1939 Swiss Grand Prix

1939 Swiss Grand Prix
Race 4 of 4 in the 1939 European Championship
Circuit Bremgarten.svg
Race details
Date20 August 1939
Official nameVI Großer Preis der Schweiz
Bern, Switzerland
CourseRoad course
Course length7.28 km (4.52 mi)
Distance30 laps, 218.40 km (135.71 mi)
Pole position
Grid positions set by heat results
Fastest lap
DriverGermany Hermann LangMercedes-Benz

The 1939 Swiss Grand Prix was a motor race held at Bremgarten on 20 August 1939.

The Grand Prix was run as a combined event for Grand Prix cars and Voiturettes. Each class had a heat with the best from each going through to a combined final. This was the last victory for a German driver driving a German car until Nico Rosberg's victory at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix.



Voiturette cars are denoted by a pink background

116Germany Hermann LangDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W154301:24:47.611
214Germany Rudolf CaracciolaDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W15430+3.122
310Germany Manfred von BrauchitschDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W15430+1:09.933
44Germany Hermann Paul MüllerAuto UnionAuto Union D30+2:13.794
56Italy Tazio NuvolariAuto UnionAuto Union D30+2:25.044
612Germany Hans HartmannDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W15429+1 Lap54
764Italy Giuseppe FarinaAlfa CorseAlfa Romeo 15829+1 Lap64
828France René DreyfusÉcurie Lucy O'Reilly SchellMaserati 8CTF28+2 Laps134
966Italy Clemente BiondettiAlfa CorseAlfa Romeo 15828+2 Laps84
108Germany Hans StuckAuto UnionAuto Union D28+2 Laps74
1132United Kingdom Kenneth EvansPrivate entryAlfa Romeo Tipo B27+3 Laps164
1254United Kingdom John WakefieldPrivate entryMaserati 4CL26+4 Laps114
1348United Kingdom Robert AnsellPrivate entryERA B25+5 Laps154
Ret72Switzerland Toulo de GraffenriedPrivate entryMaserati 6C-3422175
Ret2Germany Rudolf HasseAuto UnionAuto Union D20Lubrication105
Ret40Germany Paul PietschPrivate entryMaserati 4CL7147
Ret60Italy Giovanni RoccoPrivate entryMaserati 4CL3127

Grand Prix heat

116Germany Hermann LangDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W1541
214Germany Rudolf CaracciolaDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W1543
310Germany Manfred von BrauchitschDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W1542
46Italy Tazio NuvolariAuto UnionAuto Union D5
512Germany Hans HartmannDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz W1548
68Germany Hans StuckAuto UnionAuto Union D4
74Germany Hermann Paul MüllerAuto UnionAuto Union D7
82Germany Rudolf HasseAuto UnionAuto Union D6
928France René DreyfusEcurie Lucy O'Reilly SchellMaserati 8CTF9
1032United Kingdom Kenneth EvansPrivate entryAlfa Romeo Tipo B11
1172Switzerland Toulo de GraffenriedPrivate entryMaserati 6C-3410
1218France Robert MazaudPrivate entryDelahaye T135CS12
Ret24Switzerland Max ChristenPrivate entryMaserati 26B13
Ret30France "Raph"Ecurie Lucy O'Reilly SchellMaserati 6C-34?

Voiturette heat

164Italy Giuseppe FarinaAlfa CorseAlfa Romeo 1582056:28.01
266Italy Clemente BiondettiAlfa CorseAlfa Romeo 15820+37.05
354United Kingdom John WakefieldPrivate entryMaserati 4CL20+1:08.94
460Italy Giovanni RoccoPrivate entryMaserati 4CL20+1:46.92
540Germany Paul PietschPrivate entryMaserati 4CL19+1 Lap3
648United Kingdom Robert AnsellPrivate entryERA B19+1 Lap8
744Germany Leonhard JoaSüddeutsche RenngemeinschaftMaserati7
850United Kingdom Allen PollockPrivate entryERA A6
Ret56Italy Guido BarbieriPrivate entryMaserati10
Ret46France Marc HorvilleurPrivate entryMaserati 6CM9

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