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  • Delv Pty Ltd
  • Digital Transformation Agency
Initial release29 March 2020 (2020-03-29)
Stable release
1.1 / 28 May 2020 (2020-05-28)[1]
Written in
  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
  • 7.1 MB (Android)
  • 23.6 MB (iOS)
Available inEnglish
LicenceProprietary software

Coronavirus Australia is an app released by the Australian Government designed to allow users to access information about the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.[2] The app was developed by Delv Pty Ltd for the Department of Health and released on 29 March 2020.[3] Since release the app has been downloaded over a million times and ranked first in the Apple App Store's "Health and Fitness" category.[4] Due to the short development period of two weeks, the app initially served primarily as an aggregate of links to official government websites.[5] Shortly after an update was released adding a voluntary "isolation registration" form that collected the location, name, age, mobile phone number, isolation start date, and various other details about users who were self isolating.[6][7]

On 14 April 2020 a separate contact tracing app, COVIDSafe, was announced based on Singapore's TraceTogether app and BlueTrace protocol.[8][9]


A screenshot of Coronavirus Australia prior to its 28 May redesign

The app was developed by recruitment house Delv Pty Ltd over a period of two weeks.[10] Delv was hired by the Digital Transformation Agency for A$1.85 million, and the Department of Health for A$1.438 million, totaling over A$3 million.[11] The app launched on 29 March 2020, three days after it was first announced publicly.[12] Although initially rumoured to have similar functions to Singapore's open-source TraceTogether app,[13] it did not have such features at release. The day after launch an update was released adding a voluntary isolation registration form, and a web version was released to accompany it.[14]

Later, on 9 April 2020, another update was released adding an "essential information" tab and link to various translations of SBS news.[15] The essential information tab added dot points summarising information about the coronavirus.

The 28 May 2020 release completely overhauled the user interface, moving from a card based interface with a navigation drawer, to a tab and folder based one. With the replacement of the drawer with tabs on Android, the two apps gained a consistent navigation model.[16] A news feed showing the latest news items has been moved to the home screen, with many of the cards that were previously present there moved to the tab bar or nested within a folder. Additionally, a custom content management system has been introduced,[17] allowing for the embedding of native articles and content.[18]

The release on 9 July 2020 introduced a COVID-19 clinic finder and restriction checker. The clinic finder was built on top of the Australian Government's existing HealthDirect API,[19] in contrast to the rest of the app which uses Firebase Firestore and Remote Config to fetch dynamic content.[20][21]

On 30 September 2020, the contract for the development of the Coronavirus Australia app concluded, effectively ending major development of the app.[22][23]

Version history
VersionRelease dateFeatures
1.0.029 March 2020Initial release
1.0.130 March 2020Added the "register isolation" form
1.0.29 April 2020Added the "essential information" tab and the SBS news banner
1.0.423 April 2020Added video content
1.128 May 2020UI overhaul and consistency improvements between Android & iOS
1.49 July 2020Introduction of clinic finder and restrictions checker
1.4.922 October 2020Minor changes to notifications to improve reliable delivery.

Offline mode fixed in Android versions - now displays content when device is not connected to the internet.

Cumulative graph added to Numbers screen.

1.4.1021 January 2021Replaces the display of 'Recovered' cases with 'Active cases' to keep the numbers consistent with data released by Department of Health.


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