List of disasters in the United States by death toll

This list of United States disasters by death toll includes disasters that occurred either in the United States, at diplomatic missions of the United States, or incidents outside of the United States in which a number of U.S. citizens were killed.

  • Domestic deaths due to war in America are included except the American Civil War. For stats on this and U.S. military deaths in foreign locations, see United States military casualties of war.
  • Due to inflation, the monetary damage estimates are not comparable. Unless otherwise noted, the year given is the year in which the currency's valuation was calculated.

Over 100,000 deaths

Epidemics with lower death tolls are not included below. See List of epidemics for global statistics.

Over 400 deaths

YearTypeFatalitiesDamage (US$)ArticleLocationComments
1900Tropical cyclone6,000–12,000$34,000,000 (1900)1900 Galveston hurricaneTexasFatalities estimated. Remains the deadliest natural disaster in United States history.
1936Heat wave5,0001936 North American heat waveUnited States, Canada
Great Flood of 1862Western United States
1899Tropical cyclone3,389$20,000,000
1899 San Ciriaco hurricanePuerto Rico, East Coast of the United States
1906Earthquake and fire (urban conflagration)3,000+$235,000,000
1906 San Francisco earthquakeSan Francisco, CaliforniaConflagration followed quake; fatalities estimated; also major casualties in Santa Rosa and San Jose. Deadliest earthquake in U.S. history.
September 11 attacksNew York City, Arlington County, Virginia, and Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania2,977 victims and 19 hijackers. Deadliest in New York City and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
2017Tropical cyclone2,982 (estimated)$94,500,000,000
Hurricane MariaPuerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, East Coast of the United StatesTotal includes at least 2,975 deaths based on a study by GWU on the estimated excess mortality.[5] The official death count was previously 64.[6] The storm caused $90 billion (2017 USD) in damage in Puerto Rico, and three deaths in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as an additional 75 deaths and $1.6 billion in damage across the rest of the Caribbean.
1928Tropical cyclone2,823$800,000,000
1928 Okeechobee hurricaneFlorida, Puerto Rico4,000+ believed dead total. Includes 2,511+ in the contiguous United States, 312 in Puerto Rico.
1941Military strikebombing2,467Attack on Pearl HarborHonolulu, Territory of Hawaii and nearby military installations2,403 U.S. victims and 64 Japanese attackers. Deadliest attack on U.S. soil by a foreign government to date.
1889Accidentdam burst2,209Johnstown FloodPennsylvaniaMuch rain, deforestation; dam failed
1893Tropical cyclone2,0001893 Cheniere Caminada hurricaneLouisianaFatalities estimated
1865Accidentshipwreck1,700SultanaMarion, ArkansasSteamboat sank due to boiler explosion; fatalities estimated. Deadliest maritime disaster in U.S. history
1980Heat wave1,700$20,000,000,000
(1980 USD)
1980 United States heat waveCentral and southern statesOfficial death toll, may have been higher
1871Wildfire1,500–2,500Peshtigo FirePeshtigo, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of MichiganFatalities estimated; most deaths in single fire in U.S. history
1896Heat wave1,5001896 Eastern North America heat waveNortheastern United States, Midwestern United StatesFatalities estimated
2005Tropical cyclone1,245–1,836$125,000,000,000


Hurricane KatrinaFlorida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and OhioTied with Hurricane Harvey as the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.
1943Military strikebombing1,173HMT Rohna[7]Mediterranean SeaLuftwaffe glide bomb hit troopship causing the largest loss of U.S. soldiers (1,050) at sea due to enemy action in a single incident.
1904Accidentshipwreck1,021PS General SlocumEast River near New York CitySteamship sank due to fire on board. Deadliest maritime disaster in New York City, and deadliest in city's history until 2001.
1893Tropical cyclone1,000–2,0001893 Sea Islands hurricaneGeorgia, South CarolinaFatalities estimated
1918Wildfire (rural)1,000$7,300,0001918 Cloquet fireMinnesota
1978Mass murder918JonestownJonestown, GuyanaJim Jones, cult leader of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, convinced most of the group to drink grape Flavor Aid poisoned with cyanide or to inject themselves and their children with cyanide, totaling 909 deaths of U.S. nationals. A family of four other Temple members committed murder/suicide by knife in Georgetown. Five others were shot and killed while trying to escape from Jonestown, including U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan.
1945Military strikesubmarine879USS Indianapolis[8]Philippine SeaLargest loss of life in the history of the U.S. Navy at sea
1915Accidentshipwreck844SS EastlandChicago, IllinoisPassenger ship capsized in Chicago harbor while loading charter for company picnic, causing great loss of life despite shallow water and proximity to land. Deadliest disaster in the history of Great Lakes shipping, and deadliest disaster in Chicago history.
1944Military strikesubmarine819SS Leopoldville[9]English ChannelApproximately 763 United States Army soldiers drowned.
1875Tropical cyclone8001875 Indianola hurricaneLouisiana, TexasFatalities estimated
1944Military strikeE-boats749Exercise TigerEnglish ChannelUSS LST-289, LST-507 and LST-531 sunk during a training exercise.[10]
1925Tornado outbreak747$1,650,000,000
Tornado outbreak of March 18, 1925Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, TennesseeAt least 12 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Tri-State Tornado: 695 deaths (deadliest tornado in U.S. history)
  • Buck Lodge, Tennessee/Beaumont, Kentucky: 41 deaths
1919Tropical cyclone7451919 Florida Keys hurricaneFlorida, TexasIncluding 488 deaths aboard SS Valbanera
1995Heat wave739Chicago Heat Wave of 1995Chicago, Illinois
1942Military strikesubmarine683USS Juneau[11]GuadalcanalSunk by submarine while retreating with damage from naval battle of Guadalcanal.
1938Tropical cyclone682–8001938 New England hurricane
1943Military strikesubmarine675SS Dorchester[12]GreenlandUnited States troopship.
1913Flood650Great Flood of 1913Central United States, Eastern United StatesFatalities estimated
1943Military strikesubmarine644USS Liscombe Bay[13]Gilbert IslandsSubmarine torpedo detonated the aircraft carrier's bomb magazine during Operation Galvanic.
1903Fire (building)602Iroquois Theatre fireChicago, IllinoisWorst theater fire in American history; worst single-building fire.
1928Accidentdam failure600St. Francis DamSanta Clarita, California
1947Accidentexplosion581Texas City disasterTexas City, TexasAmmonium nitrate on board ship
1896Tornado outbreak sequence501+$2,900,000,000
Tornado outbreak sequence of May 1896Central United States, Southern United StatesAt least 38 tornadoes, including the following:
  • 1896 St. Louis–East St. Louis tornado: 255–400 deaths
  • Sherman, Texas: 73+ deaths
  • Ortonville–Thomas–Oakwood, Michigan: 47+ deaths
  • Seneca–Oneida, Kansas/Falls City, Nebraska: 25+ deaths
  • Imbs–Germantown, Illinois: 24 deaths
1804Tropical cyclone500+1804 Antigua–Charleston hurricaneSoutheastern United States
1865Accidentfire, shipwreck500American steamship General Lyon (1864)Off Cape Hatteras, North CarolinaFatalities estimated
1871Wildfire (rural)500Great Michigan FireMichiganFatalities estimated
1942Fire (building)492Cocoanut Grove fireBoston, MassachusettsDeadliest nightclub fire ever, and second-deadliest structure fire in U.S. history; loss of life due to blocked exits; burn victims were among the first treated with penicillin
1927Exploitation, silicosis476–1,000+Hawks Nest Tunnel disasterGauley Bridge, West Virginia178 admitted deaths, 476 with congressional inquiry, 1,000+ by epidemiologists.
1936Tornado outbreak454+1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreakAlabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, TennesseeAt least 12 tornadoes, including the following:
1913Flood4281913 (Ohio) statewide floodOhio
1894Wildfire (rural)418+Great Hinckley FireHinckley, Minnesota and vicinity
1957Tropical cyclone416$147,000,000
Hurricane AudreyLouisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama
1935Tropical cyclone4081935 Labor Day hurricaneFlorida

201 to 400 deaths

YearTypeFatalitiesDamage (US$)ArticleLocationComments
1857Accidentshipwreck400SS Central AmericaOff the coast of GeorgiaFatalities estimated
1860Accidentshipwreck400PS Lady ElginChicago, Illinois
1888Blizzard400Great Blizzard of 1888Northeastern United StatesFatalities estimated
1898Storm400+Portland GaleNew England
1937Flood385$5,000,000,000Ohio River flood of 1937Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois
1917Tornado outbreak sequence383+$6,880,000May–June 1917 tornado outbreak sequenceMidwestern United States, Southeastern United StatesAt least 66 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Mattoon–Charleston, Illinois: 101+ deaths
  • Tiptonville, Tennessee/Dublin, Kentucky: 67 deaths
  • Sumiton–Morris, Alabama: 27 deaths
  • Cheney–Florence, Kansas: 23 deaths
  • Blytheville, Arkansas/Como, Tennessee: 18 deaths
  • Ellsinore–Drum, Missouri: 18 deaths
Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950Eastern United States
1911Heat wave380+1911 Eastern North America heat waveNortheastern United States
1926Tropical cyclone372[14]1926 Miami hurricaneFlorida
1944Accidentexplosion372USS Mount Hood[15]New GuineaAmmunition ship explosion.
1909Tropical cyclone371+1909 Grand Isle hurricaneGulf Coast of the United States
1907Accidentcoal mine362Monongah mining disasterMonongah, West Virginia
1913Flood361Great Dayton FloodDayton, OhioFlood was created by a series of three winter storms that hit the region in March, 1913
2011Tornado outbreak348~$11,000,000,000
2011 Super OutbreakMidwestern United States, Southern United States, Eastern United StatesIncluding 24 non-tornadic deaths; 360 tornadoes, including the following:
1932Tornado outbreak330+$4,340,0001932 Deep South tornado outbreakSouthern United StatesAt least 36 tornadoes, including 10 violent (F4 or F5) storms, resulting in 268 deaths in Alabama alone. Deadliest tornadoes include the following:
1900Fire (industrial)326+1900 Hoboken Docks fireHoboken, New JerseyIncluding 99 deaths on SS Saale
1908Tornado outbreak324+1908 Dixie tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Midwestern United States, Southern United StatesAt least 29 tornadoes, including the following:
1930Fire (building)322Ohio PenitentiaryColumbus, Ohio
1944Accidentexplosion320Port Chicago disasterPort Chicago, CaliforniaWorld War II ammunition ignited
1840Tornado317+$1,260,000Great Natchez TornadoNatchez, Mississippi
1974Tornado outbreak310$3,500,000,000
1974 Super OutbreakOntario, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and New YorkAdditional 9 deaths in Ontario; 148 tornadoes, including the following:
1865Accidentexplosion300Mobile magazine explosionMobile, AlabamaCivil War ammunition; fatalities estimated
1921Race massacre300Tulsa race massacreTulsa, OklahomaWhite mob attacks affluent black neighborhood; fatalities estimated
1944Tropical cyclone300–4001944 Great Atlantic hurricaneEast Coast of the United StatesFatalities estimated
New London School explosionNew London, TexasGas leak
1960Blizzard286December 1960 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1859Massacre283+Mendocino WarMendocino County, California
1881Wildfire (rural)282$2,347,000Thumb FireMichigan
1876Fire (building)278Brooklyn Theatre fireBrooklyn, New York
2021Blizzard276–702[16]$20,400,000,000February 13–17, 2021 North American winter stormUnited StatesAdditional 14 deaths in Mexico
1915Tropical cyclone275[14]1915 Galveston hurricaneTexas
1915Tropical cyclone2751915 New Orleans hurricaneLouisiana
1898Explosion274USS MaineHavana, CubaA major event that precipitated the Spanish–American War. Exact cause remains unknown.
1875Accidentshipwreck273Pacific (1850)Off Cape Flattery, WashingtonFatalities estimated
1979Accidentaircraft273American Airlines Flight 191Chicago, IllinoisDeadliest aircraft accident in U.S. history
1943Military strikesubmarine272Henry R. Mallory[17]North AtlanticUnited States troopship.
1965Tornado outbreak271Palm Sunday tornado outbreakIowa, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana78 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Coldwater Lake–Southern Hillsdale–Manitou Beach–Devils Lake–Southern Tecumseh, Michigan: 44 deaths from two tornadoes
  • Southern Elkhart–Dunlap, Indiana: 36 deaths
  • Midway, Indiana: 31 deaths
  • Crawfordsville–Southern Arcadia, Indiana: 28 deaths
  • Toledo, Ohio/Lost Peninsula, Michigan: 18 deaths
  • Pittsfield–Grafton–Strongsville, Ohio: 18 deaths
  • Russiaville–Alto–Southern Kokomo–Greentown, Indiana: 17 deaths
1999Heat wave2711999 heat waveMidwest and Northeast
1988Terrorism270Pan Am Flight 103Lockerbie, ScotlandInflight bombing of a flight from London to New York killed all aboard, including 179 U.S. citizens, and 16 on the ground.
1913Accidentcoal mine265Dawson, New MexicoDawson, New MexicoIncluding 263 miners and two rescuers
2001Accidentaircraft265American Airlines Flight 587Queens, New YorkSecond-deadliest U.S. aviation accident, and deadliest in New York City.
1909Accidentcoal mine259Cherry Mine disasterCherry, Illinois
1932Tropical cyclone2571932 San Ciprián hurricanePuerto Rico
1937Accidentcoal mine257Grundy, Virginia
1969Tropical cyclone256Hurricane CamilleMississippi, Alabama, and Virginia
1985Accidentaircraft256Arrow Air Flight 1285Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, CanadaMost of the passengers were members of the 101st Airborne Division.
1858Accidentshipwreck250PennsylvaniaMississippi River, near Memphis, TennesseeFatalities estimated
Great Lakes Storm of 1913Great Lakes regionFatalities estimated
1903Flood247Heppner flood of 1903Heppner, Oregon
1953Tornado outbreak sequence247Flint–Worcester tornado outbreak sequenceMichigan, Ohio, Nebraska and Massachusetts50 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Northern Flint–Beecher, Michigan: 116 deaths
  • Worcester, Massachusetts: 94 deaths
  • Deshler–Fremont–Fairview Lanes–Northeastern Elyria–Western Cleveland, Ohio: 17 deaths
1927Flood246$400,000,000Great Mississippi Flood of 1927Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee
1920Tornado outbreak243+April 1920 tornado outbreakSouthern United StatesAt least 17 tornadoes, including the following
  • Aberdeen, Mississippi/Waco, Alabama: 88 deaths
  • Bay Springs–Russell, Mississippi: 36 deaths
  • Deemer, Mississippi: 27 deaths
  • Lily Flagg–Brownsboro, Alabama: 27 deaths
  • Ingomar–Glen, Mississippi: 24 deaths
  • Carbon Hill–Lacey's Spring, Alabama: 21 deaths
1850Accidentshipwreck241–289SS G. P. GriffithLake Erie
1913Tornado outbreak sequence241+$9,680,000Tornado outbreak sequence of March 1913Southern United States, Midwestern United StatesAt least 19 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Omaha, Nebraska: 103 deaths
  • Fulton–Lower Peach Tree, Alabama: 27 deaths
  • Bellevue, Nebraska/Harlan, Iowa: 25 deaths
  • Mead, Nebraska/Logan, Iowa: 22 deaths
  • Prairieton–Terre Haute, Indiana: 21 deaths
  • Douglas, Nebraska/Macedonia, Iowa: 18 deaths
1983Terrorism2411983 Beirut barracks bombingsBeirut, Lebanon58 French peacekeepers, six civilians and two suicide bombers also died in the attack
1907Accidentcoal mine239Darr Mine disasterRostraver Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
1912Accidentshipwreck238RMS Titanic[18]north Atlantic Ocean, south of NewfoundlandOnly includes U.S. victims
1972 Black Hills floodRapid City, South DakotaAverage rainfall over area of 60 mi2 measured at 10-15 inches (380 mm), over 6 hours in middle of night June 9–10, 1972.
1888Winter storm235Schoolhouse BlizzardMidwestern United States
1996Accidentaircraft230TWA Flight 800Long Island, New York
2021Heat wave229–6002021 Western North America heat wavePacific NorthwestAt least 116 deaths in Oregon, at least 112 in Washington, and one in Idaho
1997Accidentaircraft228Korean Air Flight 801Asan-Maina, Guam
1865Accidentshipwreck225Brother JonathanOff Crescent City, CaliforniaFatalities estimated
2006Heat wave2252006 North American heat waveContiguous United States
1998Terrorism2231998 United States embassy bombingsTanzania, Kenya4,000+ injured
1927Tornado outbreak217+Tornado outbreak of May 1927Midwestern United States, Southern United StatesAt least 34 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Imboden, Arkansas/Poplar Bluff, Missouri: 98 deaths
  • Strong, Arkansas: 24 deaths
  • Nevada, Texas: 19 deaths
  • Garland, Texas: 15 deaths
1999Accidentaircraft217EgyptAir Flight 990Atlantic Ocean near Nantucket, Massachusetts
1902Accidentcoal mine216Fraterville Mine disasterFraterville, Tennessee
1906Tropical cyclone2111906 Florida Keys hurricaneFlorida
1940Fire (building)209Rhythm Club fireNatchez, Mississippi
1952Tornado outbreak209$285,300,000 (2019)Tornado outbreak of March 21–22, 1952Southern United States31 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Kensett–Judsonia–Russell, Arkansas: 50 deaths
  • Bolivar–Henderson–Chesterfield, Tennessee: 38 deaths
  • Cotton Plant–Hunter, Arkansas: 29 deaths
  • Cooter–Cottonwood Point, Missouri: 17 deaths
  • Byhalia–Cayce, Mississippi/Williston, Tennessee: 16 deaths
1993Cyclonic blizzard208$6,650,000,000
1993 Storm of the CenturyEastern United StatesAdditional 110 deaths in other countries
1896Tropical cyclone202$9,600,000 in 1896
($289,000,000 in 2018)
1896 Cedar Keys hurricaneLandfall at Cedar Key, Florida;Heavy damage along much of Eastern Seaboard of U.S.
1966Blizzard201North American blizzard of 1966Eastern United States

