List of football stadiums in Egypt

The following is a list of football stadiums in Egypt, ordered by capacity. Currently all stadiums with a capacity of 10,000 or more are included, most large stadiums in Egypt are used for football (soccer), with some also used for athletics and rugby union.[1]

Current stadiums

#StadiumCapacityLocationHome TeamOpened
1Borg El Arab Stadium86,000Borg El ArabEgypt football team & Al-Masry SC2007
2Cairo International Stadium75,000CairoEgypt football team & Al Ahly SC & Zamalek SC23 July 1960
3Egyptian Army Stadium45,000SuezPetrojet FC2009
4Arab Contractors Stadium35,000CairoAl Mokawloon & FC Masr1979
530 June Stadium30,000CairoWadi Degla SC2009
Al-Salam Stadium30,000CairoEl-Entag El-Harby SC2009
Beni Ebeid Stadium30,000Bani EbidBeni Ebeid SC
8Ghazl El Mahalla Stadium29,000El MahallaBaladeyet El Mahalla & Ghazl El Mahalla & Said El Mahalla
9Cairo Military Academy Stadium28,500CairoFor all teams1989
10Suez Stadium27,000SuezAsmant El-Suweis & Petrojet FC1990
11El Sekka El Hadid Stadium25,000CairoEl Sekka El Hadid SC
12Mokhtar El Tetsh Stadium25,000CairoAl Ahly SC1917
Petro Sport Stadium25,000New CairoENPPI2006
14Ismailia Stadium23,525IsmailiaIsmaily SC1934
15Haras El Hodoud Stadium22,000AlexandriaHaras El-Hodood & El Raja
Port Said Stadium22,000Port SaidAl-Masry Club1955
16Alexandria Stadium20,000AlexandriaAl Ittihad & Smouha1929
Fayoum Stadium20,000FayoumMisr El Makasa
Sohag Stadium20,000SohagSohag FC & El Gouna FC1930
19El Mansoura Stadium18,000El MansouraEl Mansoura SC1962
Aluminium Stadium16,000Nag HammadiAluminium Nag Hammâdi
Asiut University Stadium16,000AsyutAsyut Petroleum
23Aswan Stadium11,000AswanAswan SC2014
24Bani Sweif Stadium10,000Bani SweifTelephonat Bani Sweif
Desouk Stadium10,000DesoukDesouk SC1 January 1976
El Gouna Stadium10,000El-GounaEl Gouna FC2009

Top 10 stadiums by capacity

Mubarak International
Mubarak International
Suez Stadium
Suez Stadium
Ghazl El Mahalla
Ghazl El Mahalla
Beni Ebeid
Beni Ebeid
Cairo stadiums Cairo International 30 June Cairo Military Academy Arab Contractors Al-Salam
Cairo stadiums
Cairo International
30 June
Cairo Military Academy
Arab Contractors
Location of the top 10 stadiums by capacity in Egypt.

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