Arthur Grumiaux

Arthur Grumiaux
Arthur Grumiaux.jpg
Background information
Birth nameArthur Grumiaux
Born(1921-03-21)21 March 1921
Villers-Perwin, Belgium
Died16 October 1986(1986-10-16) (aged 65)
Brussels, Belgium

Baron Arthur Grumiaux (French: [gʁy'mjo]; 21 March 1921 – 16 October 1986) was a Belgian violinist, considered by some to have been "one of the few truly great violin virtuosi of the twentieth century".[1] He has been noted for having a "consistently beautiful tone and flawless intonation".[2] English music critic and broadcaster, Edward Greenfield wrote of him that he was "a master virtuoso who consistently refused to make a show of his technical prowess".[2]

Early life

Born to a working-class family in the Belgian town of Villers-Perwin, on 21 March 1921,[3] Grumiaux was only three years old when his grandfather urged him to begin music studies. He entered the conservatoire in Charleroi at the age of six; the normal entry age was eleven. He studied violin and piano there until the age of eleven, when he graduated and moved to the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels to study violin.[4]


Arthur Grumiaux (1965)

He variously has been described as having made his debut in Brussels at the age of 14,[4] or in 1935,[3] although his debut is more commonly said to have occurred in 1940.[5][6][7] This performance was made in Belgium with the Brussels Philharmonic playing Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto.[6]

Due to the German invasion of his homeland, he next played publicly after liberation in 1945 with the Allied military entertainment organisation,[8][9] making his London debut later that year.[5][6] In 1949 he was appointed professor of violin at the Brussels Conservatoire where he had once studied.[5][10] He debuted in the United States in Boston in 1951, and toured the United States in the following year.[8][11]

In 1973 he was created a baron by King Baudouin of Belgium for his services to music.[10]


He died of a sudden stroke in Brussels (Belgium) in 1986 at the age of 65.[3]


Grumiaux had a long-standing relationship with Philips Records, lasting more than 20 years, and recordings are available from them of him performing works by Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, Michael Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Bruch, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saëns, Lalo, Henryk Wieniawski, and Johan Svendsen.[12][13]

A recording of Grumiaux's performance of one movement from Bach's Sonatas & Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin, the "Gavotte en rondeaux" from the Partita No. 3, is included on the Voyager Golden Record, attached to the Voyager spacecraft, as a sample of the culture of Earth.[14] This recording was chosen by renowned scientist Carl Sagan.

His violins

He owned a Guarneri, the "Rose", made by Giuseppe Guarneri in 1744,[15] and played (but did not own [16]) a Stradivarius, the "General Dupont”, made in 1727.[17] He also owned the “Museum”, made by Giuseppe Guarneri in 1739, and the “Campoli”, made by Giovanni Guadagnini in 1773.[18]

Violin Competition

Logo of the competition

The International Grumiaux Competition for Young Violinists is held annually and takes place at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium.[19][20] It was first held in 2008 under the name of "Bravo",[21] In 2015, the competition was renamed in honour of Arthur Grumiaux,[22] and is now called Concours International Grumiaux pour Jeunes Violonistes (International Grumiaux Competition for Young Violinists).[23]


The competition was created in 2008 by Igor Tkatchouk, a violin professor at the Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie in Namur,[24] originally under the name of "Bravo!" competition.[25] It took place each year at the Institut [26] and since 2017 in the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels. In 2015, the competition was supported by the foundation Baron Arthur Grumiaux [27] and was renamed International Arthur Grumiaux Competition for Young Violinists.[28] The same year, Princess Léa of Belgium rewarded the winners at the Royal Theater of Namur. The competition is international and was represented in 2016 by 27 different nationalities

Since 2016 edition, Musiq'3 became the official partner of the project [29] and in the same year, the Belgian TV news RTBF show a spot on television [30]

Prize winners

There are four categories of prizes, based on the age of the performer: category A : through 10 years old, category B ages 11–13, category C ages 14–17, and category D ages 18–21.[31]

Year1st Prize Cat A1st Prize Cat B1st Prize Cat C1st Prize Cat DSpecial Prize
2019Japan Himari Yoshimura (Grand prize)
Vietnam Nguyen Le Nguyen
BulgariaJapan Kai Gergov
United StatesRomaniaBianca Ciubancan
TurkeyNaz Irem Turkmen
JapanKyota KakiuchiJapan Ayaka UchioSwitzerlandSamuel Hirsch (Best interpretation of a Belgian piece)
2018Korea EunSeo Cho
Korea SungWoo Lee
Bulgaria Viktor Vasiliev
GermanyLeonard Toschev
Belgium Pauline Van Der Rest
DenmarkMichael GermerFrance Emma GiboutDenmarkMichael Germer (Special jury prize )