81 to 200 deaths

YearTypeFatalitiesDamage (US$)ArticleLocationComments
1854Accidentshipwreck200–365Powhattan (1837)Harvey Cedars, New Jersey
1856Tropical cyclone200+1856 Last Island hurricaneLouisiana, Mississippi
1871Fire (urban conflagration)200–300Great Chicago FireChicago, IllinoisFatalities estimated; 125 bodies recovered
1900Accidentcoal mine200Scofield Mine disasterScofield, UtahFatalities estimated
1928Accidentcoal mine195Mather Mine disasterMather, Pennsylvania
1898Accidentshipwreck192The PortlandGloucester, Massachusetts
1847Accidentshipwreck190–250SS Phoenix (1845)Lake Michigan
1996Winter storm, flood187North American blizzard of 1996Eastern United StatesIncluding 33 deaths due to flooding
1863Mass murder, military operation185–200Lawrence MassacreLawrence, Kansas
1955Tropical cyclone184+Hurricane DianeEast Coast of the United States
2011Tornado outbreak sequence184$7,000,000,000
Tornado outbreak sequence of May 21–26, 2011Midwestern United States, Southern United StatesIncluding the Joplin, Missouri tornado, which caused 158 direct and 3 indirect deaths, the latter of which are included here.
1785Accidentshipwreck181Faithful StewardOff Cape Henlopen, Delaware Bay
1904Accidentcoal mine181Harwick Mine disasterCheswick, PennsylvaniaFatalities estimated
1947Tornado outbreak1811947 Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoesOklahoma (especially Woodward), Texas (including Glazier and Higgins), Kansas
1914Accidentcoal mine180+Eccles mine disasterEccles, West Virginia
1985Flood1801985 Puerto Rico floodsPuerto Rico
1898Tropical cyclone179+1898 Georgia hurricaneFlorida, Georgia
1884Tornado outbreak178+Tornado outbreak of February 19–20, 1884Southeastern United StatesAt least 37 tornadoes, including the following:
1908Fire (building)175Collinwood school fireCleveland, OhioDeadliest school fire in U.S. history; led to many changes in how schools were built.
1924Accidentcoal mine172Castle Gate Mine disasterCastle Gate, Utah171 miners and one rescue worker
1908Fire (building)171Rhoads Opera House fireBoyertown, PennsylvaniaSources conflict on number of fatalities: 170 or 171.
1903Accidentcoal mine169Hanna Mine disastersCarbon County, Wyoming
1880Tornado outbreak168+Tornado outbreak of April 1880Midwestern United StatesAt least 20 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Boaz–Evergreen, Missouri: 99 deaths
  • Rocky Comfort–Grovespring: 31 deaths
1917Fire (mine)168Speculator Mine disasterButte, Montana
1944Fire (building)168Hartford circus fireHartford, Connecticut
1966Smog incident1681966 New York City smogNew York City and New York metropolitan area, including parts of New Jersey and ConnecticutFatalities estimated
1995Terrorism168Oklahoma City bombingOklahoma City, OklahomaDeadliest act of domestic terrorism, and deadliest domestic bombing, in U.S. history
1946Tsunami and Earthquake165–1731946 Aleutian Islands earthquakeAlaska, Hawaii
1977Fire (building)165Beverly Hills Supper Club fireSouthgate, Kentucky
1909Tornado outbreak164+Tornado outbreak of late-April 1909Midwestern United States, Southern United StatesAt least 35 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Horn Lake, Mississippi/Parsons, Tennessee: 29 deaths
  • Elkmont, Alabama/Fayetteville, Tennessee: 29 deaths
1944Maritime Accident163West Loch disasterPearl Harbor, HawaiiClassified as top secret until 1960.
1956Blizzard162March 18–20, 1956 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1838Accidentshipwreck160MoselleOhio River, near Cincinnati
2012Tropical cyclone158$71,400,000,000Hurricane SandyMost of the United States East Coast86 indirect fatalities occurred in the United States. 76 additional fatalities occurred in the Caribbean and the Bahamas; 21 people are still missing in Haiti.
1960Tropical cyclone157$491,100,000Hurricane DonnaThe Caribbean, United States East CoastIncludes 107 deaths in Puerto Rico.
1987Accidentaircraft156Northwest Airlines Flight 255Detroit, Michigan
1940Winter storm, shipwrecks1541940 Armistice Day BlizzardMidwestern United StatesIncluding 66 deaths in a series of shipwrecks in Lake Michigan, including the SS Anna C. Minch, the SS Novadoc, the SS William B. Davock, and others
1920Tornado outbreak153+1920 Palm Sunday tornado outbreakMidwestern United States, Southern United StatesAt least 37 tornadoes, including the following:
1982Accidentaircraft153Pan Am Flight 759New Orleans, Louisiana
1854Accidentshipwreck150New Era (ship)Off Asbury Park, New JerseyFatalities estimated
1890Mass murder, Mass shooting150–300Wounded Knee MassacreWounded Knee Creek, South DakotaWhite U.S. Cavalry troops went to a Native American reserve and shot and killed between 150 and 300 Native Americans.
1936Flood150–2001936 Northeast FloodNortheastern United StatesFatalities estimated
1942Tornado outbreak149$5,250,000Tornado outbreak of March 16–17, 1942Central United States, Southern United StatesAt least 28 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Berclair–New Harmony, Mississippi: 63 deaths
  • Bethel Springs–Beacon, Tennessee: 15 deaths
1890Tornado outbreak146+March 1890 middle Mississippi Valley tornado outbreakMiddle Mississippi ValleyAt least 24 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Shively, Kentucky/Jeffersonville, Indiana: 76+ deaths
  • Kevil–West Louisville, Kentucky: 21+ deaths
1911Fire (building)146Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fireNew York City, New YorkLed to improved occupational safety standards as well as mandatory comprehensive fire safety standards
1976Flood145Big Thompson RiverColorado
1953Tornado outbreak1441953 Waco tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Midwestern United StatesIncluding 114 deaths from an F5 tornado in Waco, Texas
1978Accidentaircraft144PSA Flight 182San Diego, California
2000Heat wave1402000 Southern United States heat waveSouthern United States
1840Accidentshipwreck139LexingtonLong Island SoundSteamship sank due to fire on board
1874Accidentdam failure139Mill River (Northampton, Massachusetts)Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1917Explosion139Eddystone explosionEddystone, Pennsylvania
1944Accidentshipwreck138USS Turner (DD-648)Lower New York Bay
1934Accidentshipwreck137SS Morro Castle (1930)Off Long Beach Island, New Jersey
1985Accidentaircraft137Delta Air Lines Flight 191Dallas, Texas
1906Tropical cyclone1341906 Mississippi hurricaneSoutheastern United States
1944Tornado outbreak134–1371944 Appalachians tornado outbreakMidwestern United States, Mid-Atlantic StatesAt least seven tornadoes, including the following:
  • Wyatt–Shinston–Cheat Mountain, West Virginia: 100–103 deaths
  • Wellsburg, West Virginia/Oakland, Maryland: 30 deaths
  • Pittsburgh–Somerset, Pennsylvania: 17 deaths
1960Accidentaircraft1341960 New York mid-air collisionNew York City, New York
1967Fire (ship)134>$72,000,0001967 USS Forrestal fireGulf of Tonkin, Vietnam
1994Accidentaircraft132USAir Flight 427Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1852Accidentshipwreck130–300AtlanticLake Erie
Cleveland East Ohio Gas explosionCleveland, Ohio
1963AccidentSubmarine129USS Thresher (SSN-593)Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of MassachusettsDeadliest submarine disaster in U.S. history.
1838Accidentshipwreck128Steamship Pulaski disasterOff North Carolina
1901Accidentshipwreck128–135SS City of Rio de JaneiroSan Francisco Bay, California
1911Accidentcoal mine128Banner Mine disasterAlabama
1915IncidentMaritime128Sinking of the RMS LusitaniaAtlantic Ocean near Kinsale, IrelandShip torpedoed by a German U-boat. 1,198 fatalities resulted overall; 128 of them were Americans.
1933Tornado outbreak128Early-May 1933 tornado outbreak sequenceMidwestern United States, Southeastern United StatesAt least 27 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Tompkinsville–Russell Springs, Kentucky: 36 deaths
  • Livingston–Byrdstown, Tennessee: 35 deaths
  • Brent–Pelham, Alabama: 21 deaths
  • Anderson–Fountain Inn, South Carolina: 19 deaths
1945Tornado outbreak128Tornado outbreak of April 1945Midwestern United StatesIncluding 69 deaths from a tornado in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma
1956Accidentaircraft1281956 Grand Canyon mid-air collisionGrand Canyon, ArizonaParts of wreckage still visible. Deadliest air disaster in U.S. at that time; led to creation of Federal Aviation Administration two years later.
1972Accidentdam failure125Buffalo Creek floodLogan County, West Virginia
1923Accidentcoal mine123Dawson, New MexicoDawson, New Mexico
1929Fire (building)123Cleveland Clinic fire of 1929Cleveland, Ohio
1971Tornado outbreak123$45,900,000 (1971)February 1971 Mississippi Delta tornado outbreakSouthern United States, Ohio River Valley19 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Fitler–Cary–Swiftown–Morgan City–Quito–Oxberry–Oxford, Mississippi/Middleton, Tennessee: 58 deaths
  • Waverly, Louisiana/Mayersville–Delta City–Inverness–Moorehead, Mississippi: 47 deaths
1917Accidentcoal mine121Hastings mine explosionLas Animas County, Colorado
1857Mass murder120Mountain Meadows MassacreUtah TerritoryMormon settlers executed between 120 and 140 men, women, and children from the Baker-Fancher party wagon train after accepting their surrender from a five-day siege and offering them safe passage through Utah Territory.
Long Beach earthquakeLong Beach, California
2005Tropical cyclone120$18,500,000,000
Hurricane RitaLouisiana
1924Accidentcoal mine119Benwood mine disasterBenwood, West Virginia
1946Fire (building)119Winecoff Hotel fireAtlanta, Georgia
1951Accidentcoal mine119West Frankfort, IllinoisWest Frankfort, Illinois
1972Tropical cyclone119$2,100,000,000Hurricane AgnesEastern United States
1899Tornado117>$300,000 ($8,381,000 in today's dollars).New Richmond tornadoNew Richmond, WisconsinTornado hit the same time the circus was in town.
1918Earthquake1161918 San Fermín earthquakePuerto Rico
1837Accidentshipwreck115Wreck of the MexicoLong Beach, New YorkEight people rescued from shore. One hundred fifteen crew and passengers (mostly Irish immigrants, and many of them women and children) froze to death on the deck of the ship just 200 yards from shore.[19] The wreck of the Mexico is the subject of Walt Whitman's poem, "Sleepers" in Leaves of Grass.
1902Stampede115Shiloh Baptist Church stampedeBirmingham, Alabama
1938Flood115$78 million (1938)Los Angeles flood of 1938Los Angeles, CaliforniaDeadliest disaster in Los Angeles history
