List of U.S. state dances

Many states of the United States have adopted official dances as one of their state symbols. The practice has extended to U.S. territories and Washington, D.C.[1]

Starting in the 1970s, many states adopted square dance as their state dance, the result of a campaign by square dancers to make it the national dance.[2]


State, district,
or territory
DanceYear adoptedRef.
AlabamaSquare dance1981[3]
ArkansasSquare dance1991[4]
CaliforniaWest Coast Swing1988[5][6]
Square dance (Official folk dance)
ColoradoSquare dance1992[7]
ConnecticutSquare dance1995[8]
DelawareNone (Maypole 2016–2017)[9][10]
District of ColumbiaHand dancing1999[11]
GeorgiaSquare dance1996[12]
IdahoSquare dance1989[14]
IllinoisSquare dance1990[15]
LouisianaSquare dance1999[17]
MarylandSquare dance1994[18]
MassachusettsSquare dance1990[19][20]
MinnesotaNone (Square dance was proposed in 1992 and 1994)[21]
MississippiSquare dance1995[22]
MissouriSquare dance1995[23]
NebraskaSquare dance1997[24]
New JerseySquare dance (Official folk dance)1983[25]
North CarolinaClogging (Official folk dance)2005[26]
Carolina shag (Official popular dance)
North DakotaSquare dance1995[27]
OklahomaSquare dance1988[28]
OregonSquare dance1977[29]
South CarolinaThe Shag1984[30]
Square dance (State American Folk Dance)1994[31]
Richardson waltz (State waltz)2000[32]
TennesseeSquare dance1980[33]
TexasSquare dance1994[34]
UtahSquare dance1994[35]
VirginiaSquare dance2011[36]
WashingtonSquare dance1979[37]

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