19.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1853
16Palm BayBrevard119,76066.8 sq mi (172.9 km2)Council–managerCity1960
173Palm BeachPalm Beach9,24510.4 sq mi (27.0 km2)Council–managerTown1911
49Palm Beach GardensPalm Beach59,18255.3 sq mi (143.3 km2)Council–managerCity1959
320Palm Beach ShoresPalm Beach1,3300.4 sq mi (1.0 km2)Commission–managerTown1951
27Palm CoastFlagler89,25851.7 sq mi (133.9 km2)Council–managerCity1999
322Palm ShoresBrevard1,2000.5 sq mi (1.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1959
96Palm SpringsPalm Beach26,8901.7 sq mi (4.3 km2)Council–managerVillage1957
148PalmettoManatee13,3234.4 sq mi (11.5 km2)Mayor–councilCity1897
104Palmetto BayMiami-Dade24,4398.8 sq mi (22.6 km2)Council–managerVillage2002
87Panama CityCounty seatBay32,93926.7 sq mi (69.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1909
123Panama City BeachBay18,0947.0 sq mi (18.2 km2)Council–managerCity1977
235ParkerBay4,0102.4 sq mi (6.3 km2)Mayor–councilCity1967
85ParklandBroward34,67010.8 sq mi (27.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1963
361PaxtonWalton5564.0 sq mi (10.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1952
205Pembroke ParkBroward6,2601.8 sq mi (4.6 km2)Commission–managerTown1957
11Pembroke PinesBroward171,17834.4 sq mi (89.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1960
340Penney FarmsClay8211.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Council–managerTown1927
56PensacolaCounty seatEscambia54,31239.7 sq mi (102.7 km2)Mayor–councilCity1822
196PerryCounty seatTaylor6,8989.3 sq mi (24.1 km2)Council–managerCity1903
308PiersonVolusia1,5428.7 sq mi (22.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown1926
122PinecrestMiami-Dade18,3887.6 sq mi (19.6 km2)Council–managerVillage1996
58Pinellas ParkPinellas53,09314.9 sq mi (38.7 km2)Council–managerCity1915
77Plant CityHillsborough39,76422.7 sq mi (58.9 km2)Commission–managerCity1885
26PlantationBroward91,75021.9 sq mi (56.8 km2)Mayor–councilCity1953
268Polk CityPolk2,7130.8 sq mi (2.0 km2)Council–managerTown1925
343Pomona ParkPutnam7843.3 sq mi (8.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1894
20Pompano BeachBroward112,04625.8 sq mi (66.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1908
367Ponce de LeonHolmes5045.0 sq mi (12.8 km2)Mayor–councilTown1963
247Ponce InletVolusia3,36414.6 sq mi (38.0 km2)Council–managerTown1963
44Port OrangeVolusia62,59626.7 sq mi (69.1 km2)Council–managerCity1867
255Port RicheyPasco3,0522.7 sq mi (7.1 km2)Council–managerCity1925
248Port St. JoeCounty seatGulf3,3573.3 sq mi (8.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1913
7Port St. LucieSt. Lucie204,85176.7 sq mi (198.6 km2)Council–managerCity1961
113Punta GordaCounty seatCharlotte19,47118.5 sq mi (47.9 km2)Council–managerCity1900
183QuincyCounty seatGadsden7,9707.6 sq mi (19.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1828
396RaifordUnion2240.5 sq mi (1.4 km2)Mayor–councilTown1900
376ReddickMarion4491.2 sq mi (3.2 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
318Redington BeachPinellas1,3761.3 sq mi (3.3 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1944
283Redington ShoresPinellas2,1761.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1955
80Riviera BeachPalm Beach37,6049.8 sq mi (25.5 km2)Council–managerCity1922
93RockledgeBrevard27,67812.2 sq mi (31.5 km2)Council–managerCity1887
78Royal Palm BeachPalm Beach38,93210.1 sq mi (26.1 km2)Council–managerVillage1959
126Safety HarborPinellas17,0725.0 sq mi (13.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1917
321San AntonioPasco1,2971.2 sq mi (3.2 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1889
46SanfordCounty seatSeminole61,05122.6 sq mi (58.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1877
202SanibelLee6,38233.2 sq mi (85.9 km2)Council–managerCity1974
55SarasotaCounty seatSarasota54,84225.9 sq mi (67.2 km2)Commission–managerCity1902
163Satellite BeachBrevard11,2263.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)Council–managerCity1957
362Sea Ranch LakesBroward5400.2 sq mi (0.6 km2)Mayor–councilVillage1959
103SebastianIndian River25,05413.5 sq mi (35.1 km2)Council–managerCity1924
164SebringCounty seatHighlands10,72911.0 sq mi (28.5 km2)Council–managerCity1924
114SeminolePinellas19,3642.7 sq mi (7.0 km2)Council–managerCity1970
289Sewall's PointMartin1,9914.1 sq mi (10.7 km2)Commission–managerTown1957
348ShalimarOkaloosa7370.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)Commission–managerTown1947
301SneadsJackson1,6994.6 sq mi (12.0 km2)Council–managerTown1894
378SopchoppyWakulla4261.5 sq mi (3.9 km2)Mayor–councilCity1955
227South BayPalm Beach4,8603.7 sq mi (9.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1941
154South DaytonaVolusia12,8654.9 sq mi (12.5 km2)Council–managerCity1938
157South MiamiMiami-Dade12,0262.3 sq mi (6.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1926
314South Palm BeachPalm Beach1,4710.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)Council–managerTown1955