1944Accidentshipwreck115USS St. Augustine (PG-54)Off Cape May, New Jersey
1964Tsunami and Earthquake115$1,800,000,000
Good Friday earthquakeAlaska, Hawaii, Oregon, California
1902Tornado1141902 Goliad, Texas tornadoGoliad, Texas
1924Tornado outbreak114April 1924 tornado outbreakSouthern United StatesIncluding 53 deaths from a single tornado in South Carolina
1981Accident – collapse114Hyatt Regency walkway collapseKansas City, Missouri
1975Accidentaircraft113Eastern Air Lines Flight 66New York City, New York
1863Riot112$1–5 million (1863)New York City draft riotsNew York City, New YorkWorst civil unrest in U.S. history required diverting Union Army troops from the front to put down
1902Accidentcoal mine112Rolling Mill MineJohnstown, Pennsylvania
1905Tornado112+1905 Snyder tornadoSnyder, Oklahoma
1915Accidentcoal mine112Layland, West Virginia#Mine disasterLayland, West Virginia
1916Tornado outbreak112+June 1916 tornado outbreakSouthern United StatesIncluding 25 deaths from a single tornado family in Arkansas
1989Accidentaircraft112United Airlines Flight 232Sioux City, Iowa
2008Tropical cyclone112$30,000,000,000
Hurricane IkeTexas; Louisiana34 people still missing as of 2013
1928Accidentshipwreck111SS VestrisOff Hampton Roads, Virginia
1947Accidentcoal mine111Centralia mine disasterCentralia, Illinois
1971Accidentaircraft111Alaska Airlines Flight 1866Juneau, Alaska
1869Accidentcoal mine110Avondale Mine disasterPlymouth, Pennsylvania
1996Accidentaircraft110ValuJet Flight 592Florida Everglades
1891Accidentcoal mine109Mammoth Mine disasterWestmoreland County, Pennsylvania
2017Tropical cyclone106$125,000,000,000
Hurricane HarveyTexas, LouisianaTied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest natural disaster in United States history. One additional death occurred in Guyana.
1837Tropical cyclone, shipwreck103Racer'sMexico, Texas, Gulf CoastFatalities estimated; including 90 deaths from the wreck of SS Home off Cape Hatteras; additional two deaths occurred in the Republic of Texas
1884Accidentshipwreck103SS City of ColumbusOff Aquinnah, Massachusetts
1955Tornado outbreak1021955 Great Plains tornado outbreakCentral United States46 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Udall, Kansas: 80 deaths
  • Blackwell, Oklahoma: 20 deaths
1918Accidentrailroad101Great Train Wreck of 1918Nashville, TennesseeDeadliest rail accident in U.S. history
1963Accidentaircraft101Northwest Airlines Flight 293Near Annette Island, Alaska
1972Accidentaircraft101Eastern Air Lines Flight 401Miami, Florida
1812Tropical cyclone1001812 Louisiana hurricaneLouisianaFatalities estimated
1852Accidentshipwreck100+SaludaLexington, Missouri
1865Accidentshipwreck100–125SS PewabicLake Huron
1892AccidentCoal mine100Krebs, OklahomaKrebs, Oklahoma (then Choctaw nation, Indian Territory)Natural gas explosion
1899Winter storm, cold wave100+Great Blizzard of 1899Contiguous United States
1900Tropical cyclone1001900 Guam typhoonGuam
1918Accidentexplosion100T. A. Gillespie Company Shell Loading Plant explosionSayreville, New JerseyFatalities estimated
1937Mass poisoning100+Elixir sulfanilamideUnited States
Northeastern United States blizzard of 1978Northeastern United StatesFatalities estimated
2003Fire (building)100The Station nightclub fireWest Warwick, Rhode Island4th-deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history, killing 100 people and injuring more than 200.
1968Accidentshipwreck99USS Scorpion (SSN-589)North Atlantic Ocean off New London, ConnecticutU.S. Navy investigation of cause was inconclusive, although suggested an internal hydrogen explosion may have been followed by collapse of hull, followed by immediately sinking to ocean floor, killing all hands.
2017Tropical cyclone99$53,400,000,000
Hurricane IrmaPuerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, Eastern United States (particularly Florida)Includes three deaths and $1 billion (2017 USD) in damage in Puerto Rico, and four deaths and $2.4 billion in damage in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Storm caused an additional 35 deaths and approximately US$11.4 billion in damage across the rest of the Caribbean.
1877Accidentshipwreck98USS Huron (1875)Off Nags Head, North Carolina
1890Accidentshipwreck98Sea Wing disasterLake Pepin near Lake City, MinnesotaStrong winds toppled the excursion vessel.
1922Roof collapse98Knickerbocker TheatreWashington, District of ColumbiaRoof collapsed due to the eponymous Knickerbocker storm
2021Structural collapse98Surfside condominium collapseSurfside, Florida
1904Accidentrailroad97Eden train wreckPueblo, Colorado
1974Accidentaircraft97Pan Am Flight 806Pago Pago, American Samoa
1875Tornado outbreak96+March 1875 Southeast tornado outbreakSoutheastern United StatesIncluding at least 28 deaths from a single tornado between Georgia and South Carolina
1910Avalanche96Wellington avalancheWellington, WashingtonAvalanche hit 2 trains in Tye Canyon
1977Accidentaircraft; tornado outbreak96Southern Airways Flight 242; Tornado outbreak of April 1977New Hope, Paulding County, Georgia; tornadoes affected Southeastern United StatesStorm system caused the crash of Flight 242, killing 72 people; and spawned an outbreak of 21 tornadoes, killing 24 people, including an F5 which killed 22 people near Birmingham, Alabama
1986Arson96–98Dupont Plaza Hotel arsonSan Juan, Puerto Rico
1954Tropical cyclone95Hurricane HazelNorth Carolina; South CarolinaU.S. victims only
1958Fire (building)95Our Lady of the Angels School fireChicago, Illinois
1962Accidentaircraft95American Airlines Flight 1New York City, New York
2021Tropical cyclone95Hurricane IdaGulf Coast of the United States, Eastern United States
2021Tornado outbreak95Tornado outbreak of December 10–11, 2021Southern United States, Midwestern United StatesIncluding 6 non-tornadic and indirect deaths; 71 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Western Kentucky: 58 deaths (including one indirect)
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky: 17 deaths (including one indirect)
1969Winter storm94February 1969 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1918Accidentrailroad93Malbone Street WreckBrooklyn, New YorkSome accounts give death toll as 101. Deadliest accident on New York City subway, deadliest rail disaster in city's history and deadliest mass-transit accident in U.S. history.
1939Tropical cyclone931939 California tropical stormSouthern CaliforniaIncluding 48 offshore deaths
1876Accidentrailroad92Ashtabula River railroad disasterAshtabula, OhioFatalities approximated
1919Tornado outbreak92Tornado outbreak of April 1919Great PlainsAt least 12 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Mineola–Mount Pleasant, Texas: 24 deaths
  • Blue Ridge–Ravenna, Texas: 18 deaths
  • Eustace–Grand Saline, Texas: 17 deaths
1919Accidentcoal mine92Baltimore Mine Tunnel disasterWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
1974Accidentaircraft92TWA Flight 514Berryville, Virginia
1972Accidentsilver mine91Sunshine MineBig Creek, IdahoMass carbon monoxide poisoning
1899Fire (building)90Windsor Hotel (Manhattan)Manhattan, New YorkFatalities estimated
1973Accidentaircraft89Delta Air Lines Flight 723Boston, Massachusetts
1860Structural collapse88–145Pemberton MillLawrence, Massachusetts
1907Accidentshipwreck88SS Columbia (1880)Off Shelter Cove, California
2000Accidentaircraft88Alaska Airlines Flight 261Pacific Ocean near Anacapa Island, California
1918Accidentshipwreck87Columbia (collapsed paddle steamer)Creve Coeur, Illinois
1952Accidentaircraft871952 Moses Lake C-124 crashNear Moses Lake, Washington
1990Fire (building)87Happy Land fireNew York City, New YorkArson by disgruntled patron. Deadliest mass murder by a single person in U.S. history.
1910Wildfire86Great Fire of 1910Washington, Idaho, Montana
1918Accidentrailroad86Hammond Circus Train WreckHammond, Indiana
1993Police raidFire86Waco siegeBranch Davidian Complex, Waco, Texas6 Davidians and 4 police killed in initial raid. Weeks later during final FBI assault, 76 Davidians died in a fire of disputed origin.
1878Accidentshipwreck85USS Stars and Stripes (1861)Currituck, North Carolina
1924Tornado85–90$12,500,0001924 Lorain–Sandusky tornadoLorain and Sandusky, Ohio
1951Accidentrailroad85Woodbridge train wreckWoodbridge, New Jersey
1964Accidentaircraft85Paradise Airlines Flight 901ANear Lake Tahoe, Nevada
1968Accidentaircraft85Braniff Flight 352Dawson, Texas
1980Fire (building)85MGM Grand fireLas Vegas, Nevada
2018Forest fire85Camp FireParadise, CaliforniaDeadliest fire in California history.
1911Accidentcoal mine84Cross Mountain Mine disasterBriceville, Tennessee
1916Tropical cyclone, flood84+1916 Charleston hurricaneSouth Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, VirginiaMost deaths were due to a flood event
1927Flood84+Great Vermont Flood of 1927Vermont
1965Accidentaircraft84Eastern Air Lines Flight 663New York City, New York
1977Flash Flood84$300,000,000Johnstown flood of 1977Johnstown, PennsylvaniaThe flood occurred when an extraordinary amount of rain came down in the Conemaugh Valley in a short period of time. Nearly 12 inches were measured in 10 hours. The National Weather Service later estimated that this amount of rain in that location should happen less than once every 1,000 years.
1999Tropical cyclone84Hurricane FloydEast Coast of the United States
2007Winter storm84January 2007 North American ice stormCentral United States, Eastern United StatesAdditional three deaths in Canada
1966Accidentaircraft83American Flyers Flight 280Near Ardmore, Oklahoma
1969Accidentaircraft83Allegheny Airlines Flight 853Shelby County, IndianaA Piper Cherokee 140, piloted by a student who was a week away from getting his private pilot's license, collided with an Allegheny Airlines DC-9. The flight originated in Boston and had stopped in Baltimore and Cincinnati.[20]
1930Accidentcoal mine82Millfield Mine disasterDover Township, Athens County, Ohio
1967Accidentaircraft82Piedmont Airlines Flight 22Hendersonville, North Carolina
1986Accidentaircraft821986 Cerritos mid-air collisionCerritos, California
1887Accidentrailroad81–85Great Chatsworth train wreckChatsworth, Illinois
1963Accidentaircraft81Pan Am Flight 214Elkton, MarylandLightning strike
1963Accidentexplosion811963 Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum gas explosionIndianapolis, Indiana

