Gaspard III de Coligny

Gaspard III de Coligny, duc de Châtillon
Gaspard de Coligny 1584-1646.jpg
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Nickname(s)Maréchal de Châtillon
Born26 July 1584
Died4 January 1646 (aged 61)
RankMarshal of France
Battles/warsFranco-Spanish War (1635-1659)
Les Avins; Leuven; Arras, 1640' La Marfée;
AwardsPeer of France
RelationsHouse of Coligny

Gaspard III de Coligny, duc de Châtillon, (1584 to 1646) was a French Huguenot, who served under Louis XIII, and was appointed Marshal of France in 1622. He was described as "a mediocre general, but absolutely loyal".[1]


Châtillon was born 26 July 1584, in Montpellier, son of François de Coligny (1557–1591) and his wife Marguerite d'Ailly. He was a grandson of the Huguenot leader Admiral Gaspard de Coligny.

On 13 August 1615, he married Anne de Polignac (1598–1651), and they had 4 children. Maurice (1618-1644), Gaspard IV de Coligny (1620-1649), Henriette de Coligny (1618–1673), and Anne, (1624-1680).


He served during the Franco-Spanish War (1635-1659) at Les Avins in 1635, and commanded the Army of Champagne at the Battle of La Marfée on 6 July, 1641, where he was defeated. He retired to Châtillon, where he died 4 January 1646.

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