218South PasadenaPinellas5,3531.2 sq mi (3.0 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1955
184Southwest RanchesBroward7,60713.0 sq mi (33.7 km2)Mayor–councilTown2000
182SpringfieldBay8,0754.2 sq mi (10.7 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1935
143St. AugustineCounty seatSt. Johns14,32910.7 sq mi (27.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1822
197St. Augustine BeachSt. Johns6,8031.9 sq mi (5.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
50St. CloudOsceola58,9649.2 sq mi (23.7 km2)Council–managerCity1911
275St. LeoPasco2,3621.9 sq mi (4.9 km2)Mayor–commissionTown1891
358St. Lucie VillageSt. Lucie6130.8 sq mi (2.1 km2)Mayor–councilTown1961
390St. MarksWakulla2741.9 sq mi (5.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1963
179St. Pete BeachPinellas8,87919.8 sq mi (51.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1957
5St. PetersburgPinellas258,308132.6 sq mi (344.7 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1903
213StarkeCounty seatBradford5,7966.7 sq mi (17.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1870
124StuartCounty seatMartin17,4258.5 sq mi (22.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1914
109Sunny Isles BeachMiami-Dade22,3421.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1997
24SunriseBroward97,33518.4 sq mi (47.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1961
214SurfsideMiami-Dade5,6891.0 sq mi (2.5 km2)Commission–managerTown1935
115SweetwaterMiami-Dade19,3630.8 sq mi (2.1 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1941
8Tallahassee # County seatLeon196,169103.1 sq mi (267.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1825
40TamaracBroward71,89711.9 sq mi (30.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1963
3TampaCounty seatHillsborough384,959170.6 sq mi (441.9 km2)Mayor–councilCity1855
102Tarpon SpringsPinellas25,11716.8 sq mi (43.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1887
119TavaresCounty seatLake19,0037.5 sq mi (19.3 km2)Mayor–councilCity1885
97Temple TerraceHillsborough26,6907.0 sq mi (18.0 km2)Council–managerCity1925
209TequestaPalm Beach6,1582.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)Council–managerVillage1957
61TitusvilleCounty seatBrevard48,78926.0 sq mi (67.1 km2)Council–managerCity1887
200Treasure IslandPinellas6,5845.3 sq mi (13.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1955
288TrentonCounty seatGilchrist2,0152.6 sq mi (6.7 km2)Commission–managerCity1911
240UmatillaLake3,6853.0 sq mi (7.9 km2)Council–managerCity1904
229ValparaisoOkaloosa4,75212.7 sq mi (33.0 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1921
101VeniceSarasota25,4639.6 sq mi (25.0 km2)Council–managerCity1926
349VernonWashington7324.7 sq mi (12.2 km2)Mayor–councilCity1926
132Vero BeachCounty seatIndian River16,35412.9 sq mi (33.5 km2)Commission–managerCity1919
274Virginia GardensMiami-Dade2,3640.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)Mayor–councilVillage1947
338-TWaldoAlachua8461.7 sq mi (4.5 km2)Council–managerCity1907
226WauchulaCounty seatHardee4,9002.6 sq mi (6.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1907
383WausauWashington3711.1 sq mi (2.9 km2)Mayor–councilTown1963
344WebsterSumter7781.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1900
350WelakaPutnam7141.4 sq mi (3.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1887
45WellingtonPalm Beach61,63745.0 sq mi (116.6 km2)Council–managerVillage1995
334WestlakePalm Beach9066.55 sq mi (16.97 km2)Mayor–councilCity2017
100West MelbourneBrevard25,9247.8 sq mi (20.3 km2)Council–managerCity1959
192West MiamiMiami-Dade7,2330.7 sq mi (1.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1947
17West Palm BeachCounty seatPalm Beach117,41558.2 sq mi (150.7 km2)Mayor–commissionCity1894
139West ParkBroward15,1302.1 sq mi (5.4 km2)Commission–managerCity2005
41WestonBroward68,10726.3 sq mi (68.1 km2)Commission–managerCity1996
392WestvilleHolmes2617.5 sq mi (19.3 km2)Mayor–councilTown1970
287WewahitchkaGulf2,0747.4 sq mi (19.3 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
347White SpringsHamilton7401.8 sq mi (4.8 km2)Council–managerTown1885
137WildwoodSumter15,7305.2 sq mi (13.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1877
261WillistonLevy2,9766.1 sq mi (15.7 km2)Council–managerCity1929
161Wilton ManorsBroward11,4261.9 sq mi (5.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1947
257WindermereOrange3,0301.1 sq mi (2.9 km2)Council–managerTown1925
64Winter GardenOrange46,96417.0 sq mi (44.0 km2)Commission–managerCity1908
60Winter HavenPolk49,21925.4 sq mi (65.8 km2)Commission–managerCity1923
91Winter ParkOrange29,7958.7 sq mi (22.4 km2)Commission–managerCity1887
79Winter SpringsSeminole38,34214.4 sq mi (37.6 km2)Commission–managerCity1959
381Worthington SpringsUnion3780.4 sq mi (0.9 km2)Mayor–councilTown1963
359YankeetownLevy58820.3 sq mi (52.6 km2)Mayor–councilTown1925
125ZephyrhillsPasco17,1946.4 sq mi (16.4 km2)Council–managerCity1914
298Zolfo SpringsHardee1,7371.5 sq mi (3.9 km2)Commission–managerTown1904

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