41 to 80 deaths

YearTypeFatalitiesDamage (US$)ArticleLocationComments
1813Accidentshipwreck80+USS Hamilton (1809) and USS ScourgeLake OntarioTwo ships sank during a squall
1880Accidentshipwreck80+PS AlpenaLake Michigan
1960Winter storm80+March 1960 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1960Accidentaircraft80World Airways Flight 830Barrigada, Guam
1943Accidentrailroad79Frankford Junction train wreckPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
1862Accidentexplosion78Allegheny ArsenalPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaLargest civilian death toll during American Civil War
1875Fire (building)78Precious Blood Church fireHolyoke, Massachusetts
1911Dam failure78Austin Dam failure (Pennsylvania)Keating Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania
1950Accidentrailroad78Kew Gardens train crashKew Gardens, New YorkDeadliest surface rail accident in New York City
1961Accidentaircraft78TWA Flight 529Hinsdale, Illinois
1968Accidentcoal mine78Farmington Mine disasterFarmington, West Virginia
1976Accidentshipwreck78MV George Prince ferry disasterMississippi River, LouisianaDeadliest ferry disaster in U.S. history
1982Accidentaircraft78Air Florida Flight 90District of Columbia
1923Fire (building)77Cleveland School fireCamden, South Carolina
1947Winter storm77North American blizzard of 1947Mid-Atlantic
1929Accidentshipwreck77SS San JuanOff CaliforniaCollided with S.C.T. Dodd
1961Accidentaircraft77Imperial Airlines Flight 201/8Richmond, Virginia
1985Tornado outbreak76$1,270,000,000 (2019)1985 United States–Canada tornado outbreakNew York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, OntarioIncluding two tornadoes which crossed the Ohio–Pennsylvania border and killed 16 and 18 people respectively; additional 14 deaths in Ontario
1863Accidentrailroad75Chunky Creek train wreckNewton County, MississippiFatalities estimated
1943Accidentcoal mine75Smith Mine disasterBetween Bearcreek and Washoe, Montana74 miners and one rescue worker
1965Tropical cyclone75[14]Hurricane BetsyFlorida, Louisiana
1970Accidentaircraft75Southern Airways Flight 932Ceredo, West VirginiaDeadliest sports tragedy in U.S. history
1949Fire (building)74St. Anthony's Hospital fireEffingham, Illinois
1955Tropical cyclone74Hurricane ConnieEast Coast of the United States, Puerto Rico27 deaths in North Carolina, 14 in the Chesapeake Bay, 14 in New York, six in Pennsylvania, six in New Jersey, four in Washington, D.C., and three in Puerto Rico
1956Accidentaircraft74Linea Aeropostal Venezolana Flight 253 (June 1956)Atlantic Ocean, off New Jersey
1913Stampede73Italian Hall disasterCalumet, MichiganSecond-largest loss of life within the state of Michigan.
1925Tropical cyclone731925 Florida tropical stormEast Coast of the United States
1933AccidentAirship73USS AkronAtlantic Ocean, off the coast of New JerseyDeadliest airship disaster in history.
1990Accidentaircraft73Avianca Flight 52Cove Neck, New York
1811Fire (building)72Richmond Theatre fireRichmond, Virginia
1886Tornado72$400,0001886 Sauk Rapids tornadoCentral Minnesota
1927Tornado72–79+$22,000,0001927 St. Louis–East St. Louis tornadoSt. Louis, Missouri
1932Accidentexplosion72ObservationEast River, New York City
1943Accidentrailroad72Rennert railroad accidentRennert, North Carolina
1957Fire (building)72Warrenton Nursing Home fireWarrenton, Missouri
1968Tornado outbreak72$52,500,000Tornado outbreak of May 1968Central United States, Southern United StatesIncluding a tornado which struck Jonesboro, Arkansas and killed 35 people in total
1974Accidentaircraft72Eastern Air Lines Flight 212Charlotte, North Carolina
1878Tropical cyclone71Gale of 1878East Coast of the United States
1978Winter storm71Great Blizzard of 1978Great Lakes region
1883Fire (building)70+Newhall House Hotel FireMilwaukee, Wisconsin
1967Accidentaircraft70TWA Flight 128Constance, Kentucky
1954Tropical cyclone70Hurricane CarolMid-Atlantic United States, New England
1975Blizzard, tornado outbreak70Great Storm of 1975Midwestern United States, Southeastern United States58 deaths from blizzard, 12 from tornadoes
1985Accidentaircraft70Galaxy Airlines Flight 203Reno, Nevada
Pittsburgh Flood of 1936Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area
Loma Prieta earthquakeSan Francisco Bay Area, CaliforniaIncluding 42 deaths due to the collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct
1994Accidentaircraft68American Eagle Flight 4184Roselawn, Indiana
1888Accidentrailroad66Mud Run disasterEastern Pennsylvania
1955Accidentaircraft661955 Hawaii R6D-1 crashWaianae Range, Hawaii Territory
1955Accidentaircraft66United Airlines Flight 409Medicine Bow Peak, Wyoming
1902Wildfires65+Yacolt BurnWashington, Oregon
1959Accidentaircraft65American Airlines Flight 320New York City, New York
1971Earthquake65$500,000,000Sylmar earthquakeGreater Los Angeles Area, California
2009Winter storm65January 2009 North American ice stormCentral United States
1903Accidentrailroad64Connellsville train wreckConnellsville, Pennsylvania
1983Terrorism641983 United States embassy bombingBeirut, Lebanon
1940Accidentcoal mine63Sonman Mine explosionPortage Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
1960Accidentaircraft63Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 710Tell City, IndianaWing failure resulting from freak vibrations in clear weather turbulence was the probable cause.[20]
1963Fire (building)63Golden Age Nursing Home fireFitchville, Ohio
1992Riot63~$1,000,000,0001992 Los Angeles riotsLos Angeles County, California
1960Accidentaircraft62Eastern Air Lines Flight 375Boston, Massachusetts
1985Flood621985 Election Day floodsVirginia, West Virginia
1944Military aircraft, Accident61Freckleton air disasterFreckleton, EnglandAn American United States Army Air Forces Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber crashed into the center of the village of Freckleton. It crashed into a school, 3 houses, and a cafe. Sixty-one individuals, including 38 children and two teenagers, were killed. Ten American servicemen were among the fatalities.
1946Fire (building)61La Salle HotelChicago, Illinois
Great Chilean earthquakeHawaii, Alaska2,290 to 6,600 killed and $3,500,000,000 (2005) in damage worldwide. 61 killed in Hilo, Hawaii. $500,000 in U.S. property damage
1992Tropical cyclone61$27,250,000,000
Hurricane AndrewFlorida, Louisiana
2017Mass shooting[21][22]612017 Las Vegas shootingParadise, Nevada60 victims and 1 perpetrator, with the perpetrator committing suicide. The deadliest mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history.
1856Accidentshipwreck60+PS NiagaraOff Belgium, Wisconsin
1864Accidentrailroad60–72Shohola train wreckShohola, PennsylvaniaTrain collision along upper Delaware River. Official death toll is 65.
1886Earthquake60$5,000,000–6,000,0001886 Charleston earthquakeSouth Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, East coast of the United StatesMassive earthquake starting in South Carolina, spreading across the East Coast of the US.
1966Tropical cyclone60Hurricane InezFlorida Keys, Gulf Coast of the United StatesIncluding 45 deaths from the capsizing of a boat in the Straits of Florida and 11 deaths from a helicopter crash in the Gulf of Mexico
1967Winter storm601967 Chicago blizzardMidwestern United States26 deaths in Chicago
1856Accidentrailroad59–67Great Train Wreck of 1856Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
1908Accidentcoal mine59Hanna Mine disastersCarbon County, Wyoming
1957Tornado outbreak sequence59May 1957 Central Plains tornado outbreak sequenceGreat Plains, Midwestern United StatesIncluding 44 deaths from the Ruskin Heights tornado
2018Tropical cyclone59$25,000,000,000Hurricane MichaelFlorida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, VirginiaCategory 5 hurricane[23] that caused 16 direct and 43 indirect deaths in the US, as well as 15 in Central America[24]
1896Accidentcoal mine58Twin Shaft disasterPittston, Pennsylvania
1905Accidentexplosion58Grover Shoe Factory disasterBrockton, Massachusetts
1950Accidentaircraft58Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501Lake MichiganAirplane wreckage never found
1951Accidentaircraft581951 Miami Airlines C-46 crashElizabeth, New JerseyFirst of three plane crashes in Elizabeth over three months
1964Accidentaircraft58Eastern Air Lines Flight 304Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana
1965Accidentaircraft58American Airlines Flight 383Cincinnati, Ohio
1966Tornado58$75,500,000Tornado outbreak of March 3–4, 1966Southeastern United StatesAll 58 deaths due to the Candlestick Park tornado
1967Tornado outbreak581967 Oak Lawn tornado outbreakUpper Midwest45 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Oak Lawn–Evergreen Park–Chicago South Side, Illinois: 33 deaths
  • Belvidere, Illinois: 24 deaths
1979Tornado outbreak581979 Red River Valley tornado outbreakMidwestern United States, Southern United StatesIncluding the Wichita Falls, Texas tornado which killed 42 people
1903Tropical cyclone571903 New Jersey hurricaneMid-Atlantic
1919Tornado57$4,000,0001919 Fergus Falls tornadoFergus Falls, Minnesota
1980Volcano57$1,100,000,0001980 eruption of Mount St. HelensWashington
1984Tornado outbreak571984 Carolinas tornado outbreakGeorgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
1994Earthquake57$23,000,000,000Northridge earthquakeGreater Los Angeles area, California
1999Tornado outbreak57$1,500,000,000
1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreakOklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee66 tornadoes, including the 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore tornado, which killed 36 people; also including seven non-tornadic deaths
2007Winter storm57Mid-December 2007 North American winter stormsCentral United States, Eastern United StatesTwo winter storms in quick succession, the latter of which caused an additional six deaths in Canada
2008Tornado outbreak57$1,200,000,0002008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreakTennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, and IllinoisIncluding the Castalian Springs–Lafayette, Tennessee/Tompkinsville, Kentucky tornado which killed 22 people
1844Accidentexplosion, shipwreck56Lucy WalkerOhio River, near New Albany, IndianaExact number of fatalities unknown
1875Accidentshipwreck56City of WacoOff Galveston, Texas
1904Accidentrailroad56New Market train wreckNew Market, Tennessee
1912Tornado outbreak56Tornado outbreak of April 20–22, 1912High Plains, Upper Midwest, Southern United States
1880Accidentshipwreck, fire55SS NarragansettLong Island SoundFatalities estimated
1898Tornado551898 Fort Smith, Arkansas, tornadoFort Smith, Arkansas
1905Winter storm, shipwrecks55+Mataafa StormGreat Lakes regionApproximately 29 vessels destroyed or damaged, including SS Mataafa and SS Ira H. Owen
1943Fire (building)55Gulf Hotel fireHouston, Texas
1949Accidentaircraft55Eastern Air Lines Flight 537Alexandria, Virginia
1975Tropical cyclone55Hurricane EloisePuerto Rico, Eastern United States
to $3,000,000,000
January 2016 United States blizzardEastern United States
1932Accidentcoal mine541932 Moweaqua Coal Mine disasterMoweaqua, Illinois
2004Tropical cyclone54$13,000,000,000
Hurricane IvanTexas, FloridaDamage and death figures are for the U.S. only. Storm caused an additional 67 deaths and ~US$7 billion in damage across the Caribbean.
2018Tropical cyclone54$24,230,000,000Hurricane FlorenceVirginia, North Carolina, South CarolinaCategory 4 hurricane that caused major damage and 54 recorded fatalities in the US; 24 direct and 30 indirect.
1906Accidentrailroad531906 Atlantic City train wreckAtlantic City, New Jersey
1906Accidentrailroad531906 Washington, D.C., train wreckWashington, D.C.
1925Accidentcoal mine53Coal Glen mine disasterFarmville, Chatham County, North Carolina
1942Military strikebombing53Battle of Dutch HarborUnalaska, Alaska43 American and 10 Japanese fatalities. Deadliest attack on continental U.S. by a foreign power since the Mexican–American War.
1947Accidentaircraft53Eastern Air Lines Flight 605Near Port Deposit, Maryland
1949Accidentaircraft531949 Strato-Freight Curtiss C-46A crashWest of San Juan-Isla Grande Airport, Puerto Rico
2008Tropical cyclone53Hurricane GustavLouisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
1910Accidentrailroad52Green Mountain train wreckGreen Mountain, Iowa
1929Accidentshipwreck52SS Milwaukee (1902)Lake Michigan
1940Accidentexplosion52Hercules Powder plant disasterRoxbury, New JerseyFatalities estimated
1940Tropical cyclone521940 South Carolina hurricaneGeorgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
1947Accidentaircraft52United Airlines Flight 608Bryce Canyon, Utah
1952Accidentaircraft52Pan Am Flight 526AOff San Juan, Puerto Rico
1952Accidentaircraft521952 Mount Gannett C-124 crashMount Gannett, Alaska Territory
2015Tornado outbreak, winter storm, flood52[25]$1,200,000,000 (2015)December 2015 North American storm complexSouthwestern, Central, and New EnglandExcluding seven more deaths outside the US
1947Tropical cyclone511947 Fort Lauderdale hurricaneFlorida, Louisiana, Mississippi
1956Accidentshipwreck51SS Andrea Doria, MV AstoriaOff the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts
1978AccidentConstruction51Willow Island disasterWillow Island, West VirginiaScaffolding fell 166 feet (51 m) with insufficiently cured concrete
2003Tropical cyclone, Flooding515,500,000,000


