Silk lampas woven by Scalamandré Silks in 1995 for the White House Blue Room. The pattern is based on a c. 1816 French design.

Lampas is a type of luxury fabric with a background weft (a "ground weave") typically in taffeta with supplementary wefts (the "pattern wefts") laid on top and forming a design, sometimes also with a "brocading weft". Lampas is typically woven in silk, and often has gold and silver thread enrichment.


Lampas weaves were developed around 1000 CE. Beginning late in the 17th century western lampas production began centered in Lyon, France, where an industry of providing for French and other European courts became centered.



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Hessian Fabric made seamless. It will serve to create a normal map in Blender.
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Batik cloth purchased in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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A representation of the Maclachlan hunting tartan. This tartan is the oldest tartan to bear the name MacLachlan. This tartan is referred to as the Old MacLachlan, MacLachlan, and Hunting MacLachlan. This sett was first published in Old & Rare Scottish Tartans by D. W. Stewart in 1893.
Thread count: Y6, W4, Bk32, G32, Y6, W4, R48.
Sources: MacLachlan Clan Tartan WR1710 MacLachlan Hunting Tartan
Man's silk waistcoat with sleeves c 1715.jpg
Man’s "bizarre" silk sleeved waistcoat, France, circa 1715.
Italian silk furnishing fabric, late 17th-early 18th century, lampas weave.JPG
Italian silk furnishing fabric, late 17th-early 18th century, lampas weave, Honolulu Academy of Arts
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Diagram of a carbon nanotube.
Man's coat silk lampas 1745-50.jpg
Man’s coat, France, 1745-1750. Silk lampas.
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Detalj med en mönsterrapport upphämta. Detalj från denna bild
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Silk lampas fabric for chairs in the White House Blue Room. Lampas woven by Scalamandré Silks.
Chateau Versailles cabinets interieurs de la Reine cabinet du Billard.jpg

Palace of Versailles - Petit appartement de la reine - Billiard room of Marie-Antoinette
Lampas brocaded with silk and chenille on a satin background, rewoven for the billiard room of the petit appartement of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles. Firstly designed in 1779 by Jacques Gondoin for the winter furnishings of the inner cabinet of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles .