Kemayoran Athletes Village

Kemayoran Athletes Village
Athlete's village for Asian Games 2018, 2017.jpg
General information
StatusIn use
Architectural styleInternational Modern
LocationJalan HBR Motik, Kemayoran District, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Coordinates6°09′09″S 106°51′34″E / 6.1523773°S 106.8594821°E / -6.1523773; 106.8594821Coordinates:6°09′09″S 106°51′34″E / 6.1523773°S 106.8594821°E / -6.1523773; 106.8594821
Construction startedMarch 2016
CompletedDecember 2017
OwnerGovernment of Indonesia
Design and construction
Main contractorPT. Wijaya Karya and PT. Brantas Abipraya

Kemayoran Athletes Village (Indonesian: Wisma Atlet Kemayoran) is located in Kemayoran District, Jakarta, Indonesia. The site was developed as the athlete's village for the 2018 Asian Games and 2018 Asian Para Games which was held in Jakarta, built on an area of 10 hectares land, which had 7,424 apartments in 10 towers. Total accommodation capacity of 22,272 at the village exceeded International Olympic Committee standards, which require Olympics hosts to provide rooms for at least 14,000 athletes.[1][2][3]

Use as COVID-19 hospital

Kemayoran Athletes Village Emergency Hospital
Opened23 March 2020
ListsHospitals in Indonesia

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, 4 towers were converted to emergency field hospitals. On 18 March 2020, the Ministry of Finance announced Kemayoran Athletes Village will be converted to house COVID-19 patients who show only mild symptoms after consultation from doctors.[5][6] The conversion was officially completed on 23 March.[7] With a capacity of 3,000 beds, it is one of the biggest COVID-19 pandemic field hospitals in the world, being 3 times bigger than Huoshenshan Hospital or 2 times bigger than Leishenshan Hospital, both in Wuhan.


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