Hurricane IsabelVirginia, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, OntarioWorst hurricane to hit Virginia
1852Accidentshipwreck50Henry ClayRiverdale, Bronx, New YorkFatalities estimated
1871Wildfire50+Port Huron Fire of 1871Port Huron, Michigan
1896Accidentrailroad501896 Atlantic City rail crashAtlantic City, New Jersey
1918Accidentexplosion50–52Split Rock, New YorkSplit Rock, New York
1925Accidentrailroad50Rockport train wreckHackettstown, New Jersey
1947Accidentaircraft50Pennsylvania Central Airlines Flight 410Near Charles Town, West Virginia
1951Accidentaircraft50United Airlines Flight 610West of Fort Collins, Colorado
1951Accidentaircraft50United Airlines Flight 615Near Decoto, California
1960Accidentaircraft50Capital Airlines Flight 20Holdcroft, Virginia
1971Accidentaircraft50Hughes Airwest Flight 706San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California
1993Flood50$15,000,000,000Great Flood of 1993Midwest
2003Tornado outbreak sequence50$4,100,000,000Tornado outbreak sequence of May 2003Great Plains, Eastern United StatesIncluding nine non-tornadic deaths
2009Accidentaircraft50Colgan Air Flight 3407Clarence Center, New York
2016Terrorism50Orlando nightclub shootingOrlando, Florida49 victims and 1 perpetrator. The second-deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, after the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.
1867Accidentrailroad49Angola HorrorAngola, New York
1892Accidentexplosions49Giant Powder CompanyAlbany, CaliforniaExplosion in explosives manufacturing plant destroyed facility, caused extensive damage in nearby Berkeley. Official death toll was 49, though estimates of unrecovered bodies ran higher.[26]
1917Accidentrailroad49Shepherdsville train wreckShepherdsville, Kentucky
1936Tornado outbreak491936 Cordele–Greensboro tornado outbreakSoutheastern United StatesIncluding 23 deaths from a tornado near Cordele, Georgia
1953Tornado outbreak sequence49$45,709,000Tornado outbreak sequence of Early-December 1953Southeastern United StatesIncluding 38 deaths from the Vicksburg, Mississippi tornado
1958Accidentaircraft49United Airlines Flight 736Enterprise, Nevada
1989Tropical cyclone49$7,000,000,000
Hurricane HugoEast Coast of the United States.Damage figure for U.S. only. At least 111 total deaths, with 37 in the continental U.S., as far north as Michigan, and 12 in the U.S. possession of Puerto Rico.
2004Tropical cyclone49$9,000,000,000Hurricane FrancesFlorida
2006Accidentaircraft49Comair Flight 5191Lexington, Kentucky
2011Tropical cyclone49$15,800,000,000
Hurricane IrenePuerto Rico, East Coast of the United States49 fatalities in U.S., including 1 in Puerto Rico, with 10 additional fatalities elsewhere.
1853Accidentrailroad48Norwalk rail accidentNorwalk, Connecticut
1942Accidentexplosion48Joliet Army Ammunition PlantWill County, Illinois
1944Accidentrailroad48Bagley train wreckWest of Ogden, Utah
1958Accidentrailroad48Newark Bay rail accidentNewark Bay, New Jersey
1912Cold wave471912 United States cold waveMidwestern United States
1917Tornado outbreak47+March 1917 tornado outbreakOhio ValleyIncluding 46 deaths from a single tornado in Indiana and Kentucky
1922Accidentgold mine47Argonaut MineJackson, California
1933Tropical cyclone471933 Chesapeake–Potomac hurricaneEast Coast of the United States
1938Accidentrailroad47Custer Creek train wreckSaugus, Montana
1944Accidentrailroad47Stockton train wreckStockton, Georgia
1958Accidentaircraft47Capital Airlines Flight 67Saginaw Bay, near Freeland, Michigan
1989Accidentexplosion47USS Iowa turret explosionCaribbean Sea, off Puerto Rico
1993Accidentrailroad47Big Bayou Canot train disasterMobile, AlabamaDeadliest train crash in Amtrak history.
2016Tropical cyclone47$10,000,000,000
Hurricane MatthewFlorida, Georgia, The CarolinasDamage and death figures are for the U.S. only. Storm caused an additional 551 deaths and US$5.08 billion in damage across the Caribbean.
1873Accidentbridge collapse46Dixon Bridge DisasterDixon, Illinois
1886Tropical cyclone461886 Indianola hurricaneIndianola, Texas
1900Accidentcoal mine46Red Ash Mine disastersFire Creek, West Virginia
1916Accidentrailroad46Summer Street Bridge disasterBoston, Massachusetts
1942Accidentshipwreck46USS S-26 (SS-131)Gulf of Panama
1953Accidentaircraft46National Airlines Flight 470Gulf of Mexico, off Fort Morgan, Alabama
1961Tropical cyclone46$325.74 million (U.S. only)Hurricane CarlaTexas, LouisianaLanded Port O'Connor, Texas on September 11 as Category 4, continued northeast across U.S., dissipated in eastern Canada on September 14.
1967AccidentBridge collapse46Silver Bridge – over the Ohio RiverPoint Pleasant, West Virginia

Gallipolis, Ohio

1976Accidentaircraft46Air Manila Flight 702Naval Air Station Agana, Guam
1871Accidentexplosion45–91Staten Island FerryNew York City, New YorkBoiler of Westfield II exploded at South Ferry in Manhattan
1912Tornado outbreak45+Tornado outbreak of April 27–29, 1912Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana
1927Mass murder45Bath School disasterBath Township, MichiganDeadliest act of school violence in U.S. history
1946Accidentrailroad45Naperville train disasterNaperville, Illinois
1950Tornado outbreak45February 1950 tornado outbreakRed River of the South, Lower Mississippi ValleyIncluding 18 deaths from a tornado in northwestern Louisiana
1951Accidentshipwreck45FV PelicanOff Montauk, New York
1962Terrorism45Continental Airlines Flight 11Unionville, Missouri
1972Accidentrailroad451972 Chicago commuter rail crashChicago, Illinois
1972Accidentaircraft45United Airlines Flight 553Chicago, Illinois
1925Structural collapse44Pickwick Club collapseBoston
1933Tornado outbreak44March 1933 Nashville tornado outbreakArkansas, TennesseeAt least 5 tornadoes, including the following:
  • Sneedville–Kingsport, Tennessee: 16 deaths
  • Nashville–Lebanon, Tennessee: 15 deaths
1955Accidentaircraft44United Airlines Flight 629Longmont, Colorado
1957Accidentaircraft44Pan Am Flight 7Pacific Ocean
1964Accidentaircraft44Pacific Air Lines Flight 773Near Danville, California
2015Tornado outbreak, flood442015 Texas–Oklahoma flood and tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Southern United StatesAdditional 14 deaths occurred in Mexico
2017Wildfire44>$3,000,000,000October 2017 Northern California wildfiresCaliforniaThe fires killed 44, injured at least 185 people, and destroyed 5,700 homes
1900Accidentrailroad43Tacoma Streetcar DisasterTacoma, Washington
1915Accidentrailroad43$1,250,0001915 Ardmore Gas ExplosionArdmore, OklahomaOverpressured tank car filled with casing head gas exploded, causing major damage and death in the town.[27]
1940Accidentrailroad43Doodlebug disasterCuyahoga Falls, Ohio
1947Accidentaircraft43United Airlines Flight 521LaGuardia Airport, New York
1948Accidentaircraft43United Airlines Flight 624Near Aristes, Pennsylvania
1951Accidentaircraft43Cubana de Aviación Flight 493Key West, Florida
1953Accidentaircraft43USMC R4Q NROTC crashMilton, Florida
1963Accidentaircraft43Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 705Everglades, Florida
1965Accidentaircraft43United Airlines Flight 227Salt Lake City, Utah
1971Prison riot43Attica Prison riotAttica, New YorkState troopers opened non-stop fire on prisoners and hostages after a four-day prison uprising, killing 29 of the former and 10 of the latter; one prison guard had also died at the beginning of the riot. It is considered the deadliest one-day encounter between Americans since the Civil War.
1987Aircraft hijacking43PSA Flight 1771Near Cayucos, California
2011Tornado outbreak43$2,100,000,000 (2011)Tornado outbreak of April 14–16, 2011Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania162 tornadoes
2012Tornado outbreak43$3,500,000,000 (2019)Tornado outbreak of March 2–3, 2012Southern United States, Ohio Valley70 tornadoes, with one of the deadliest in Henryville, Indiana. 41 tornadic deaths, with another 2 from related weather.
2014Mudflow432014 Oso mudslideOso, Washington
1846Tropical cyclone421846 Havana hurricaneFlorida40 in Key West, Florida, one in Savannah, Georgia, and one in South Carolina
1929Tornado outbreak42Unknown damage1929 Rye Cove tornado outbreakVirginia, Central and Eastern United StatesIncluding the thirteenth deadliest tornado strike at a school
1943Accidentshipwreck42USS R-12 (SS-89)Off Florida
1952Winter storm42February 1952 nor'easterNew EnglandFatalities estimated
1959Accidentaircraft42National Airlines Flight 967Gulf of MexicoDisappeared; suspected bombing
1966Accidentaircraft42Braniff Flight 250Richardson County, Nebraska
1973Accidentexplosion421973 Staten Island gas explosionStaten Island, New York
1977Fire (building)42Maury County jail fireMaury County, Tennessee33 prisoners and 9 visitors killed
1998Tornado outbreak421998 Kissimmee tornado outbreakCentral FloridaIncluding the Intercession City–Port St. John tornado, which killed 25 people
1859Bridge washout41South Bend train wreckSouth Bend, Indiana
1909Tropical cyclone411909 Velasco hurricaneTexas
1914Accidentshipwreck41SS Monroe (1902)Off Virginia Capes
1924Accidentiron mine41Milford MineWolford Township, Crow Wing County, Minnesota
1950Fire (building)41St. Elizabeth's Hospital fireDavenport, Iowa
1968Natural gas explosion41Richmond, Indiana explosionRichmond, Indiana
1998Tornado outbreak41Tornado outbreak of April 6–9, 1998Midwestern United States, Eastern United StatesIncluding the Birmingham Metro tornado, which killed 32 people
2001Tropical cyclone41$8,500,000,000Tropical Storm AllisonTexas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania
2020Tropical cyclone41Hurricane LauraLouisiana, Texas, Florida