United StatesAriel Horowitz (Best interpretation of a Belgian piece)

2017Japan Fiona Khuong-Huu
JapanRyota Nakamura

Singapore Yunci Kaelyn Soh

UkraineGeorgii Moroz

HungaryPal Laszlo Szomora

-BelgiumMeurice Victorine (Special Prize - Young Hope )

UkraineGeorgii Moroz (Best interpretation of a Belgian piece)

2016[32]Turkey Bade DaştanBelarus Aliaksandra Arbuzava

Serbia Veronika Mona Bogic

Japan Emiri Kobayashi

Turkey Ilgin Top

Japan Yurina AraiJapan Emiri Kobayashi (Best Interpretation of a Belgian piece)

Israel Avraham Tirfe (Encouragement)
SyriaBilal Alnemr (Dora Schwarzberg Prize)

2015Japan NAKANO Lina (Grand prize)

Turkey ÇATAKOĞLU Gökçe
Belgium KIM Theodore

Austria KARLS Lorenz

France FAULISI Luka

Italy CARDAROPOLI GennaroRomania RIMBU RemusNetherlands Spruit Charlotte (Best Interpretation of a Belgian piece)

Mongolia Lut Bilegtugs (Dora Schwarzberg Prize)

2014Belgium VAN DER REST Pauline (Grand prize)

Ukraine BLYUMIN Matviy
Austria LIST Darya

Austria SCHMÖLZER Eva Lucia

France WAKAMATSU Hana Lucia

Austria TING Belle Chang-YuanBelgium DEBROEYER QuentinAustria Belle Ting (Best Interpretation of a Belgian piece)

Germany Anne Friederike Greuner (Best Interpretation of a Belgian piece)

2013Belgium Cooreman Alexandra (Grand prize)

Ukraine Vasylieva Varvara
Russia Yushkovskaya Maria

Austria Walder Julian(Grand prize)

Russia Pashchenko Snezhana

Azerbaijan Ibrahimova Aytan

France Durand-Rivière Suzanne

Czech Republic Šroubková Olga

Belgium Michaluk Maxime

2012Switzerland von Albertini Emilia (Grand prize)

France Voisin Morgane

Belgium Csikos AnettFrance Girard Grégoire--
2011Sweden Lozakovitj Daniel-Belgium Willem Floris

France Decamps Sarah
Azerbaijan Seyidova Jeyla

2010Germany Guo LindaLatvia Egorovs Andrels

Russia Martynov Fedor

2009Germany Boschkor Laras

Russia Kuzmina Alexandra

Belgium Levy MayaRussia Grauman MarinaSpain Managadze-Postnikova Nikolai-
2008HungaryBelgium Csikos AnettHungaryBelgium Csikos VilmosKoreaBelgium Lee Jae-Eun--

Jury 2019

  1. Mr. Igor Tkatchouk - Belgium - President of the jury
  2. Mrs Dora Schwarzberg - Austria
  3. Mrs Shirly Laub – Belgium
  4. Mrs Tetiana Zolozova - France
  5. Mr. Roman Fedchuk - Czech Rep
  6. Mr. George Tudorache - Belgium
  7. Mr. Muhammedjan Turdiev - Turkey

Previous years

  1. Alexei Moshkov – Belgium(2012)
  2. Anna Sundin – Sweden(2013, 2014, 2015)
  3. Anne Léonardo – Belgium(2009)
  4. Dora Schwarzberg – Austria(2013 to 2019)
  5. Guido Jardon - Belgium(2008 à 2012)
  6. Jean-Frédéric Molard – Belgium(2010, 2011)
  7. Luba Aroutiounian – Belgium(2008)
  8. Michel Poskin – Belgium(2009)
  9. Muhammedjan Turdiev – Turkey(2014 to 2019)
  10. Nina Nazymova – France (2013)
  11. Philippe Descamps – Belgium(2011, 2012, 2013)
  12. Roman Fedchuk – Czech Republic (2009 to 2019)
  13. Saveliy Shalman – Russia(2009)
  14. Shirly Laub – Belgium(2010, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019)
  15. Tatiana Samouil – Belgium(2008, 2012, 2013)
  16. Tetiana Zolozova – France (2013 à 2019)
  17. Ulysse Waterlot – Belgium(2010)
  18. Valery Oistrakh – Belgium(2011)
  19. Igor Tkatchouk – Belgium(Chairman 2008 to 2019)

Further reading


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