Chippewa (disambiguation)

Chippewa is an alternate spelling of the Ojibwe tribe of North America.

Chippewa may also refer to:



United States

  • Chippewa, Wisconsin, a town
  • Chippewa County, Michigan
  • Chippewa County, Minnesota
  • Chippewa County, Wisconsin
  • Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, a city
  • Chippewa Township, Chippewa County, Michigan
  • Chippewa Township, Isabella County, Michigan
  • Chippewa Township, Mecosta County, Michigan
  • Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio
  • Chippewa Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
  • Chippewa River (Michigan)
  • Chippewa River (Minnesota)
  • Chippewa River (Wisconsin)
  • Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin
  • Chippewa National Forest, Michigan
  • Chippewa Nature Center, a protected wildlife area in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan; also a non-profit educational organization
  • Lake Chippewa, a prehistoric lake whose basin is now Lake Michigan


  • Chippawa, Ontario, a community, sometimes spelled Chippewa in historical documents
  • Chippewa River (Ontario)
  • Chippewa Park, Ontario


  • Chippewa High School, Doylestown, Ohio, United States
  • Chippewa Valley High School, Clinton Townships, Michigan, United States
  • Chippewa Secondary School, North Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Chippewa Middle School, in the Okemos Public Schools school district, Michigan, United States
  • Chippewa Middle School, in the Mounds View Public Schools school district, Minnesota, United States

Other uses

  • USS Chippewa, five vessels
  • Central Michigan Chippewas, sports teams of Central Michigan University
  • Chippewa-Hiawatha, originally named Chippewa, a passenger train that operated from 1937 to 1960
  • Chippewa Street, the portion of Missouri Route 366 located in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Chippewa Operating System, the operating system for the CDC 6600 supercomputer
  • Chippewa Boots, a footwear and rainwear manufacturer originally known as Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company, founded in 1901
  • Chippewa Correctional Facility, Michigan
  • Colias chippewa, a butterfly

See also

  • Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, a First Nation in Ontario, Canada
  • Chippawa (disambiguation)
  • Chipewyan, a First Nations people in the Arctic region of Canada, unrelated to the Ojibwe

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