15 to 40 deaths

YearTypeFatalitiesDamage (US$)ArticleLocationComments
1901Accidentshipwreck40SS IslanderLynn Canal, Alaska
1906Accidentshipwreck40–54DixAlki Point, Seattle, Washington
1927Accidentshipwreck40USS S-4 (SS-109)Off Cape Cod, Massachusetts
1932Tropical cyclone401932 Freeport hurricaneTexas
1933Tropical cyclone401933 Cuba–Brownsville hurricaneSouth Texas
1953Tornado outbreak sequence40$26,713,000April–May 1953 tornado outbreak sequenceSoutheastern United StatesIncluding 18 deaths from a tornado in Warner Robins, Georgia; also including four non-tornadic deaths
1962Winter storm40Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962East Coast of the United States
1969Derecho40+Ohio Fireworks DerechoOhio
1994Tornado outbreak40$140,000,000 (2005)1994 Palm Sunday tornado outbreakSoutheastern United StatesIncluding a single tornado which killed 22 people in northeastern Alabama
2008Coal ash spill40Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spillKingston, TennesseeAn estimated 40 cleanup workers died due to various illnesses believed to be caused by coal ash exposure
1912Accidentrailroad39Corning train wreckCorning, New York
1964Accidentaircraft39United Airlines Flight 823Near Parrottsville, Tennessee
1968Accidentaircraft39Wien Consolidated Airlines Flight 55Pedro Bay, Alaska
1970Accidentcoal mine39Hurricane Creek mine disasterHyden, Kentucky
1977Accidentdam failure39Kelly Barnes DamToccoa, Georgia
1997Mass suicide39Heaven's Gate (religious group)San Diego, CaliforniaCult leaders Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles convinced followers they would join Comet Hale-Bopp to take them to another planet by swallowing poison.
1815Tropical cyclone38+1815 New England hurricaneNew England, Long Island
1846Accidentshipwreck38John MinturnMantoloking, New Jersey
1860Accidentshipwreck38SS NorthernerCenterville, Humboldt County, California
1886Winter storm38+January 1886 blizzardEastern United States
1887Bridgerailroad38Forest Hills disasterBoston, Massachusetts
1920Terrorism38Wall Street bombingManhattan, New York
1956Tornado outbreak38$58,000,000Tornado outbreak of April 2–3, 1956Central United StatesIncluding 17 deaths from the Saugatuck–Hudsonville–Standale, Michigan tornado
1964Tropical cyclone, tornado38Hurricane HildaLouisianaIncluding 22 deaths from a tornado near Larose, Louisiana
1967Accidentaircraft38Lake Central Flight 527Marseilles Township, Wyandot County, Ohio
1969Accidentaircraft38United Airlines Flight 266Santa Monica Bay, California
1973Accidentaircraft38Ozark Air Lines Flight 809Normandy, Missouri
2014Tornado outbreak38≥$1,000,000,000 (2014)Tornado outbreak of April 27–30, 2014Southern United States, Central United States84 tornadoes, including the Mayflower–Vilonia, Arkansas tornado which killed 16. 35 tornadic deaths, with another 3 from related weather.
2020Tornado outbreak38$3,000,000,000 (2020)2020 Easter tornado outbreakSoutheastern United States, Mid-AtlanticIncluding six non-tornadic deaths
1883Tornado37$700,000 (1883)1883 Rochester tornadoRochester, MinnesotaF5 tornado killed 37 and injured hundreds more. It led to the creation of the Mayo Clinic.
1948Accidentaircraft37Northwest Airlines Flight 421Fountain City, Wisconsin
1961Accidentaircraft37Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 706Chicago, Illinois
1966Accidentshipwreck37Loss of MV Alva CapeNew York Harbor33 people killed in first fire, four people killed in second fire several days later
1976Accidentaircraft37American Airlines Flight 625Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
1994Accidentaircraft37USAir Flight 1016Charlotte, North Carolina
1846Accidentshipwreck36USS Somers (1842)Off VeracruzCapsized due to a squall while chasing a blockade runner during the Mexican–American War
1887Accidentshipwreck36–50SS VernonLake Michigan
1918Tornado361918 Tyler tornadoTyler, Minnesota
1924Fire (building)36Financial damage not reportedBabbs Switch fireBabbs Switch, OklahomaChristmas tree lighted with candles accidentally caught fire and destroyed school building. 37 additional people injured.
1937Accidentairship36Hindenburg disasterManchester, New JerseyHydrogen-filled zeppelin exploded while trying to dock.
2002Tornado outbreak36$160,000,000Tornado outbreak of November 9–11, 2002Eastern United States
2010Flood, tornado outbreak36$2,300,000,000
2010 Tennessee floodsTennessee, Kentucky and MississippiIncluding five tornado deaths from a related tornado outbreak
2016Fire (building)36Ghost Ship warehouse fireOakland, California
1900Accidentrailroad35Camp Creek train wreckMcDonough, Georgia
1907Accidentcoal mine35+Naomi Mine explosionFayette City, Pennsylvania
1914Accidentshipwreck35Francis H. LeggettOff Columbia Bar, Oregon
1919Accidentshipwreck35J. A. ChanslorOff Cape Blanco, Oregon
1949Accidentaircraft35Standard Air Lines Flight 897RChatsworth, California
1969Accidentaircraft35Hawthorne Nevada Airlines Flight 708Lone Pine, California
1980Ship – collision35Sunshine Skyway BridgeSt. Petersburg, Florida
1991Accidentaircraft35Los Angeles runway disasterLos Angeles, California
2007Tornado outbreak, blizzard35$580,000,000Tornado outbreak of February 28 – March 2, 2007Central United States, Southern United States20 deaths from tornadoes, 15 deaths from blizzard; four other deaths occurred in Canada
2011Blizzard352011 Halloween nor'easterNortheastern United StatesAdditional four deaths in Canada
1878Tornado34$5,300,000 (2007)1878 Wallingford tornadoSouthern Connecticut
1893Tropical cyclone341893 New York hurricaneEastern United States
1916Tropical cyclone34+1916 Gulf Coast hurricaneGulf Coast of the United States
1920Winter storm341920 North Dakota blizzardNorth Dakota
1922Accidentairship34RomaNorfolk, Virginia
1934Fire (building)34Kerns Hotel fireLansing, Michigan
1936Accidentshipwreck34SS Iowa (1920)Columbia Bar, Washington
1943Accidentshipwreck34USS Rogday (ID-3583)Off South Carolina
1945Accidentrailroad34Michigan train wreckMichigan City, North Dakota
1950Accidentrailroad341950 Chicago streetcar crashChicago, Illinois
1959Accidentaircraft34Braniff Flight 542Near Buffalo, Texas
1960Accidentaircraft34National Airlines Flight 2511Near Bolivia, North Carolina
1967Attack - military ship34USS Liberty incidentMediterranean Sea34 deaths on military ship USS Liberty due to the June 8, 1967, attack by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) aircraft and torpedo boats.
1967Accidentaircraft34Mohawk Airlines Flight 40Blossburg, Pennsylvania
1980Accidentaircraft34Florida Commuter Airlines crashAtlantic Ocean, near West End, Bahamas
2015Tropical cyclone, shipwreck34$200,000,000Hurricane JoaquinSoutheastern United States, Bermuda, Cuba, The CaribbeanIncluding 33 deaths from the sinking of SS El Faro near the Bahamas, and one other death on land.
2019Fire (dive boat)34Sinking of MV ConceptionSanta Cruz Island, California
1858Accidentshipwreck33Eliza BattleTombigbee River, AlabamaFatalities estimated
1913Accidentexplosion33Alum ChinePatapsco River, near Baltimore, Maryland
1925Accidentshipwreck33USS S-51 (SS-162)Near Block Island, Rhode Island
1941Accidentshipwreck33USS O-9 (SS-70)Off Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1952Accidentaircraft33National Airlines Flight 101Elizabeth, New JerseyLast of three plane crashes in Elizabeth over three months
1958Accidentshipwreck33SS Carl D. BradleyLake Michigan
1960Tornado outbreak sequence33$32,618,000May 1960 tornado outbreak sequenceMidwestern United States, Southern United StatesIncluding 16 deaths from a single tornado in southeastern Oklahoma
1973Flood33Mississippi flood of 1973Mississippi Valley
1978Tropical cyclone33Tropical Storm Amelia (1978)Texas
1996Accidentexplosion33Humberto Vidal explosionRío Piedras, Puerto Rico
2007Mass murderschool shooting33Virginia Tech shootingBlacksburg, VirginiaArmed with two semi-automatic handguns, student Seung-Hui Cho shot to death 32 people in two separate attacks on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 23 other people were wounded, 17 by gunfire. Cho committed suicide.[28]
1858Accidentshipwreck32–33John MiltonOff Long Island, New York
1868Accidentshipwreck32+Morning StarLake ErieAt least 30 deaths aboard the Morning Star, and two deaths aboard the Cortland
1918Accidentshipwreck32USS Cherokee (ID-458)Off Fenwick Island, DelawareIncluding two people who later died after being rescued by the British Admiral
1948Accidentaircraft321948 Los Gatos DC-3 crashDiablo Range, west of Coalinga, California
1948Accidentaircraft321948 Airborne Transport DC-3 disappearanceAtlantic Ocean, off east coast of FloridaDisappeared and was never recovered
1950Accidentrailroad32Rockville Centre train crashRockville Centre, New York
1962Tornado outbreak sequence32Tornado outbreak sequence of May 14–June 1, 1962Most fatalities were due to lightning rather than tornadoes
1963Accident – bus, train321963 Chualar bus crashChualar, CaliforniaDeadliest road accident in U.S. history, and deadliest U.S. rail accident involving a grade crossing
1968Accidentaircraft32Northeast Airlines Flight 946Etna, New Hampshire
1969Tornado321969 Hazlehurst, Mississippi tornadoesHazlehurst, Mississippi
1973Fire (building)32UpStairs Lounge arson attackNew Orleans, LouisianaDeadliest attack on a gay bar in the U.S. until 2016; still unsolved.
1994Tropical cyclone32Tropical Storm Alberto (1994)Georgia
1853Accidentshipwreck31Steamboat Jenny LindSan Francisco Bay, California
1855Bridgeaccident31Gasconade Bridge train disasterGasconade, Missouri
1862Accidentshipwreck31USS Weehawken (1862)Morris Island, South Carolina
1892Accidentshipwreck31SS Western ReserveLake Superior
1910Accidentshipwreck31USS NinaOff Ocean City, Maryland
1913Fire (building)311913 Binghamton Factory fireBinghamton, New York
1940Accidentrailroad31Little Falls Gulf Curve crash of 1940Little Falls, New YorkAn additional 51 were injured
1959Accidentaircraft31Capital Airlines Flight 75Chase, Maryland
1970Accidentaircraft31Wichita State University football team plane crashClear Creek County, Colorado
1981Fire (building)31Keansburg nursing home fireKeansburg, New JerseyNursing home full of elderly and mentally disabled[29]
1983Accidentshipwreck31SS Marine ElectricOff Virginia
1985Accidentaircraft31Midwest Express Airlines Flight 105Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1998Flood31October 1998 Central Texas floodsTexas
2009Tsunami312009 Samoa earthquake and tsunamiAmerican Samoa and nearby islands189 total deaths, with 31 in American Samoa.
1845Fire30Great New York City Fire of 1845New York City, New York
1868Earthquake301868 Hayward earthquakeHayward, California
1887Structural failure30Forest Hills disasterBoston, Massachusetts
1895Accidentcopper mine30Osceola MineOsceola Township, Houghton County, Michigan
1909Accidentshipwreck30–38SS Marquette & Bessemer No. 2Lake Erie
1923Accidentrailroad30Glenrock train wreckMeadow Acres, Wyoming
1948Accidentaircraft30Northwest Airlines Flight 4422Mount Sanford, Alaska Territory
1952Accidentaircraft30American Airlines Flight 6780Elizabeth, New JerseySecond of three plane crashes in Elizabeth over three months
1955Accidentaircraft30American Airlines Flight 476Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
1956Accidentrailroad30Redondo Junction train wreckLos Angeles, California
1965Accidentaircraft30United Airlines Flight 389Lake Michigan, near Lake Forest, Illinois
1982Tornado outbreak30$390,500,000Tornado outbreak of April 2–3, 1982Midwestern United States, Southern United States
1987Tornado30$2,500,0001987 Saragosa tornadoSaragosa, Texas
1989Tornado outbreak30$160,000,000 (2005)November 1989 tornado outbreakSouthern United States, Eastern United States21 deaths from the Huntsville, Alabama tornado; nine others from an event in Newburgh, New York variously described as either a tornado or a downburst
1997Tornado outbreak30$126,600,0001997 Central Texas tornado outbreakCentral TexasAll 27 tornadic deaths were from a single tornado in Jarrell; three other non-tornadic fatalities occurred
2004Tropical cyclone30Hurricane CharleyFlorida, Rhode Island
2005Tropical cyclone30Hurricane WilmaFlorida
2006Tornado outbreak30$1,100,000,000Tornado outbreak of April 2, 2006Midwestern United States, Mississippi River ValleyIncluding a single tornado in western Tennessee which killed 16; also including two non-tornadic deaths
2013Tornado outbreak30Tornado outbreak of May 18–21, 2013Moore, OklahomaIncluding the Moore, Oklahoma tornado which killed 24; also including four non-tornadic and indirect deaths
1871Accidentrailroad29Great Revere Train Wreck of 1871Revere, Massachusetts
1910Accidentshipwreck29SS Pere Marquette 18Lake MichiganIncluding two crew members of sister ship Pere Marquette 17
1910Wildfire29–42Baudette fire of 1910Beltrami County, Minnesota
1920Accidentshipwreck29SS Superior CityLake SuperiorCollided with SS Willis L. King
1933Wildfire291933 Griffith Park fireGriffith Park, California
1943Accidentrailroad29Lackawanna LimitedWayland, New YorkDelaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad passenger train sideswiped a freight train[30]
1954Tropical cyclone29Hurricane EdnaNorth Carolina, New England
1964Accidentaircraft29Bonanza Air Lines Flight 114Near Sloan, Nevada
1970Fire (building)29Pioneer Hotel (Tucson, Arizona)Tucson, Arizona
1971Accidentexplosion29Thiokol-Woodbine explosionWoodbine, Georgia
1973Accidentshipwreck29MV Norse VariantOff New Jersey
1975Accidentshipwreck29Wreck of the SS Edmund FitzgeraldLake SuperiorDeadliest disaster on the Great Lakes. Inspired hit song by Gordon Lightfoot
1976Accident – school bus29Yuba City bus disasterMartinez, California
1977Accidentaircraft29Air Indiana Flight 216Evansville, IndianaThe University of Evansville basketball team was traveling to Middle Tennessee State University when the plane crashed 90 seconds after takeoff from Dress Regional Airport.[31]
1990Tornado29$160,000,0001990 Plainfield tornadoPlainfield, Illinois

