Francis Parkman School

Francis Parkman School
245 West 51st Street


Coordinates41°48′04″N 87°37′57″W / 41.80119318954198°N 87.63257750264411°W / 41.80119318954198; -87.63257750264411Coordinates:41°48′04″N 87°37′57″W / 41.80119318954198°N 87.63257750264411°W / 41.80119318954198; -87.63257750264411
School type
  • Public
  • Elementary
ClosedJune 2013[1]
School districtChicago Public Schools
PrincipalSonja James (2012–2013)
Enrollment231 (2012–2013)
Campus typeUrban
Color(s)  Blue

Francis Parkman School, was a public PK–8 school located in the Fuller Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Named after Francis Parkman, The school was opened in 1911 and operated by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Parkman School closed in June 2013 as apart of Chicago Public Schools' controversial plan to close 50 elementary schools after the 2012–2013 school year.[2][3]

At the time of it's opening in 1911, Parkman predominately served white children in the area. By the late–1950s, The schools demographics drastically shifted to predominately African-American due to the influx of African Americans in the neighborhood. Parkman's African American population grew to 95% with the opening of nearby Robert Taylor Homes, a Chicago Housing Authority public housing complex located 0.5 miles east of the school.


During the 2012-2013 school year, 99% of the 231 students at Parkman were African-American; almost all lived in low-income households.[4] Parkman closed after the 2013–2013 school year due to low-enrollment and low resources.[5][6] After the closing of Parkman, it's students were bused to Jesse Sherwood Elementary School, located 0.8 miles south of Parkman.

Feeder patterns

Students zoned to Parkman for K-8 were zoned to either Tilden Community Academy High School, DuSable High School or Wendell Phillips Academy High School for senior high school.


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