List of Australian Victoria Cross recipients

The Australian War Memorial, which currently holds 66 VCs.

The Victoria Cross (VC) is a military decoration awarded for valour "in the presence of the enemy"[1] to members of the Australia Armed Forces. It may be awarded to a person of any rank in any service, and to civilians under military command. Being the highest award in the Australian Honours Order of Wearing, the VC takes precedence over all other postnominals and Australian orders and decorations. The VC was instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856, initially to reward acts of valour during the Crimean War. Because of its rarity and inherent significance, the VC is highly prized, both as an award and as a collector's item, with one medal being sold for over A$1 million at auction.[2] Australians have received the VC under the Imperial honours system and later under the Australian Honours System, when in 1991 a new but equivalent award was established by letters patent within the Commonwealth of Australia and its Territories, known as the Victoria Cross for Australia. The Victoria Cross for Australia has been awarded five times: twice to Special Air Service Regiment members, once to a member of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, and a posthumous award to a member of the 2nd Commando Regiment, and a posthumous award to Teddy Sheean. The first four were for actions in the War in Afghanistan while Sheean's was for actions during World War II.

The Imperial VC has been awarded to 96 Australians—91 were received for actions whilst serving with Australian forces, and another five to former members of the Australian forces then serving with South African and British forces. The majority of the awards were for action in the First World War when a total of 64 medals were awarded. Nine of these awards were for action during the Gallipoli Campaign. 20 medals were awarded for action in the Second World War, 6 in the Second Boer War, 4 in the Vietnam War and 2 in the Russian Civil War.[1] Twenty-eight Australians have been awarded the medal posthumously.[3] One recipient—Captain Alfred Shout VC, MC (who was also Mentioned in Despatches)—was Australia's most decorated soldier of the Gallipoli campaign. His Victoria Cross was posthumously awarded after Shout died of his wounds during the Battle of Lone Pine.[4] Another 19 VCs have been awarded to soldiers who were either born in Australia, or died there, but did not serve in Australian units before being awarded the VC, and as such these are not included in this list.[5]

Keith Payne is the only living Australian recipient of the original VC; there are three living recipients of the Victoria Cross for Australia.


  This along with the *, indicates that the Victoria Cross was awarded posthumously
AWM = This denotes that the medal is held at the Australian War Memorial