Crest Hill, Illinois

1997Accidentaircraft29Comair Flight 3272Raisinville Township, Michigan
2007Blizzard29$50,000,000February 2007 North American blizzardMidwestern United States, Eastern United States, Gulf Coast of the United StatesIncluding one death due to a tornado in New Orleans; at least seven other deaths also occurred in Canada
2010Accidentcoal mine29Upper Big Branch Mine disaster[32]Montcoal, West Virginia
1913Fire (building)28Arcadia Hotel fireBoston
1927Accidentexplosion28Pittsburgh gasometer explosionPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1949Accidentaircraft28American Airlines Flight 157Dallas, Texas
Great Flood of 1951Kansas, Missouri
1953Accidentaircraft28American Airlines Flight 723Colonie, New York
1958Tornado outbreak28$83,275,000Tornado outbreak of June 3–4, 1958Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, WisconsinIncluding 21 deaths from a tornado that struck Colfax, Wisconsin
1959Earthquake28+1959 Hebgen Lake earthquakeMontana
1961Structural collapse28Texas Tower 4Off the coast of Long Island, New YorkUSAF radar station which sunk due to the January 1961 nor'easter
1968Accidentaircraft28North Central Airlines Flight 458Chicago, Illinois
1969Accidentfire, explosion28USS Enterprise firePacific Ocean, off Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
1971Accidentaircraft28Allegheny Airlines Flight 485New Haven, Connecticut
1977Winter storm28Blizzard of 1977New York
1987Structural collapse28L'Ambiance Plaza collapseBridgeport, Connecticut
1987Accidentaircraft28Continental Airlines Flight 1713Denver, Colorado
1998Winter storm, flood28January 1998 North American ice stormEastern United StatesAdditional 28 deaths in Canada
2008Tornado outbreak sequence28$250,324,000Tornado outbreak sequence of May 7–15, 2008Southern Plains, Southeastern United States, Mid-AtlanticIncluding the Picher, Oklahoma/Neosho, Missouri tornado which killed 21 people; also including three non-tornadic deaths
2012Mass murderschool shooting28Sandy Hook Elementary School shootingSandy Hook, ConnecticutAdam Lanza shot and killed his mother, then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he fatally shot 20 students and 6 educators before committing suicide.[33]
1872Earthquake271872 Owens Valley earthquakeOwens Valley, California
1947Accidentcoal mine27West Frankfort, IllinoisWest Frankfort, Illinois
1958Accident – school bus27Prestonsburg, Kentucky bus disasterPrestonsburg, Kentucky
1962Accidentaircraft27Canadian Pacific Air Lines Flight 301Honolulu, Hawaii
1984Accidentcoal mine27Wilberg MineEmery County, Utah
1988Accident – school bus27Carrollton bus collisionCarrollton, Kentucky
1992Accidentaircraft27USAir Flight 405Flushing Bay, near Queens, New York
1996Tropical cyclone27Hurricane FranThe Carolinas, the Virginias, Pennsylvania
1997Tornado outbreak27$115,000,000March 1997 tornado outbreakArkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and TennesseeIncluding a single tornado which killed 15 people near Little Rock, Arkansas
2003Winter storm27North American blizzard of 2003Rocky Mountains, Central United States, Eastern United States
2013Tornado outbreak, flood27Tornado outbreak of May 26–31, 2013Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas9 tornadic deaths, 18 from flooding and other causes
2017Mass shooting27Sutherland Springs church shootingSutherland Springs, Texas26 murdered, gunman committed suicide after being mortally wounded by an armed civilian
1863Accidentshipwreck26SS Ada HancockSan Pedro Bay, California
1911Stampede26Canonsburg Opera House disasterCanonsburg, Pennsylvania
1913Accidentexplosion, shipwreck26James T. StaplesTombigbee River, near Coffeeville, Alabama
1924Accidentshipwreck26SS CliftonLake Huron
1926Accidentshipwreck26SS PapooseMississippi River
1939Accidentshipwreck26USS Sailfish (SS-192)Off New Hampshire
1951Accidentaircraft26Continental Charters Flight 44-2Near Napoli, New York
1959Accidentaircraft26Piedmont Airlines Flight 349Albemarle County, Virginia
1962Tropical cyclone26Hurricane Daisy (1962)New England
1967Accidentaircraft26TWA Flight 553Concord Township, Champaign County, Ohio
1970Tornado outbreak sequence26Tornado outbreak sequence of April 17–19, 1970Midwestern United States, Southern United StatesIncluding a tornado which killed 16 people in the Texas Panhandle
Lubbock tornadoLubbock, TexasF5 tornado killed 26 and wounded approximately 500
1976Accidentcoal mine26Scotia MineOven Fork, Kentucky
1980Fire (building)26Stouffer's Inn fireHarrison, New York
1992Tornado outbreak26$300,000,000Tornado outbreak of November 1992Southeastern United States, Ohio Valley
2008Accidentrailroad262008 Chatsworth train collisionChatsworth, California
2020Tornado outbreak26$1,606,000,000 (2020)Tornado outbreak of March 2–3, 2020Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, MissouriIncluding the Putnam County, Tennessee tornado which killed 19; also including one indirect fatality
1898Accidentshipwreck25–40HasslerNorth of Eldred Rock, Alaska
1913Accidental shipwrecklake freighterstorm25SS Henry B. SmithLake SuperiorThe SS Henry B. Smith was taking iron ore from one side of Lake Superior to the other. The weather became below freezing with powerful storms which caused massive waves, which resulted in her sinking, killing all 25 crew members on the ship.
1916Accidentshipwreck25SS James B. ColgateLake Erie
1926Tropical cyclone251926 Nassau hurricanePuerto Rico
1926Tropical cyclone251926 Louisiana hurricaneLouisiana
1929Accidentshipwreck25SS AndasteLake Michigan
1936Flood25Johnstown flood of 1936Johnstown, Pennsylvania area
1940Accidentaircraft25Lovettsville air disasterLovettsville, Virginia
1956Tornado251956 McDonald Chapel tornadoJefferson County, Alabama
1958Accidentaircraft25Northeast Airlines Flight 258Nantucket Memorial Airport, Massachusetts
1959Accidentaircraft25Allegheny Airlines Flight 371South Williamsport, Pennsylvania
1962Accidentaircraft25Eastern Air Lines Flight 512New York City, New York
1982Fire (building)25Dorothy Mae ApartmentsLos Angeles, CaliforniaArson fire killed 19 residents on scene, 6 others died later from injuries.
1986Accidentaircraft25Grand Canyon Airlines Flight 6Grand Canyon National Park, ArizonaDeadliest accident involving a helicopter in U.S. history
1991Fire (building)25Hamlet chicken processing plant fireHamlet, North CarolinaWorkers trapped behind locked doors
1991Wildfire (wildland-urban interface)25$1,500,000,0001991 Oakland firestormOakland, California, and vicinityBurned 2,900 structures and 1,500 acres in Oakland Hills
2005Tornado25$92,000,000Evansville Tornado of November 2005Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio7 tornadoes
1806Tropical cyclone, shipwreck241806 Great Coastal hurricaneEast Coast of the United StatesIncluding 21 deaths in the wreck of the Rose-in-Bloom off Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey, and three deaths in or offshore from North Carolina
1854Accidentexplosion24+Gazelle (1854 sidewheeler)Canemah, Oregon
1881Tornado outbreak241881 Minnesota tornado outbreakSouthern MinnesotaIncluding 20 deaths from a single tornado
1901Accidentshipwreck24–25SS Hudson (1887)Off Eagle Harbor, Michigan
1905Accidentcoal mine24Red Ash Mine disastersFire Creek, West VirginiaTwo explosions over two days killed a total of 24 people
1908Accidentshipwreck24SS D.M. ClemsonLake Superior
1939Accidentrailroad241939 City of San Francisco derailmentHarney, Nevada
1944Accidentaircraft24American Airlines Flight 2Mississippi River
1958Fire (building)24Monarch Underwear Company fireNew York City, New York
1974Arson24Gulliver's nightclub firePort Chester, New York
1980Tropical cyclone24Hurricane AllenTexas, Louisiana7 deaths in Texas, 17 offshore deaths in Louisiana
1991Mass murder24Luby's shootingKilleen, Texas23 murdered, gunman committed suicide
1994Accidentaircraft24Green Ramp disasterFayetteville, North CarolinaDeadliest aircraft accident in the U.S. involving victims on the ground
1995Accidentaircraft241995 Alaska Boeing E-3 Sentry accidentElmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska
2002Winter storm24North Carolina ice storm of 2002North Carolina
2015Extratropical cyclone24October 2015 North American storm complexEastern United StatesAdditional death in New Brunswick
1891Accidentrailroad23Railway accident on the Bostian BridgeStatesville, North Carolina
1900Structural collapse23Thanksgiving Day DisasterSan Francisco, CaliforniaDeadliest sporting event accident in US history
1919Accidentrailroad23Onawa train wreckOnawa, Maine
1923Accidentshipwreck23Honda Point disasterNear Lompoc, California20 deaths aboard USS Young, three deaths aboard USS Delphy
1925Accidentshipwreck23M.E. NormanMississippi River
1933Tropical cyclone23–251933 Outer Banks hurricaneNorth Carolina, VirginiaTwo people went missing in Maine
1950Accidentshipwreck23USS BenevolenceOff San Francisco, California
1959Explosionfire23Meldrim, Georgia, trestle disasterMeldrim, Georgia
1961Tornado outbreak sequence23$42,205,000Tornado outbreak sequence of May 3–9, 1961Great Plains, Mississippi Valley, Midwest, Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern United StatesIncluding 16 deaths from a tornado in Le Flore County, Oklahoma
1962Accidentexplosion23New York Telephone Company building explosionNew York City, New York
1965Accidentaircraft23USAF KC-135 Wichita crashWichita, Kansas
1968Accidentaircraft23Los Angeles Airways Flight 841Paramount, California
1970Accidentaircraft23ALM Flight 980Caribbean Sea, off Saint Croix
1970Tropical cyclone23Hurricane CeliaTexas, Florida
1970Tropical cyclone, flood23Tropical Storm Norma (1970)Arizona
1976Arson23Wincrest Nursing Home fireChicago, Illinois
1976Fire (building)23Pathfinder Hotel fireFremont, NebraskaExplosion caused by natural gas leak in the hotel basement ignited the fire and shattered windows in neighboring buildings.
Great Lakes Blizzard of 1977New York, OntarioThe brunt of the blizzard was centered around Buffalo.
1980Accidentshipwreck23USCGC BlackthornTampa Bay, Florida
1983Accidentaircraft23Air Canada Flight 797Cincinnati, Ohio
Phillips disasterPasadena, Texas314 people injured
1991Accidentaircraft23Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 2311Brunswick, Georgia
2005Accident – bus23Wilmer bus accidentWilmer, TexasCarrying elderly, fleeing Hurricane Rita[34]
2016Flood23+2016 West Virginia floodWest Virginia and Virginia
2019Tornado23Tornado outbreak of March 3, 2019Alabama and GeorgiaAll 23 fatalities due to a single tornado; 3 of the deaths were children
2019Mass shooting232019 El Paso shootingEl Paso, Texas
2021Winter storm23February 15–20, 2021 North American winter stormContiguous United StatesAdditional six deaths in Mexico
1821Tropical cyclone22+1821 Norfolk and Long Island hurricaneEast Coast of the United States
1865Tornado221865 Viroqua tornadoViroqua, Wisconsin
1893Structural collapse22Ford's TheatreWashington, D.C.
1895Accidentshipwreck22SS ChicoraLake Michigan
1907Accidentshipwreck22SS CyprusLake Superior
1903Accidentexplosion22United States Cartridge Company explosionLowell, Massachusetts
1929Fire (building)22Study Club fireDetroit, Michigan
1942Accidentaircraft22TWA Flight 3Potosi Mountain, southwest of Las Vegas, NevadaAmong those killed were actress Carole Lombard and her mother, who were returning to Los Angeles after a war bond drive in their home state of Indiana.
1953Tornado outbreak22$6,835,000Mid–March 1953 tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Mississippi Valley, Southeastern United StatesIncluding 17 deaths from a tornado in northern Texas
1956Accidentaircraft22TWA Flight 400Moon Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
1959Tornado outbreak22$53,713,000St. Louis tornado outbreak of February 1959Great Plains, Midwestern United States, Southeastern United States21 deaths from a single tornado in St. Louis, Missouri, and one death from flooding
1959Tropical cyclone, tornado outbreak22Hurricane GracieGeorgia, South Carolina, VirginiaIncluding 12 deaths from a tornado outbreak in Virginia
1960Accidentaircraft22Cal Poly football team plane crashToledo, Ohio
1963Fire (building)22Hotel Roosevelt fireJacksonville, Florida
1972Accidentaircraft221972 Sacramento Canadair Sabre accidentSacramento, California
1974Tornado outbreak22Tornado outbreak of June 8, 1974Midwestern United States, Southern United States
1979Tropical cyclone22Hurricane DavidPuerto Rico, East Coast of the United States
1980Accident – tour bus22Jasper, Arkansas
1984Mass shooting, hostage taking22San Ysidro McDonald's massacreSan Ysidro, CaliforniaJames Huberty entered a McDonald's armed with multiple Firearms, and shot dead 21 people before being killed by police.
1991Winter storm221991 Halloween blizzardCentral United States
1999Accident – tour bus22New Orleans, LouisianaPlunged over embankment, carrying senior citizens from casino
2012Derecho22June 2012 North American derechoMidwestern United States, Mid-Atlantic United States
2014Winter storm22February 2014 nor'easterEastern United States
2015Tropical cyclone22Hurricane Linda (2015)Utah, California
2017Tornado outbreak22$1,300,000,000 (2017)Tornado outbreak of January 21–23, 2017Southeastern United States, Northeastern United StatesIncluding two non-tornadic deaths
2017Wildfire22Tubbs FireNapa and Sonoma County, CaliforniaWildfire burned 36,807 acres and 5,636 structures.
2018Blizzard22January 2018 North American blizzardEastern United States
1903Accidentrailroad211903 East Paris train wreckKentwood, Michigan
1905Accidentrailroad2120th Century Limited derailmentMentor, Ohio
1910Bombing21Los Angeles Times bombingLos Angeles, California
1910Fire, structural failure21Chicago Union Stock Yards fireChicago, Illinois
1915Accidentshipwreck21USS F-4Off Honolulu, Hawaii
1915Fire (building)21St. Johns School firePeabody, MassachusettsSchoolgirls trapped behind exit door; resulted in first city law requiring that exit doors open outward
Great Molasses FloodBoston, MassachusettsDamages are out-of-court settlements only; repairs took 133 man-months
1953Accidentrailroad211953 New York Central Railroad accidentConneaut, Ohio
1957Tornado outbreak sequence21$9,500,000Early-April 1957 tornado outbreak sequenceCentral United States, Eastern United States
1959Fire (building)21Arkansas Negro Boys' Industrial SchoolWrightsville, Arkansas
1968Accidentaircraft21Los Angeles Airways Flight 417Compton, California
1983Tropical cyclone21Hurricane AliciaTexas
1986Accident – tour bus21Walker, California
1987Winter storm, shipwrecks21February 1987 nor'easterMid-Atlantic United States18 deaths on MV Balsa 24, and 3 deaths on the Delores Marie
1989Motor vehicle accident21Alton, Texas bus crashAlton, Texas
1991Tornado outbreak21$250,000,000Andover tornado outbreakGreat PlainsIncluding one tornado which killed 17 people near Andover, Kansas
2003Accidentaircraft21Air Midwest Flight 5481Charlotte, North Carolina
2003Stampede212003 E2 nightclub stampedeChicago, Illinois
