COVID-19 vaccination in Croatia

People waiting to receive the vaccine on mass vaccination point in Zaprešić, Croatia[1]

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia, vaccination against COVID-19 began on 27 December 2020.[2] The Croatian government ordered vaccines together with the EU. 8.7 million doses have been ordered.[3] As of 3 February 2022, over 2.2 million people were fully vaccinated,[4] corresponding to a 63% vaccination rate of the country's population.[5]

Vaccines on order[6]
VaccineOriginDoses orderedApprovalDeployment
Pfizer/BioNTechUS/Germany1 millionGreen check.svg 21 December 2020Green check.svg 26 December 2020
ModernaUS1 millionGreen check.svg 6 January 2021Green check.svg 12 January 2021
Oxford/AstraZenecaUK/Sweden2.7 millionGreen check.svg 29 January 2021Green check.svg 7 February 2021
JanssenNetherlands/Israel900 000Green check.svg 11 March 2021Pending
NovavaxUSGreen check.svg 20 December 2021Pending
Total8.7 million


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