Victoria Cross

NameDate of actionConflictUnitPlace of actionLocation of medal
Charles Anderson1942Second World War2/19th BattalionMuar River, MalayaAWM[6]
Thomas Axford1918First World War16th BattalionHamel Wood, FranceAWM[6]
Peter Badcoe1967*Vietnam WarAustralian Army Training TeamHuong Tra, VietnamAWM[7]
Robert Beatham1918*First World War8th BattalionRosieres, FranceQueensland Museum
South Bank
Frederick Bell1901Second Boer WarWest Australia Mounted InfantryTransvaal, South AfricaWestern Australian
Frederick Birks1917*First World War6th BattalionYpres, BelgiumAWM[6]
John Bisdee1900Second Boer WarTasmanian Imperial BushmenWarm Bad, South AfricaTasmanian Museum
and Art Gallery
Arthur Blackburn1916First World War10th BattalionPozières, FranceAWM[6]
Albert Borella1918First World War26th BattalionVillers-Bretonneux, FrancePrivately held
Walter Brown1918First World War20th BattalionVillers-Bretonneux, FranceAWM[6]
Alexander Buckley1918*First World War54th BattalionPéronne, FranceAWM[6]
Maurice Buckley1918First World War13th BattalionLe Verguier, FranceAWM[6]
Patrick Bugden1917*First World War31st BattalionZonnebeke, BelgiumQueensland Museum
South Bank[8]
Alexander Burton1915*First World War7th BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
John Carroll1917First World War33rd BattalionSt. Yves, BelgiumAWM[6]
George Cartwright1918First World War33rd BattalionBouchavesnes, FranceImperial War Museum
Claud Castleton1916*First World WarAustralian Machine Gun CorpsPozières, FranceAWM[6]
Percy Cherry1917*First World War26th BattalionLagnicourt, FranceAWM[6]
Albert Chowne1945*Second World War2/2nd BattalionDagua, New GuineaAWM[6]
Thomas Cooke1916*First World War8th BattalionPozières, FranceArmy Museum
New Zealand
William Currey1918First World War53rd BattalionPéronne, FranceAWM[6]
Arthur Roden Cutler1941Second World War2/5th Field Regiment, RRoAAMerdjayoun-Damour, LebanonAWM[6]
Henry Dalziel1918First World War15th BattalionHamel Wood, FranceAWM[6]
Wilbur Dartnell1915*First World War25th (Service) Battalion, Royal FusiliersMaktau, KenyaAWM[6]
Phillip Davey1918First World War10th BattalionMerris, FranceAWM[6]
Tom Derrick1943Second World War2/48th BattalionSattelberg, New GuineaAWM[6]
William Dunstan1915First World War7th BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
John Dwyer1917First World WarAustralian Machine Gun CorpsZonnebeke, BelgiumAWM[6]
John Edmondson1941*Second World War2/17th BattalionTobruk, LibyaAWM[6]
Hughie Edwards1941Second World WarNo. 105 Squadron RAFBremen, GermanyAWM[6]
Jack French1942*Second World War2/9th BattalionMilne Bay, PapuaPrivately held
Alfred Gaby1918*First World War28th BattalionVillers-Bretonneux, FranceTasmanian Museum
and Art Gallery[11]
Bernard Gordon1918First World War41st BattalionBray, FranceAWM[6]
Jim Gordon1941Second World War2/31st BattalionDjezzine, SyriaPrivately held
Percy Gratwick1942*Second World War2/48th BattalionEl Alamein, EgyptArmy Museum of
Western Australia
Robert Grieve1917First World War37th BattalionMessines, BelgiumShrine of Remembrance
Stan Gurney1942*Second World War2/48th BattalionTel-el-Eisa, EgyptAWM[6]
Arthur Hall1918First World War54th BattalionPéronne, FranceAWM[6]
John Hamilton1915First World War3rd BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
George Howell1917First World War1st BattalionBullecourt, FranceAWM[6]
Neville Howse1900Second Boer WarNew South Wales Medical Staff CorpsVredefort, South AfricaAWM[6]
George Ingram1918First World War24th BattalionMontbrehain, FranceAWM[6]
Roy Inwood1917First World War10th BattalionPolygon Wood, BelgiumAdelaide Town Hall[17]
Albert Jacka1915First World War14th BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
William Jackson1916First World War17th BattalionArmentieres, FrancePrivately held
Clarence Jeffries1917*First World War34th BattalionPasschendaele, BelgiumChrist Church Cathedral,
Newcastle, N.S.W.
Jørgen Jensen1917First World War50th BattalionNoreuil, FranceAWM[6]
William Joynt1918First World War8th BattalionHerleville Wood, FrancePrivately held[19]
Richard Kelliher1943Second World War2/25th BattalionNadzab, New GuineaAWM[6]
Edward Kenna1945Second World War2/4th BattalionWewak, New Guineaunknown[20]
Bede Kenny1917First World War2nd BattalionHermies, FranceAWM[6]
Leonard Keysor1915First World War1st BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