2007Tornado outbreak21$218,000,0002007 Groundhog Day tornado outbreakCentral Florida
2007Tropical cyclone21Tropical Storm Erin (2007)Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri
2008Tropical cyclone21Tropical Storm Fay (2008)Puerto Rico, Southeastern United States
2009Winter storm212009 North American Christmas blizzardMidwest, Great Plains, Eastern United States
2014Cold wave21Early 2014 North American cold waveCentral United States, Eastern United States
2018Debris flow21–232018 Southern California mudflowsSouthern California163 injured. 65 residences destroyed, 462 residences damaged, 8 commercial buildings destroyed, 20 commercial buildings damaged
1860Accidentshipwreck20USCS Robert J. Walker (1844)Off New Jersey
1872Fire (urban conflagration)20$73,500,000
Great Boston fire of 1872Boston, Massachusetts
1874Fire (urban conflagration)20Chicago Fire of 1874Chicago, Illinois
1881Tornado outbreak20+Tornado outbreak of June 1881West North Central States
1882Accidentshipwreck20SS EscambiaSan Francisco, California
1890Accidentrailroad201890 Quincy train wreckQuincy, Massachusetts
1907Accident - Explosion20-24$100,000 (1907)Standard Steel Mill ExplosionButler, Pennsylvania
1907Accidentrailroad20Woodlawn derailmentWoodlawn, The Bronx, New York CityThe day after the New York Central Railroad inaugurated electrical train service in New York City and suburban Westchester County, an electric engine (which had a higher center of mass than the old steam engines) jumped the tracks on a curve leading into Woodlawn station. Wreckage was strewn over a mile (1.6 km) with 20 dead and 150 injured.
1916Accidentshipwreck20SS S.R. KirbyOff Eagle Harbor, Michigan
1916Tropical cyclone201916 Texas hurricaneTexas
1924Accidentexplosion201924 Nixon Nitration Works disasterNixon, New Jersey
1928Accidentexplosion20Preble Box Toe Company explosionLynn, Massachusetts
1943Accidentaircraft20American Airlines Flight 63 (Flagship Ohio)Allen County, Kentucky
1948Smog201948 Donora smogDonora, Pennsylvania
1957Accidentaircraft20Northeast Airlines Flight 823Queens, New York
1968Accidentaircraft20Allegheny Airlines Flight 736Bradford, Pennsylvania
1969Winter storm20+December 1969 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1978Fire (building)20Coates House HotelKansas City, Missouri
2005Accidentshipwreck20Ethan AllenLake George (New York)Overloaded tour boat capsized from another boat's wake.
2005Accidentaircraft20Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101Off Miami Beach, Florida
2008Tornado outbreak sequence, flood20$146,900,000Tornado outbreak sequence of June 3–11, 2008Central United States, Eastern United States7 tornado deaths, 13 from other events (see also June 2008 Midwest floods)
2010Flood20June 2010 Arkansas floodsAlbert Pike Recreation Area near Langley, Arkansas
2011Flood202011 Mississippi River floodsMississippi River Valley
2017Tornado outbreak, flood20Tornado outbreak and floods of April 28 – May 1, 2017High Plains, Western United States (Rocky Mountains), Ohio Valley, Upper Midwest, Southeastern United States5 deaths from tornadoes, 15 from other causes
2018Motor vehicle accident20Schoharie limousine crashSchoharie, New YorkStretch limo ran a stop sign on a three-way intersection, killing all 18 inside and two people in a parking lot
2021Flood202021 Tennessee floodsMiddle Tennessee
1863Accidentshipwreck19CSS ChattahoocheeApalachicola River
1878Accidentrailroad19Wollaston disasterQuincy, Massachusetts
1888Accidentshipwreck19SS City of ChesterGolden Gate, California
1897Accidentrailroad19Garrison train crashGarrison, New York
1908Fire (urban conflagration)19Great Chelsea fire of 1908Chelsea, Massachusetts
1917Accidentshipwreck19USS F-1Off Point Loma, San Diego, California
1943Accidentaircraft19Pan Am Flight 1104Mendocino County, California
1943Tropical cyclone191943 Surprise HurricaneLouisiana, Texas
1944Accidentaircraft19Long Creek air disasterSouth Portland, Maine
1944Accidentaircraft19US Army C-47 crashMount Deception (Alaska)
1950Accidentaircraft191950 Fairfield-Suisun Boeing B-29 crashFairfield-Suisun Air Force Base, California
1953Accidentaircraft19BCPA Flight 304Near Woodside, California
1956Fire (industrial)19McKee refinery fireNear Sunray, Texas
1957Tornado outbreak sequence19Tornado outbreak sequence of December 18–20, 1957Midwestern United States, Southern United States
1962Tornado outbreak19$3,380,000Tornado outbreak of March 30–31, 1962Southeastern United StatesIncluding 17 deaths from a single tornado in Milton, Florida and two lightning deaths
1964Flood19Christmas flood of 1964Pacific Northwest
1969Accidentaircraft19Prinair Flight 277Fajardo, Puerto Rico
1970Tropical cyclone19Tropical Depression Fifteen (1970)Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands
1974Accidentbus191974 Blythe, California bus crashRipley, California
1992Winter storm19December 1992 nor'easterNortheastern United States
1996Tropical cyclone19Hurricane HortensePuerto Rico
2000Accidentaircraft192000 Marana V-22 crashNear Tucson, Arizona
2000Accidentaircraft192000 East Coast Aviation Services British Aerospace Jetstream crashWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
2000Terrorism19USS Cole bombingAden, YemenIncluding the two perpetrators
2013Wildfire19Yarnell Hill FireYarnell, Arizona19 firefighters were killed when they became trapped in the fast-spreading fire.
1887Accident - mine explosion18Savanna, Oklahoma (then Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory)Explosions in Savanna Coal Mining and Trading Company Mines #1 and #2 killed 6 miners and 12 rescuers.[35]
1892Accidentshipwreck18SS W.H. GilcherLake Michigan
1911Accidentrailroad18Indianola train wreckIndianola, Nebraska
1928Accidentrailroad181928 Times Square derailmentNew York City, New York
1947Accidentaircraft18Eastern Air Lines Flight 665Galax, Virginia
1947Accidentaircraft18Pan Am Flight 923Annette Island, Alaska Territory
1960Tropical cyclone181960 Texas tropical stormTexas, Arkansas
1961Accidentaircraft18United Airlines Flight 859Denver, Colorado
1966Tornado outbreak sequence18$250,603,000Tornado outbreak sequence of June 1966Southern United States, Midwestern United States, Great PlainsIncluding 16 deaths from a single tornado in Topeka, Kansas
1966Accidentaircraft18West Coast Airlines Flight 956Clackamas County, Oregon
1993Accidentaircraft18Northwest Airlink Flight 5719Hibbing, Minnesota
2000Tornado outbreak18Tornado outbreak of February 13–14, 2000Southeastern United States
2001Accidentaircraft182001 Avjet Gulfstream III crashPitkin County, Colorado
2006Extratropical cyclone18Hanukkah Eve windstorm of 2006Washington, Oregon
2007Flood182007 Midwest floodingMidwestern United States
2011Tropical cyclone18Tropical Storm Lee (2011)Gulf Coast of the United States, Eastern United States
2013Blizzard18Early February 2013 North American blizzardEastern United States
2015Tornado outbreak18$1,606,000,000 (2020)Tornado outbreak of December 23–25, 2015Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, AlabamaIncluding five non-tornadic deaths
1861Accidentrailroad17–20Platte Bridge Railroad TragedySt. Joseph, Missouri
1898Accidentshipwreck17SS L.R. DotyLake Michigan
1903Accidentrailroad17Purdue WreckIndianapolis, Indiana
1905Accidentrailroad17Baker Bridge train wreckLincoln, Massachusetts
1910Accidentexplosion17Morewood Lake Ice Company explosionPittsfield, Massachusetts
1919Accidentshipwreck17SS MyronLake Superior
1923Accident – collapse17–35+Allen Street Bridge disasterCowlitz River, WashingtonFatalities estimated
1936Accidentaircraft17American Airlines Flight 1 (1936)Near Goodwin, Arkansas
1944Accidentshipwreck17USS YF-415Hingham, MassachusettsIncluding one person who died of his injuries after being rescued
1947Accidentexplosion17O'Connor Plating Works disasterLos Angeles, California
1950Tropical cyclone17Hurricane Dog (1950)East Coast of the United StatesIncluding three deaths in a car accident in Bel Air, Maryland, two drowning deaths in Lexington, Virginia, and 12 deaths in New England
1951Flood17Great Flood of 1951Kansas, Missouri
1951Tropical cyclone, shipwreck17Hurricane HowCape Hatteras, North Carolina17 people were killed in the wreck of the Southern Isle
1953Accidentshipwreck17SS Henry SteinbrennerLake Superior
1954Tropical cyclone17Hurricane Alice (June 1954)Texas
1962Accidentaircraft17United Airlines Flight 297Near Ellicott City, Maryland
1965Accidentspipeline accidents17Pipeline explosion and fireNatchitoches, Louisiana[36]
1965Tornado outbreak17$51,000,000Early May 1965 tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Midwestern United States
1966Mass murderschool shooting17University of Texas massacreAustin, Texas
1968Accidentshipwreck17USCGC White Alder (WLM-541)Mississippi River, near White Castle, Louisiana
1972Accidentaircraft17Mohawk Airlines Flight 405Albany, New York
1979Accidentaircraft17Downeast Flight 46Rockland, Maine
1984Accidentexplosion171984 Romeoville petroleum refinery disasterRomeoville, Illinois
1986Tornado outbreak17$25,000,000Tornado outbreak of March 10–12, 1986Central United States, Eastern United States, Southern United States
1990Accidentexplosion171990 ARCO explosionChannelview, Texas
1991Accidentautomobile17Interstate 5 dust storm accidentCoalinga, California
2002Mass murder
serial killings
17Beltway sniper attacksWashington metropolitan area3 injured in the Beltway sniper attacks and 7 in preliminary shootings
2004Winter storm17December 21–24, 2004 North American winter stormSouth Central United States, Ohio ValleyAdditional death in Canada
2005Flood17Los Angeles County flood of 2005Los Angeles County, CaliforniaIncluding 10 deaths in the La Conchita landslide
2008Flood17Early Spring 2008 Midwest floodsCentral United States
2008Accidentbus17Sherman, Texas bus accidentSherman, Texas
2018School shooting17Stoneman Douglas High School shootingParkland, FloridaFormer student Nikolas Cruz, was dropped off by an Uber car to Stoneman Douglas High School, shot and killed 14 students and 3 staff members, left the scene and was later arrested in Coral Springs.
2018Accidentshipwreck17Table Rock Lake duck boat accidentBranson, Missouri
2022Fire (building)172022 Bronx apartment fireThe Bronx, New York City, New York
1804Tropical cyclone161804 New England hurricaneNew England
1833Accidentexplosion, shipwreck16LionessNear Colfax, Louisiana
1862Accidentshipwreck16USS MonitorOff Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
1890Tornado161890 Wilkes-Barre tornadoWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
1905Accidentshipwreck16SS KaliyugaLake Huron
1914Accidentshipwreck16–20SS Benjamin NobleNear Knife River, Minnesota
1926Tornado16La Plata tornado of 1926La Plata, Maryland13 killed in La Plata Elementary School
1947Wildfires16Great Fires of 1947Maine
1955Accidentaircraft16TWA Flight 260Bernalillo County, New Mexico
1956Tropical cyclone16Hurricane Betsy (1956)Puerto Rico
1956Accidentexplosion16Lariat Cafe explosionMonticello, Utah
1967Tropical cyclone16Hurricane BeulahPuerto Rico, Texas
1970Wildfire16Laguna FireLaguna Mountains, California
1978Accidentrailroad16Waverly, Tennessee, tank car explosionWaverly, TennesseeAn additional 43 injured
1978Tornado, shipwreck161978 Whippoorwill tornadoPomona Lake, KansasTornado struck a tourist boat, causing it to capsize
1987Accidentrailroad161987 Maryland train collisionChase, Maryland
1987Mass murder
spree killer
16The Dover massacreDover, ArkansasRussellville, Arkansas
1991Tropical cyclone16Hurricane BobEast Coast of the United States
2006Flood162006 Mid-Atlantic United States floodMid-Atlantic United States
2012Tornado outbreak, blizzard16$150,000,000Late December 2012 North American storm complexAlaska, Contiguous United States
2015Terrorism162015 San Bernardino attackSan Bernardino, CaliforniaAn additional 24 injured
2016Accidenthot air balloon162016 Lockhart hot air balloon crashLockhart, TexasDeadliest ballooning disaster in U.S. history
2017Blizzard16–19March 2017 North American blizzardNortheastern United States, Upper Midwest, Great Plains
2017Accidentaircraft162017 United States Marine Corps KC-130 crashLeflore County, Mississippi
2020Wildfire16North Complex firePlumas National Forest, California
1815Tropical cyclone151815 North Carolina hurricaneNorth Carolina
1881Accidentshipwreck15City of MuskegonLake Michigan
1883Accidentrailroad151883 Tehachapi train wreckTehachapi, California
1902Accidentrailroad15Park Avenue main lineNew York City, New York
1917Tropical cyclone151917 Nueva Gerona hurricaneLouisiana, Florida10 in Louisiana, 5 in Florida
1936Accidentshipwreck15MV Material ServiceLake Michigan
1937Wildfire15Blackwater Fire of 1937Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming
1948Flood15Vanport floodVanport, Oregon
1950Accidentaircraft15Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 307Minneapolis, Minnesota
1953Wildfire15Rattlesnake FireMendocino National Forest, California
1954Fire (building)15Cleveland Hill Middle School fireCheektowaga, New York
1955Accidentaircraft151955 Cincinnati mid-air collisionBoone County, Kentucky
1956Tropical cyclone15Hurricane Flossy (1956)Gulf Coast of the United States, East Coast of the United States
1969Accidentaircraft15Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 933Santa Monica Bay, near Los Angeles, California
1969Tornado outbreak15$4,270,000Tornado outbreak of August 6, 1969Minnesota, Nebraska
1984Arson15Beverly rooming house fireBeverly, Massachusetts
1986Mass murder15Edmond post office shootingEdmond, Oklahoma14 victims and 1 perpetrator
1994Accidentaircraft15Flagship Airlines Flight 3379Morrisville, North Carolina
1999Mass murderschool shooting15Columbine High School massacreJefferson County, ColoradoArmed with 2 sawed-off shotguns, a TEC-9 pistol and a carbine, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered their school in Littleton and opened fire at the students and staff, killing 12 students, 1 teacher and then killing themselves.
2003Wildfire15Cedar FireSan Diego County, CaliforniaBurned 273,246 acres and 2,820 structures
2005Accidentexplosion15Texas City Refinery explosionTexas City, Texas
2005Tropical cyclone15Hurricane DennisFlorida, Alabama, Mississippi
2009Tornado outbreak15$18,100,000Tornado outbreak of February 10–11, 2009Central United States, Eastern United StatesIncluding seven non-tornadic deaths
2011Accident – tour bus15World Wide Tours bus crashBronx, New YorkEn route to Connecticut casino, March 12
2012Tornado outbreak15$475,000,0002012 Leap Day tornado outbreakGreat Plains, Ohio Valley
2013Accidentexplosion15West Fertilizer Company explosionWest, TexasMore than 160 people were injured. Several years later, investigators concluded that the fire that preceded the explosion had been deliberately set.
2020Tropical cyclone15Hurricane IsaiasEast Coast of the United States, Puerto Rico

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