Bill Kibby1942*Second World War2/48th BattalionEl Alamein, EgyptAWM[6]
Bruce Kingsbury1942*Second World War2/14th BattalionIsurava, PapuaAWM[6]
John Leak1916First World War9th BattalionPozières, FrancePrivately held
Alby Lowerson1918First World War21st BattalionMont St. Quentin, FranceAWM[6]
Jack Mackey1945*Second World War2/3rd Pioneer BattalionTarakan Island, BorneoAWM[6]
Robert MacTier1918*First World War23rd BattalionMont St. Quentin, FranceAWM[6]
Joseph Maxwell1918First World War18th BattalionEstrees, FranceAWM[6]
Leslie Maygar1901Second Boer War5th Victorian Mounted RiflesGeelhoutboom, South AfricaAWM[6]
Dominic McCarthy1918First World War16th BattalionMadam Wood, FranceAWM[6]
Stanley McDougall1918First World War47th BattalionDernancourt, FranceAWM[6]
Lewis McGee1917*First World War40th BattalionYpres, BelgiumQueen Victoria Museum
and Art Gallery
Frank McNamara1917First World WarNo. 1 Squadron AFCTel el Hesi, PalestineRAF Museum, London[22]
Ron Middleton1942*Second World WarRAAF attached No. 149 Squadron RAFTurin, ItalyAWM[6]
Mick Moon1917First World War58th BattalionBullecourt, FranceAWM[6]
Harry Murray1917First World War13th BattalionGueudecourt, FranceAWM
James Newland1917First World War12th BattalionBapaume, FranceAWM[6]
Bill Newton1943*Second World WarNo. 22 Squadron RAAFNew GuineaAWM[6]
Martin O'Meara1916First World War16th BattalionPozières, FranceArmy Museum of
Western Australia[14]
Frank Partridge1945Second World War8th (Militia) BattalionBougainville, New GuineaPrivately held
Keith Payne1969Vietnam WarAustralian Army Training TeamBen Het, VietnamAWM[6]
Samuel Pearse1919*North Russia Relief Force45th Battalion, RFEmtsa, RussiaAWM[6]
Walter Peeler1917First World War3rd Pioneer BattalionYpres, BelgiumAWM[6]
Charles Pope1917*First World War11th BattalionLouveral, FranceAWM[6]
Reg Rattey1945Second World War25th BattalionBougainville, New GuineaPrivately held
James Rogers1901Second Boer WarSouth African ConstabularyThaba 'Nchu, South AfricaAWM[6]
William Ruthven1918First World War22nd BattalionVille-sur-Ancre, FranceAWM[6]
John Ryan1918First World War55th BattalionHindenburg Defences, FranceAWM[6]
Clifford Sadlier1918First World War51st BattalionVillers-Bretonneux, FranceSt George's Cathedral
Perth W.A.
Alfred Shout1915*First World War1st BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
Ray Simpson1969Vietnam WarAustralian Army Training TeamKontum Province, VietnamAWM[6]
Leslie Starcevich1945Second World War2/43rd BattalionBeaufort, British North BorneoArmy Museum of
Western Australia[14]
Percy Statton1918First World War40th BattalionProyart, FranceAWM[6]
Percy Storkey1918First World War19th BattalionHangard Wood, FranceArmy Museum
New Zealand[13]
Arthur Sullivan1919North Russia Relief Force45th Battalion, RFSheika River, RussiaAWM[6]
William Symons1915First World War7th BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
Hugo Throssell1915First World War10th Light HorseGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
Edgar Towner1918First World WarAustralian Machine Gun CorpsMont St. Quentin, FrancePrivately held
Frederick Tubb1915First World War7th BattalionGallipoli, TurkeyAWM[6]
Blair Wark1918First World War32nd BattalionBellicourt, FranceQueensland Museum
South Bank[8][24]
Lawrence Weathers1918First World War43rd BattalionPeronne, FrancePrivately held
Kevin Wheatley1965*Vietnam WarAustralian Army Training TeamTra Bong, VietnamAWM[6]
John Whittle1917First World War12th BattalionBoursies, FranceAWM[6][25]
James Woods1918First World War48th BattalionLe Verguier, FranceAWM[6]
Guy Wylly1900Second Boer WarTasmanian Imperial BushmenWarm Bad, South AfricaTasmanian Museum
and Art Gallery[11]

Victoria Cross for Australia

NameDate of actionConflictUnitPlace of actionLocation of medal
Cameron Baird2013*War in Afghanistan2nd Commando RegimentKhod Valley, AfghanistanAWM[6]
Mark Donaldson2008War in AfghanistanSpecial Air Service RegimentUrozgan Province, AfghanistanAWM[6][26]
Daniel Keighran2010War in Afghanistan6th Battalion, Royal Australian RegimentUrozgan Province, AfghanistanAWM[6]
Ben Roberts-Smith2010War in AfghanistanSpecial Air Service RegimentKandahar Province, AfghanistanAWM[6][27]
Teddy Sheean1942*Second World WarHMAS ArmidaleArafura Sea, East TimorAWM.



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